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Things to do in Hayward

    McConaghy House McConaghy House Hayward, California
    The McConaghy House in Hayward, California is a Stick-Eastlake styled farmhouse that was designed and constructed in 1886, by John Haar, Sr., who eventually would become mayor of Hayward. Neal McConaghy had been born and raised in Antrim County, Ireland in 1828 to Scottish parents, and left to go to America in 1848, arriving in the Philadelphia area, where he would live for several years. In 1853, after listening to the many stories about gold in California, Neal headed west to seek out his fortune, and when he arrived, he would stay in the San Lorenzo area before heading to the gold fields. By 1858, he was back in San Lorenzo, working as a ranch hand then farmer, saving some money so the could rent some land of his own and constructed a gristmill on it. The land proved to be as profitable as the gristmill, so he bought 197 acres with the money he saved and constructed his first house at the bottom of Grant Avenue in 1865. He married Sara McGraw, who had also come from Antrim County, Ireland, and the couple lived in the house on Grant for some twenty years, having four children, a daughter and three sons. In 1886, Neal bought a plot of land on Hesperian Boulevard by Bockman Road, and by the time the family had moved into the new house, their youngest son, John, was 15 years old. He would live there for the rest of his life, passing on at 100 years of age. This house would be owned and occupied by the McConaghy family for more than 85 years; from 1886 to 1973, when John passed on. The farmhouse has 12 rooms, a tank house and carriage house, that are still standing today and part of the wonderful tour that they offer, where you can learn more about this marvelous family and their exciting history through the 18th and into the 19th century, with plenty of history happening during those years there. The house is filled with the antiquities that the family accrued during its time there and the exciting stories that have filled these halls for decades.

    Oakland Aviation Museum
    Oakland Aviation Museum Oakland, CaliforniaThe Oakland Aviation Museum was known as the Western Aerospace Museum and started in 1981 as a nonprofit operating the museum at North Field in the Oakland International Airport, and it contains more than 30 vintage and modern airplanes, military and civilian, as well as other exhibits that showcase well known aviators and innovators. Their collections are varied and expansive for their size, with many exciting relics kept in the museum, but the aircraft have always been the main features for the many visitors that come here. Some of those incredible aircraft include; a Wright Brothers Model B Replica, constructed in 1972, with the original being flown by Calbraith Perry Rodgers in 1911, when he made the first transcontinental flight. The Model B "Vin Fiz" was named after a soft drink that had been marketed during that period for the Armour Company of Chicago. Another favorite is the Central States Aero Company Monocoupe that was built in the 1920s, and flown by a young advertising agent named Dan Luscombe who flew his open cockpit JN-4D Jenny from a small airstrip in Davenport, Iowa, and as he flew, he considered how marvelous it would be if you could fly from one place to another, and arrive at your destination dressed in a suit, and that is how the Monocoupe would be born. The P-51B Mustang replica is a 3/4 scale of the famous "Red Tail" mustang that was flown by the Tuskegee Airmen as bomber escorts in Europe during WWII, and became such a superior fighter that its use was considered invaluable by the bravery and skill of its pilots who believe it played an important part in winning the war in Europe for the Allies. The Bede Aircraft Corporation BD-5 was sold in kit forms and built by do-it-yourself plane builders and powered by a number of small engines produced by Mazda and Honda powerplants and a jet version called the BD5J or Bede Microjet and powered by a German Hirth jet engine and will go up to 385 miles an hour. The MiG-15 was a big surprise to the US when China first introduced it in the Korean War, in 1950, making it a formidable adversary to the F-86 Sabre. The Chinese versions were designated with a J-2 insignia with the J representing the word "fighter" (Jian). Next is the Grumman F-14A Tomcat that was a supersonic twin engine, variable sweep wing, fighter, carrying Sidewinder, Sparrow and Phoenix missiles with 20mm Vulcan Gatling gun and it still is considered one of the most formidable military aircraft of all time. The Short Brothers Solent MkIII was a flying boat, built for the RAF and converted in 1948, and is only one of the three remaining aircraft of its type in the world today.

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    C. E. Smith Museum of AnthropologyC. E. Smith Museum of Anthropology Hayward, California
    The C. E. Smith Museum of Anthropology in Hayward, California was started in 1975 in honor of Professor Clarence E. Smith, one of the first members of the CSUEB, the California State University East Bay, Department of Anthropology. The museum contains many significant collections of ethnographic and archaeological specimens from North America, Asia and Africa, with smaller collections from South and Central America. The collections are available to the students for research papers and internships in ethnology and archaeology. The museum can be found in the exhibit hall of the fourth floor of the Meiklejohn Hall, on the southwest corner of the Hayward campus. In their collections you will view more than 300 pieces from the Philippines, hundreds of outstanding masks, sculptures and other pieces from the African collection, in the Native California collection there are crafts and archaeological specimens that include pomo baskets and other relics that have been discovered during the university's own excavations, a historical archaeology of the gold rush period to the early 20th century in the Historical Archaeology of the Bay Area, from the Native southwest gallery you can view a wonderful collection of Hopi Kachina dolls, along with other pieces from the nation, in the pre-Columbian collection you will be able to enjoy the archaeological discoveries from the civilizations of the ancient Mexico and South America digs, along with some really awesome specimens of Andean pottery, and many other exciting and interesting specimens that are well worth seeing when you visit the Smith Museum of Anthropology in Hayward. Some of the past exhibitions have been very interesting and exciting, like the DNA: Cracking the Ancestor Code, which has created a new field, new type of scientist and new insights into our long historical past. These new scientists are called "archaeogeneticists" and have combined the interesting fields of history, genetics and anthropology so that they can trace our ancestry, including their origins and migrations across the world. Imagine all this wonderful information that has been hidden in our DNA, and how exciting it will be to learn where we came from and how we did it. Other exhibitions included; Gifts of the Kachina: Art of the Hopi, In the Shadow of Machu Picchu: Andean life past and present, Stone, Bones, Tales and Tongues: Discovering Anthropology, Golden Dreams and Tarnished Realities: The California Gold Rush (1848-1855).

     Chabot Space and Science Center
    Chabot Space & Science Center Oakland, California
    The Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California features many hands-on interactive displays and activities, a digital planetarium, three very powerful telescopes and a big screen theater. This center is merely the expansion of the public observatory that has been serving the San Francisco Bay area schools and community with science and astronomical programs since 1883. The center was named after the father of hydraulic mining and the original benefactor of the first Oakland Observatory, Anthony Chabot. Anthony gave his gift to the city of Oakland, in 1883, to build the Oakland Observatory, located in downtown Oakland and offered public telescope viewing for all the folks in the region. It would also be the official timekeeper for the entire Bay area for many decades with its transit telescope that measured time. That observatory has to move in 1915 as the overpowering light pollution and urban congestion began to affect their work, and then in the 1960s, it would be greatly enlarged, and renamed the Chabot Science Center. However, in 1977, seismic safety concerns caused the center to close itself to the students in the region, although they could still enjoy other venues that were limited to outlying buildings and the planetarium. The observatory still stayed open to the general public, as long as they realized the problems. Realizing the need and necessity of restoring full access for the local students, many agencies became involved in finding better quarters for the center. By May of 1998, their new 88,000 square foot science center was being constructed, and in January of 2000, with the name being changed to the Chabot Space and Science Center. It opened in August of 2000, with an 86,000 square foot state-of-the-art science and technology education center that sits on 13 beautiful acres in the hills around Oakland.  Inside the center, the Ask Jeeves Planetarium is located with a full dome digital projection system, the Challenger Learning Center which houses a hands-on simulated space mission environment that have 8 teams working together to finish a mission, the Tien Megadome theater which is a 70 foot dome screen auditorium with numerous IMAX shows being shown each day and many other changing displays with hands-on exhibits showcasing space and science topics.

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Local Restaurants in Hayward

    Hayward Ranch
    Entrees; roast prime rib is signature dish; roast leg of lamb with gravy & mint sauce; prime ribs & prawns; country fried chicken in housemade batter; NY steak 14oz.; chicken marsala is boneless chicken breast sautéed in garlic & marsala sauce; ribeye steak 14oz.; meat loaf; filet mignon with mushrooms & béarnaise sauce; fried rabbit; porterhouse steak 22oz.; chicken teriyaki is marinated boneless chicken breast; ground round steak smothered in sautéed mushrooms & gravy; baby back ribs & prawns; liver & onions; pork chops (3 large); breaded veal cutlet served with country gravy; lamb chops is 3 French cut chops; chicken fried steak with brown gravy; veal parmigiana; filet of sole dipped in egg batter & lightly grilled; spaghetti or ravioli platter topped with housemade tomato meat sauce; salmon filet broiled or poached; Greek spaghetti with feta cheese, mushrooms & garlic; fried prawns or scallops; ranch fettuccine sautéed with mushrooms, garlic, green onions & basil in alfredo sauce; Captain's plate is filet of sole, prawns & scallops; scampi is prawns sautéed in garlic, mushrooms & wine; NY steak & lobster tail.

    Buon Appetite Restaurant
    Entrees; capellini al pomodoro naturale is angel hair pasta with lite marinara sauce, fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, garlic & extra virgin olive oil; spaghetti all Bolognese is spaghetti in ground beef, tomato & mushroom sauce, topped with parmesan cheese; conchiglie al pollo is pasta shells, sliced chicken breast, fresh broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes & roasted garlic in creamy chicken broth sauce; pennette all vodka is pasta tubes, pancetta, caramelized onions, touch of vodka, fresh tomato sauce & touch of cream; fettuccine all friuliana is housemade fettuccine pasta with Italian sauce, caramelized onions, red wine & tomato sauce; fettuccine al pesto is fresh housemade fettuccine pasta with shrimp & garlic in creamy pesto sauce; linguine ai frutti di mare is linguine pasta with fresh clams, scallops, prawns, calamari & garlic in tomato & lobster sauce; capellini al gambere is angel hair pasta with large prawns, garlic, fresh herbs, roasted bell peppers, capers, spinach, white wine & orange lobster sauce; turtei di Zucca is housemade ravioli pasta filled with roasted butternut squash & ricotta cheese, topped with choice of cream sauce & sage or browned butter & sage, topped with parmesan cheese; ravioli con pomodoro e limone is fresh ravioli pasta filled with spinach, Swiss chard, pinenuts & ricotta cheese, topped with choice of tomato sauce or lemon cream sauce; cannelloni di pollo is housemade cannelloni pasta stuffed with roasted chicken & veggie puree, topped with bechamel & tomato sauce; lasagna ferrarese is fresh layered pasta with ground beef, porcini mushrooms, topped with fresh tomato & béchamel sauce & mozzarella cheese then baked; chicken breast sautéed & topped with mixed mushrooms & marsala wine sauce, with mashed potatoes & veggies; chicken breast sautéed & topped with artichoke hearts & sun-dried tomatoes in creamy marsala wine sauce with mashed potatoes & veggies.

Chicken Marsala Hayward Ranch Hayward, California


French Cut Lamb Chops Hayward Ranch Hayward, California



 Angel Hair Pasta & Prawns Buon Appetite Restuarant Hayward, California

Cannelloni Stuffed with Chicken Buon Appetite Restaurant Hayward, Californnia





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    Hayward Area Historical Society Hayward Area Historical Society Hayward, California
    The Hayward Area Historical Society is located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, preserving the marvelous history of the Hayward, San Lorenzo and Castro Valley areas, using educational programs, interpretive displays and the preservation of historical sites and relics, the society highlights the many relevant events that occurred in the region from the past to the present. The society encourages the community and its citizens to investigate and comprehend the unique history of the area so that they can prepare for the future. On a cool autumn night in 1956, some 25 area residents met at the Bret Harte School to talk about one of their main concerns in the community. In that period of progress and prosperity, after the end of WWII, the history of the area known as Eden Township had somehow escaped everyone's attention and was found lacking in the community's diverse cultural landscape. The Hayward chamber of commerce had talked about a historical society as early as 1944, but since the war ended and a period of peace, prosperity and growth permeated the landscape, the thoughts about that lack would soon be forgotten with all the new missions to be fulfilled. When the city celebrated its 80th anniversary in 1954, there were many celebrations being planned for the upcoming year, and although those festivities were welcomed enthusiastly and with much fanfare, when the town leaders considered who should be included in their anniversary parade, they were quite surprised to find they didn't know who should be included in that auspicious carriage. They discovered that there wasn't any kind of organization that gathered and preserved the town's history and the people that had been instrumental in helping the town grow and prosper. The Community Services Committee of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce finally decided to take the necessary steps to fix that problem and formed the Hayward Area Historical Society (HAHS) in 1956. Questionnaires and other documents were sent around and by the end of the year, there were more than 150 members in the new society, with officers being elected and chosen, and had to keep moving their deadline for the charter-member-enrollment back and by the time it was closed, there were 340 official and 9 memorial charter members. As the work continued to begin their collections, they were able to restore an 1856 portrait of Don Guillermo Castro, begin the first organized clean up of the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery, honor the grave of William Hayward on Memorial Day and purchase a fire proof safety box to house the historic documents that they would soon be collecting and accepting. It wasn't long before those relics began to be donated, with the first relics received being the pencil drawing of Mission Dolores and a copy of the Hayward Journal from 1894. The collection continued to grow as did the society and it has just celebrated its anniversary again, but with a better understanding and more knowledge to face the future.

    Union City Historical Museum
    Union City Historical Museum Union City, California
    The Union City Historical Museum in Union City, California was started by Myrla Raymundo, MBA, and is a nonprofit that is devoted to preserving and recording the great history of the city by keeping a museum that contains historical documents, historical books and relics; identify and encourage the preservation of historical structures and record an oral history from those people that are still living in the community and have an excellent understanding of the city's long history. The museum also has a wonderful library filled with local history books, as well as some historical research books, along with the Edward Salz Inc. Collection and the Decoto Fire Department collection. The list of books is fairly large, but can seen in full at the museum's site; while the Ed Salz Inc collection is from the feed and grain company that was located in Decoto and Irvington, and includes their documents from the 1890s to the late 1920s. The Decoto Fire Department collection contains books that relate to the department's operations from 1925 to 1961 and tells who lived in and around the area from the 1920s to the 1940s.

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    San Leandro Museum & Art GallerySan Leandro Museum & Art Gallery San Leandro, California
    The San Leandro Museum and Art Gallery is located in San Leandro, California and describes the history of this wonderful community from its earliest inhabitants to the current day using personal recollections, photographs, interpretive exhibits and hands-on materials. The museum offers educational tours to 3rd and 4th graders in the region, as well as hosting special programs designed to encourage the children in the area to explore their origins and the city's, as well as the mission and rancho periods of the San Leandro legacy. Their art gallery offers exhibition space to local artists and the community, encouraging them all to come here and share the talent, culture and vision of the local art of today by hosting changing displays. Some of their resources include the Casa Peralta, the city's historic house museum that had three generations of the original land grantees living in the casa. It was restored in 1926 as a grand Spanish style villa, with numerous hand painted tiles from Spain that showcase the story of Don Quixote. Another great resource is the San Leandro history collection that sits in a room specified for that, housing over 7000 books, newspaper clippings, maps, and pamphlets, as well as the city documents that include the city directories from 1925 and onward and the San Leandro historical photograph and document collection, with some dating back to the early 1800s and a marvelous collection of yearbooks from the local high schools.

    Computer History Museum
    Computer History Museum Mountain View, CaliforniaThe Computer History Museum was started in 1996, in Mountain View, California and is devoted to preserving and presenting the awesome stories and amazing relics of the information age, as well as exploring the incredible computer revolution and how it has affected our lives. The Computer Museum in Boston shipped the majority of its historical collection to Moffett Field, California, and it became known as the Computer Museum of the West Coast, and renamed the Computer Museum History Center, with its present name being decided in 2001. In February 2000, the historical relics of the museum were moved to the Computer History Center at Moffett Field, located in an old building that had been the navy base's furniture store. It would be moved to its present location in a building that had been occupied by Silicon Graphics in Mountain View (Silicon Valley) in October 2002 and opened to the public in 2003. The museum houses three special exhibits that showcase the significant milestones achieved in the history of computing, that include; "Mastering the Game", which is a history of playing chess with computers, "Innovation in the Valley" that takes a look at Silicon Valley companies and the people; and a Difference Engine that was designed by Charles Babbage in the 1840s, and built by the museum. In January, 2011, the museum's newest 25,000 square foot exhibit, "Revolution: The First 2000 years of Computing" will open. The museum contains the biggest and most important collection of computing relics in the world today and includes many rare and one-of-a-kind objects like the Cray-1, supercomputer, plus the Cray-2, Cray-3, the 1969 Neiman Marcus Kitchen computer, an Apple I, the first coin-operated video game, the Utah teapot and an example of the first generation of Google's racks of custom-designed web servers. This magnificent collection houses almost 90,000 items, films, numerous hundreds of gigabytes of software, 4000 feet of catalogued documentation and photographs.

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    Aircraft Carrier Hornet FoundationUSS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Foundation Hayward, California
    The USS Hornet (CV/CVA/CVS-12) is a US Navy aircraft carrier of the Essex class, originally named the USS Kearsarge, and then renamed in honor of the USS Hornet (CV-8) that was sunk in October of 1942, and this ship became the eighth to carry that honored and glorious name. The Hornet was commissioned in November 1943, and after getting three months of training, she went to the Pacific to join the US American forces already fighting there. The Hornet played an important part in the Pacific battles of WWII, and took part in the Operation Magic Carpet that brought American troops back to the states after the end of the war. She served in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and helped with the Apollo program, picking up the astronauts after they had landed from the moon. She was decommissioned in 1970, and made a National Historic Landmark, and some had thought that she would be scrapped, but in 1998, the Hornet was opened to the public as the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, California. The Hornet had a very honorable life as a military vessel, serving her country and crew with dignity and bravery, always ready to head out to sea to help in whatever capacity she could. She was decommissioned on June 26, 1970 and then mothballed to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, stricken from the naval vessel register on July 25, 1989. She would be designated a National Historic Landmark in 1991, opening to the public as a ship museum in October, 1998. She became a California Historical Landmark in 1999 and now hosts many national events, that included the launching of the website in 1999.

    Hiller Aviation MuseumHiller Aviation Museum Hayward, California
    The Hiller Aviation Museum opened to celebrate the spirit of mankind's adventure showcased in the history of aviation in the northern part of the state and beyond. Using special exhibits, programs and aircraft collections, the museum offers a fascinating place, with numerous ways, for visitors to learn about the adventure and innovation of flight, and to use those ways to explore aviation through technology, history and science. The museum is devoted to the dreams of flight, journeying back through time while exploring its future. The entire experience is both entertaining and educational, while shedding some light on the marvelous technological advancements, and encourage visitors to become explorers. The museum began in 1998, by helicopter pioneer Stanley Hiller, Jr., although it had been thought of in the early 1970s. It would present its particular history, with all peripheral embodiments, to create a foundation that would eventually build a vision of future worldwide aviation and science. The fact that it was started in Silicon Valley is also important in that it combines the forces of science and aviation, with all of its problems and solutions being highlighted by the many innovative ways that it can be explored, communicated, evaluated and taught to the private and public audiences. Centered in this one region, there are a plethora of talents, resources, attitudes and sciences that are needed to develop the innovations necessary to bring aviation into the 21st century. The museum's exhibits are devoted to the dreams of flight and chronicle a century of aviation history as well as offering a view into its future. There are two major exhibit areas, called the Atrium and Main Gallery, which house the majority of the displays, filled with vintage and futuristic aircraft, models, photographs and prototypes. The museum has an excellent restoration shop, with big picture windows so that the visitor can enjoy the views as the process progresses, and the flight sim zone that is located on the mezzanine offers a chance to visitors to fly in any number of aircraft using high-fidelity flight simulation software, realistic controls and multi-monitor displays. The exhibits include; the Avitor from 1869 that was powered by a 1 hp steam engine and flew a mile at the San Francisco airport on its very first flight; the Curtiss-Pusher from 1911, the Hiller copter XH-44 that was the first chopper built on the west coast; the Hiller Copter-News that is a special edition newsletter that tells about the history of helicopters; the Flying Platform from 1955; the Rotorcycle that was a one man foldable, self-rescue and observation helicopter from 1957; the Boeing SST from 1960 that was the first Concorde but never flew; the Boeing 747 from 1971 with only the first 45 feet being shown; the Condor from the 1980s that was a big piston-powered super-secret robotic spyplane and Briefings Journal that belonged to Hiller and told of the progress of aviation. There are many other relics and artifacts that make this museum so fascinating and interesting, which is why it gets such attention and visitors.

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    Valley Children's MuseumValley Children's Museum San Ramon, California
    The Valley Children's Museum in San Ramon, California was opened to become a museum created by the people, for the people and of the Tri-Valley area and the communities that surround it. Striving to reflect the diversity and scope of the area, the museum believes in the fact that a community based museum must showcase those attributes. The museum is dedicated to constantly involving the community in all its decisions, in relation to the plans and exhibits, as well as the outreach and volunteer programs that have been created to involve the entire community. The museum encourages a spark for life long learning and discovery by encouraging children to touch, feel, explore and discover, in an inviting and familiar environment that gets the kids excited about learning and wishing to learn more. Research has shown that those children that are stimulated more deeply will learn to experience the world around them and that way get a head start that will give them many rewards for the remainder of their lives. Although temporarily housed in San Ramon, the museum is planning to move into a more permanent museum in Dublin, California, in the near future. Educators have come to realize that hands-on experience will enhance learning experiences, and a local museum constructed and developed for that reason will become a useful tool for the educators and teachers in the area, with a place containing interactive displays that will support their ideology and extend their classroom. The valley museum has aligned itself with the local schools and instructors to offer exhibits that enrich the students grade level education, as well as becoming a facility for family oriented educational programs. The museum offers children, their families, the community and the schools, a place filled with the history, art, science and environmental exhibits that encourage hands-on programs and displays.

    Alcatraz Lighthouse San Francisco Bay, CaliforniaLong before Alcatraz Island became famous for its prison, the island was the first place on the west coast that had a lighthouse, making it the oldest standing lighthouse on the west coast, constructed and completed in 1853, along with six others that were finished afterwards, designed by the Baltimore firm of Kelley and Gibbons. It would be lit with a fixed, third-order Fresnel lens, and in 1902, the lens would be sent to Cape St. Elias Lighthouse in Alaska and be replaced on Alcatraz with a revolving fourth order Fresnel lens, that was able to create a white flash every five seconds. In 1909, the current cell house was completed, and because the new tower would be in the way of the operation of the lighthouse, they decided to install an 84 foot concrete tower, south of the original. That one had been damaged during the 1906 earthquake and taken down after the completion of the newer one. The lighthouse would be automated by the Coast Guard in 1963, and when a fire occurred in 1970, it destroyed the keeper's quarters, warden's house and other structures on the island, with the last remaining structure being the concrete tower that is now fitted with a modern beacon. In 2000, it would be designated as a museum and open for tours, becoming the oldest navigational light on the west coast, surviving more than half a century of riots, burning and prison breakouts.

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