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Alamo discounts 

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Things to do in Hiram

    Silver Comet Trail Silver Comet Trail Hiram, Georgia
    The Silver Comet Trail is about 13 miles northwest of Atlanta, and close to Hiram, Georgia, that is more than 61 miles long, giving many recreational opportunities to the local populace, with outstanding choices for the bicyclist, walker, rollerblades, horseback rider, hikers, dog walkers and is accessible for wheelchairs. It begins near Mavell Road in Smyrna, and ends at the Alabama/Georgia line, near to Esom and Cedartown. At the trail's end, near the border, it connects to a 33 mile trail called Chief Ladiga, with plans to add another seven miles. It is completely paved, constructed on old railroad lines, and provides visitors and locals the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and wildlife in a beautiful setting, with over a hundred miles of paved roadway. It is advised to bring plenty of water for you, your family and any pet friends you might want to bring, although there are water fountains along the way, but they don't always work and it is better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes. The trail travels through Cobb, Polk and Paulding counties with many fabulous sites and scenery along the way that is sure to keep your attention and bring out the camera for some wonderful shots. The trail was named after the old railroad passenger train that ran these track lines from 1947 to 1969, paved and then opened in 2008. There are also plans in the works to expand the trail to include the outskirts of Atlanta, so the folks there will have another venue for many exciting and enjoyable outing opportunities.

Budget rent a car Hiram

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Hartsfield Jackson Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 2200 Rental Car Center Pkwy.
Budget Car Rental Lithia Springs - 960 Thornton Rd.
Kennesaw Budget Rental Cars
- 2115 N. Cobb Pkwy.
Budget Car Rentals Marietta - 1092 Roswell Rd. 

    Michael C. Carlos MuseumPre-Columbian Incense Burner Michael C. Carlos Museum Atlanta, Georgia
    This museum is located in Atlanta, some twenty miles from Hiram, Georgia, and is an art museum that sits on the historic quadrangle of Emory University's main campus, with the biggest ancient art collection in the Southeast that includes relics from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, the ancient Americas and the Near East. These magnificent collections have been housed in the Michael Graves designed structure that is open to the public, housing over 16,000 works, welcoming over 120,000 visitors a year. Besides its temporary and permanent exhibitions, the Carlos museum has become a significant source of educational programming that provides workshops, festivals, performances, lectures and symposia. It is used as a teaching lab and conservation center, regularly publishing scholarly catalogues. It brings archaeology, history and art to the community and classrooms by its magnificent outreach program; Art Odyssey. It is one of the oldest museums in the state, dating back to 1876, when the original general museum opened and called the Emory College Museum that had been established on its main campus in Oxford, Georgia, in 1919. During the ensuing years, an Atlanta businessman named Michael C. Carlos donated more than $20 million to make a permanent home for the museum that opened at its present location in 1985. With a significant expansion in 1993, the museum would become one of the city's top arts institutions, and be renamed the Michael C. Carlos Museum, because of the large amount of donations that he had given to the college's museum. In 1999, the museum's permanent Egyptian collection would be greatly enhanced with the acquisition of 145 works from the former Niagara Falls museum, with gorgeous decorated ancient coffins and mummies of animals and humans that has become the nucleus of that gallery. That same year, Carlos would donate another $10 million to buy ancient Roman and Greek works, that has included the best existing portrait of the Roman emperor Tiberius and one of the nation's finest examples of Hellenistic sculpture that depicts Terpsichore, the Greek muse of dance.

Enterprise rent- a- car Hiram

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Hiram Enterprise Rental Car - 3425 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy.
Enterprise Car Rentals Douglasville - 6384 Fairburn Rd.
Marietta Enterprise Rental Car
 1651 Powder Springs Rd. SW. Ste.

Local Restaurants in Hiram

    Jim & Nick's Bar-B-Q
    Entrees; hand-cut & grain fed hickory grilled steaks; steak & fries is 12oz. ribeye with fresh cut fries; hickory grilled ribeye with baked potato & garden salad; hickory grilled chicken club is marinated chicken breast, hickory grilled & topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Swiss & cheddar cheese served on multi-grain, sourdough or old-fashioned bun with one scratch made trimming; hickory grilled chicken breast plate is lean chicken breast, marinated & hickory grilled with baked potato & garden salad; Karl's hickory grilled catfish BLT is fresh filet of US farm raised catfish hickory grilled, topped with smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & tartar sauce, served on multi-grain, sourdough or old-fashioned bun with 1 scratch made trimming; Karl's hickory grilled catfish plate with 2 hickory grilled US farm raised fillets topped with scratch made tartar sauce & served with 2 scratch made trimmings.

    Entrees; hand-battered fish n' chips; cedar-planked salmon; grilled Atlantic salmon; cedar-planked tilapia; panko crusted shrimp; grilled shrimp; teriyaki sesame chicken; chicken tenders; O'Charley's baby back ribs; steak & half rack baby back ribs; steak & shrimp; steak & chicken tenders; steak & panko crusted shrimp; steak & shrimp scampi; steak & grilled Atlantic salmon; panko-crusted shrimp & hand-battered cod; prime rib pasta; Bayou shrimp pasta; 12 spice chicken pasta. 


Hickory Grilled Ribeye Jim & Nick's BBQ Hiram, Georgia



Grilled Atlantic Salmon O'Charley's Hiram, Georgia

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Hertz Cheap Locations

Hertz Rental Cars Hiram- 189 Poplar Springs Rd.
Lithia Springs Hertz Car Rental - 561 Thornton Rd. Ste. K
Hertz Rental Car Douglasville- 7421 Douglas Blvd.
Kennesaw Hertz Car Rental - 2143 Cobb Pkwy.

    Bulloch Hall Bulloch Hall Roswell, Georgia
    Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia is a magnificent example of antebellum Georgia, when rich coastal slaveholders would control both the economy and politics of the state, while the final expanse of the Cherokee Nation fell to the onslaught of settlers that were moving into the state and forcing the Cherokees to begin their long and trying ordeal known as the Trail of Tears. Roswell King would purchase the land here to construct a mill from a local Cherokee Indian that sat on the Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation and spoke in fluent English, in 1830, and his son, Barrington would move to Roswell and start the construction of this textile mill in 1837. He would incorporate the Roswell Mill in 1839 and start building a small community, with a majority of family friends that had lived on the coast. One of those friends was a Major James Stephen Bulloch. Many believe that Archibald Bulloch, an early leader in the revolutionary movement in the state, would become instrumental in their inclusion of the revolution. He became a thorn in the side of the Royal Governor, James Wright, and one of the four men that called for a meeting at Tondee's Tavern in 1774, and chosen to become one of their representatives to the Second Continental Congress, that would sign the Declaration of Independence. Bulloch would turn down this auspicious event because he had more pressing needs in the state, but would read the document to a crowd that gathered in August, 1776, and become the appointed executive of the state in 1777. He would die that same day under very strange conditions, that has never been discovered to this day. James was only 13 when the British overcame the defenders of Savannah, fleeing from the state, but later coming back to hold a public office, and his son, James Stephen would become the builder of Bulloch Hall. James constructed a classic Greek revival mansion west of the Chattahoochee River using slave labor, which would be done in 1840. It would be occupied by James, his wife, and their children. Martha also known as Mittie and Charles. Charles would become the first person to die in Roswell, while Mittie would go on to marry a young Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., the father of the future President of the United States.

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

Hartsfield Jackson Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 2200 Rental Car Center Pkwy.

Avis Car Rental Marietta
- 1721 Powder Springs Rd. SW.
Lithia Springs Avis Rental Cars
- 639 Thornton Rd.
Avis Car Rental Kennesaw - 3161 N. Cobb Pkwy. NW. Ste. 480

    Kennesaw Mountain/National Battlefield ParkKennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Hiram, Georgia
    The park is located between Marietta and Kennesaw, Georgia, and preserves the Civil War battlefield of the Atlanta campaign that includes the Kennesaw Mountain. The battle fought here was between the Union army led by General William Tecumseh Sherman and Joseph E. Johnston and his Confederate troops, taking place between June 18, 1864 and July 2, 1864. Sherman had 254 cannons, 35,000 horses and 100,000 troops, while Johnston had just 187 cannons and 50,000 troops. The majority of the battle would be fought on the Little Kennesaw and the area south of it, with 5,350 men dying, and the victory went to the Confederates. The site would become the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Site in 1917, and transferred to the War Department in 1933, where it would become a national battlefield park in 1935. It would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The site occupies some 2,923 acres, with three battlefields, that includes some of the heaviest fighting areas of the Atlanta Campaign, and had been set aside as a very significant cultural property devoted to public inspiration and interpretation of the important historical events that happened here. As urban sprawl continues to invade outlying areas in Atlanta, the park has been the center of concerns about its preserved areas, and is now being addressed, in hopes of staving off the intrusion of housing and industrial developments. At the park's southern edge, Peter Valentine Kolb's farmhouse still sits, where a small skirmish took place, and has been rejuvenated to its original condition. There is also a visitor's center with a lot of introductory information about the battles and the fields where they occurred, with more than 17 miles of trails that provide visitors with a great idea of what happened and how. Along this interpretive trail, there are numerous cannon emplacements, outstanding earthworks and interpretive signs, with the mountain top itself just 700 feet from the visitor's center. The trail up to the summit is 1.4 miles, while the road trip is 1.2 miles up. On the mountaintop there are magnificent panoramic views that offer exciting views of the battlefields and countryside.

Thrifty Car Rental Hiram

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 Thrifty Cheap Locations

Atlanta Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 2300 Rental Car Center Pkwy.

Thrifty Car Rental Atlanta College Park
 4100 Global Gateway Connector
Atlanta Downtown Thrifty Rental Cars
 221 Peachtree Center Ave. NE.

    Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive HistorySouthern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Kennesaw, Georgia
    This museum is located in Kennesaw, Georgia, housing a fabulous collection of relics from the Civil War, along with many from the railroads of the state and surrounding area. The best feature is the General, a steam locomotive that had been used in the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862, as well as an archives that contains a major collection of engineering drawings, photographs, company records, blueprints,, glass plate negatives and correspondence from many American companies that represented the railroading industry in the south after the Civil War ended. The archives has grown to include many inspiring and exciting letters of the war, along with official records and diaries. The museum had been housed in a barn called the Big Shanty Museum that opened in 1972, exactly 110 years after the chase of the General, since it would become their centerpiece. As the years passed, the collections would grow to include the Civil War and its many artifacts. During the late 1990s, the former property of the old Glover Machine Works would become available, with the many structures left there for half a century would be demolished; even though they still had the company's records, machinery to make locomotives and one complete locomotive, that had only seen a few months of service before it would be repossessed. The Glover family descendants gladly donated their property and collection in 2001and with this enormous infusion of artifacts, the museum would close to renovate and make room for the new collections; and reopen as the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Hiram

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Atlanta Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 2300 Rental Car Center Pkwy.

Dollar Rental Car College Park 
 4100 Global Gateway Connector
Atlanta Snellville Dollar Car Rentals  
 3334 Stone Mountain Hwy. Ste. 23

    Sweetwater Creek State ParkSweetwater Creek State Park Hiram, Georgia
    This state park contains 2,549 acres of gorgeous Georgia land, sitting east of Douglasville, Georgia, some 15 miles from downtown Atlanta, and named after the creek that runs through the park, that features hiking trails and wooded walkways, a bait shop, visitor's center, gift shop, ruins of the Manchester Manufacturing Company, the George Sparks Reservoir, with a rich biodiversity of history and geology. This region had been part of the Cherokee nation and a legend says that Sweetwater means the name of Chief Ama-Kanasta, but in 1819, the hunger for more land had caused the state of Georgia to appeal to the national government to move the Cherokee, but this motion would be rejected. But in 1838, the state would begin dividing the lands. Andrew Jackson, newly elected President would challenge the rejection, but it would become moot when the Supreme Court would say that the Cherokee government had rights and that the state of Georgia could not move them, but in that same year, federal troops began moving the Indian nation westward. The history of this magnificent property is very interesting reading, and will enlighten many as to the way that the state government and the national government would intrude into the sacred lands of the Cherokee, and began building their cities and towns on lands that didn't belong to them in reality, but would be overlooked in the scheme of things and cost the Cherokees many lives and family members. It is no wonder that the Cherokee loved their land, with its rich biodiversity of birds, animals, snakes, woodlands, rivers, streams, mountains and more that is spectacular to view and see at every opportunity. Some of the beautiful birds living there include the American crow, brown thrasher, chimney swift, goldfinch, robin, barred owl, white-throated sparrow, bobwhite, kingfisher, kestrel, common crackle, ruby-throated hummingbird, red-headed woodpecker, eastern bluebird, starling and many more. It is home to beavers, red fox, skunk, bobcat, deer, feral hog, muskrat, squirrel, raccoon, coyote, North American river otter and grey fox.

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