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Things to do in Inverness

    Fort George Fort George Inverness, Scotland
    Fort George, in northeast Inverness, Scotland, is a big 18th century fortress near Ardersier in the Highland council area of Scotland, constructed to pacify the Scottish Highlands after the Jacobite rising of 1745, that was built to replace an earlier version of the fort, that had been constructed for the same reasons after the 1715 Jacobite uprising. It has never been attacked, but has been kept as a garrison for as long as it has been standing. It is based on the star design, without having any changes or additions made, and is now open to tourists and locals for perusing the many exhibits and outstanding recreation that has been done here, while serving as an army barracks. It would originally be the depot of the Seaforth Highlanders and then the Queen's Own Highlanders, then the Royal Irish Regiment and in 2007, the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland. The original had been constructed in 1727, that was big enough to house 400 troops, sitting on a hillside looking out over the Ness River. It was built on the old site of a medieval castle, that had been reconstructed as a citadel by Oliver Cromwell, and later abandoned. The later site would be located on an even piece of land at Arderiser, some 11 miles northeast of Inverness, creating a promontory that juts out into the Moray Firth, thus watching the sea approach to the city. The fortress had its own harbor, just below its walls, and could be supplied by sea if any land assault included a siege. The construction started in 1748, and wouldn't be finished until 1769, and the Highland regiments would call it home. It is a very strategic fort, with outstanding features that protect it from any landside assaults, with sloping grassy banks so that the fortress could hardly been seen from that direction. The barracks are still used, with the majority of the fort being opened to the public, while the former Lt. Governor's house has been converted into the Highlander's Museum, with excellent exhibits including medals, WWI memorial plaques, uniforms, photographs, regimental regalia, paintings, weapons, memorabilia and more.

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    Fort George/Queen's Own Highlanders Regimental MuseumQueen's Own Highlanders Regimental Museum Inverness, Scotland
    This magnificent museum combines the collections of the Queen's Own Highlanders, Lovat Scouts, the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and the Seaforth Highlanders in the former Lt. governor's house at Fort George, and contains the private collection of the regiment with more than two centuries of association with the fort. It includes outstanding examples of colors and pipe banners, ceramics and other relics that date back to 1778, medals, paintings, uniforms, prints, accoutrements, mess plate and weapons. The museum contains a marvelous library and archive collection that allow researchers the opportunity to check it out, and includes the original sources and other published materials about the fort. The museum houses some interesting information about the Highlander regiments from 1778 to the present day, with numerous historical artifacts and relics that showcase the readiness and courage of these great soldiers.

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Local Restaurants in Inverness

    The Mustard Seed
    Entrees served with potatoes & veggies; pan seared sirloin 21 days aged beef with caramelized onion mash & wild mushroom & whiskey cream sauce; sea bass filled with sweet potato, spinach & butternut squash served on butter bean, tomato & garlic ragout; roasted breast of chicken filled with locally produced haggis & sausage meat served on crushed potatoes with rich thyme & balsamic jus; seared loin of line caught tuna served on a sesame & wasabi noodle salad with sweet lemongrass & ginger syrup; honey & grain mustard glazed rack of lamb with roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips & housemade mint & redcurrant jelly; Cajun style breaded darne of salmon served on bed of sultana, apricot & roasted almond rice with spicy courgette & coriander relish; risotto of marinated Provencal, veggies & fresh seasonal herbs with toasted Chinese pine kernels & herb mascarpone.

    Inglis Restaurant
    Entrees; smoked ham & mushroom crepes, with parsley & cream sauce; venison terrine with red onion marmalade & salad leaves; Scottish seafood en croute with dill & crème fraiche dressing & endive leaves; chargrilled 6oz. rump steak with chips, watercress salad, baked tomato & peppercorn sauce; escalope of pork is breaded & pan-fried, lemon butter, creamed potatoes & green beans; East coast cod with saffron potatoes & veggie broth; asparagus noodles with coconut, lime & sweet chili.


Sea Bass The Mustard Seed Inverness, Scotland




Smoked Ham & Mushroom Crepes Inglis Restaurant Inverness, Scotland

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    Plodda Falls Plodda Falls Inverness, Scotland
    Plodda Falls is a huge magnificent waterfall some three miles from the village of Tomich, in the Highlands of Scotland, close to 124 feet high that is a very popular destination. A footbridge was constructed there in 1880, across the top of the falls by Lord Tweedmouth, the owner of the estate of Guisachan, and in 2005, the Forestry Commission decided it was becoming too dangerous to leave, never mind cross, so they closed it; but replaced it with a new viewing platform in 2009. Quite a bit of Scotland is mountainous, and the western areas of the Highlands get a wet climate, and the west coast highland rivers contain many waterfalls that are spectacular and awesome. There are two paths located there, one longer than the other, but there is a great picnic area, so you can have a snack or lunch after taking the shorter path and then take the longer, making a great day of adventure. The falls are especially fantastic after a good rain, and the Guisachan house is another place to visit if you have the time. It is considered one of the most magnificent falls in Scotland, with a number of views available that really showcase the falls. The shorter path is called Falls Walk and passes through some excellent Douglas fir and larch trees that were planted near the end of the 19th century, and believed to be of the highest quality of trees in the country. It is just a mile long and shouldn't be too difficult unless you have a handicap.

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    Inverness Museum & Art GalleryInverness Museum & Art Gallery Inverness, Scotland
    The Inverness Museum and art gallery preserves and showcases the marvelous history, art and heritage of the highlands of Scotland, with outstanding arts and crafts from the past and present welcoming over 45,000 visitors each year. The museum has splendid examples of armlets to zoomorphic buckles, from the diverse cultures of the highlands and Inverness, showcasing the archaeology, geology, history and wildlife of the highlands, with outstanding fine arts and crafts that were made, used or collected here. The museum can only show a small amount of its vast collections, so every item shown has a great story and history behind it. One outstanding example is a plane brooch made by a mechanic at the RAF Lossiemouth base to give to his sweetheart, during the second World War. It was created from an old penny piece and is a relic worth much more than a penny since it was made with love, in what little spare time, these mechanics had in the war. It shows his great love and skill. Current exhibits include; Craft spotlight, 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, Stromata-Alex Hamilton, and Turned and Twisted. Their photographic archives is responsible for preserving and cataloguing the many negatives and photographs from around the highlands, making them accessible to the public afterwards. It has become the home of numerous photo collections that include the David Whyte collection dating from the 1880s to the 1970s, the Joseph Cook collection dating from the 1880s to the early 1900s, the Jimmy Nairn collection from the 1950s and the Shennan collection. It has become home to more than 100,000 negatives and prints that pertains to many areas of the highlands, although the brunt of them are from Inverness.

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    Highland Aviation MuseumHighland Aviation Museum Inverness, Scotland
    The Highland Aviation Museum is located next to the Inverness Airport, Scotland, and welcomes groups from schools, clubs and other groups, that enjoy coming here to view all the exhibits and many aircraft. The museum is usually open on the weekends, but will talk about visits during the week and caters to most everyone. They showcase a large number of displays outside, and include aircraft, engines and aircraft cockpits, along with fire engines, with the majority of the cockpits open for visitors, which is a great rare adventure, especially for children. The aircraft included are; BAe Nimrod MR2, English Electric Lightning F1A cockpit, Handley Page Herald front part, Hawker Hunter F1, Vickers Valiant BMk 1 cockpit, Blackburn Buccaneer S1, Hunting Jet Provost TMk4 cockpit, Panavia Tornado GR1 and the Hunting Jet Provost TMk3 cockpit. Inside the museum are many exciting examples just like outside and includes an ejection seat, single-seat survival dinghy and a few aircraft models, both big and small, with a lot of aviation memorabilia. They have a great photography collection and many other interesting and exciting displays that are sure to awe you and your family as you travel through the old planes, pieces and items. The museum outstanding history section has a great story about the first flight that took place in the highlands in 1912, and much about aviation pioneer Captain Fred Fresson, as well as offering a look at the RAF aircrew and the history of the RAF Dalcross in WWII. Next to that is the jet age section that showcases models, relics and informational exhibits.

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    St. Andrews CathedralSt. Andrews Cathedral Inverness, Scotland
    Sitting beside the Ness River, the Inverness Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew and is a cathedral of the Scottish Episcopal Church, located in the city of Inverness, Scotland, as the seat of the Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness, and the ordinary of the Diocese of Moray, Ross and Caithness. It was designed by architect Alexander Ross, who was local, with the construction starting in 1866 and finished by 1869, but not enough funding would inhabit the construction of the two towers that were to be constructed in the original design. It would start out as a mission in 1853, on the other side of the river it now resides on, so Bishop Robert Eden decided the cathedral would be better situated on the opposite side of the river, so in 1862, excavations began. The foundation would be made of stone, and the first stone was laid by the Archbishop of Canterbury and would be the first cathedral constructed in the nation since the Reformation. It was constructed of red tarradale stone, with the nave containing five naves and divided by columns of Peterhead granite, with the pulpit made of Caen stone, green marble and sits on short columns of abriachan granite. The high altar and reredos are also made from Caen stone, with the panels reflecting the Agony in the Garden, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Its white marble angel font is a replica of the Kneeling Angel font from the Danish sculptor, Thorvalden.

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