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Things to do in Jackson

    Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum Casey Jones Home and Museum Jackson, Tennessee
    The Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum in Jackson, Tennessee offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the railroading industry that built up this great country and took us from one coast to the other in a matter of days, with more views and sights of this marvelous land and the wildlife that lives along its tracks. In June of 2009, the train station was added to the exhibits, set right next to the Casey Jones home and showcases what an authentic train station looked and felt like back in the 1890s with outstanding displays that have been passed down from Casey, his fireman, Sim Webb and the kind of lifestyles that these hardy railroad workers enjoyed during the turn-of-the-century in the great state of Tennessee. There is room dedicated to Casey and his last ride, along with a film about his life. Walk into an exciting adventure that tells the story of the railroad and its dedicated men and women that made sure the rails were smooth and trouble free, as you rode these steel horses from one end of the nation to the other. After exiting the museum, you will walk onto a platform like the ones that were used many years ago, and board the famous Ole #382 that Casey rode to fame, along with a baggage car and caboose. The locomotive is a 130 ton workhorse just like that #382 that Casey drove. The legend of Casey Jones is a real story, not a legend or tall tale like Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan, but it wouldn't happen overnight, but eventually with time and determination, like many great stories that have been passed down to us today. His story starts in the boot heel of Missouri, in March, 1863, when Jonathan Luther Jones was born, the first of five kids to a country school teacher named Frank Jones and Anne, his wife. The family would move in 1876 to Kentucky and the small settlement of Cayce. Casey would grow with a unique fascination of the railroad, especially the huge locomotives that sailed past him as he sat along the tracks wondering what it would be like to drive and ride those monstrous steel horses. He would spend quite a bit of time at the local train depot, and by 1878, when he was fifteen, he had to head out on his own and learn to be a real railroad man. He went to Columbus, Kentucky, which was close to Cayce and started working as a telegraph operator, until he could get a job as a brakeman and fireman, working for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. Casey would soon leave Columbus and move to Jackson, Tennessee, still working for the M & O RR, which would become a very special city for him as his life unfolded. He would meet and marry Janie Brady, whose mother was operating the local boarding house for the local railroad men, and on November 25th, 1886, Casey and Janie were married. While he had been staying at the boarding house, a fellow worker asked him where he was from and he told him, Cayce, Kentucky. Well it didn't take long for that handle to stick and soon he was being called Casey. His job in Jackson was involved in the freight service between Jackson and Water Valley, Mississippi, with both of the stops being very busy places along the lines for the Illinois Central Railroad, and he would soon have close ties in both cities between 1890 and 1900. Casey would be transferred to Memphis to become part of the passenger run between Memphis and Canton, Mississippi, which was part of a four train run between Chicago and New Orleans. On April 29th, 1900, Casey and Sim Webb pulled into Memphis and were scheduled for a layover until the next day, when they would head back home, but during that day, Sam Tate, the regular engineer fell sick and Casey would agree to take his run, heading to Canton that night. He preferred his own #382, so the roundhouse crew changed engines and gave him a new six tone calliope whistle on it. The N0. 1 from Chicago was late that night, so Casey and Sim wouldn't be able to leave until about 12:30 AM, an hour and a half late. Casey was one of those determined men that would get "there on the advertised" and he was determined as always to get there on time. Sim shoveled the coal and Casey pushed it for all it was worth. During the 102 mile stretch to Grenada, Mississippi, they would make up the hour and the next stop at Winona would allow them to make up another 15 minutes, and by the time they passed Durant, they were almost on time. But, further down the line, as Vaughan, there were three trains waiting, with one moving off the main line and the two freight trains were being moved onto a side track so that Casey's train could go on by. Unfortunately, the two freight trains combined would leave about four cars still on the main line and Casey was flat out on his way. As they were getting ready for a "saw by", that would allow Casey to safely pass, an air hose on the #72 broke which locked up the brakes and the last four cars of #83 were stuck on the main line tracks, Casey getting closer and running flat out. Casey was coming into the situation without any knowledge of what was going on, and when he rounded the last part of a blinded S curve, Sim looked out and saw those blinding red lights that sat on the caboose of the #83. As Sim yelled to Casey that something was on the tracks, Casey threw the throttle in reverse and put on the brakes, sounding a long blast on his new whistle. "Jump, Sim, jump" were the last words that Casey Jones ever spoke, as Sim had less than 300 feet to make the jump, so he swung down as low as he could and jumped, getting knocked unconscious as he did. Wallace Saunders, worked in the roundhouse at Canton and loved to sing. He knew Casey and liked him quite well, so he put a rhyme to Casey and added a catchy tune, that would become a favorite song among his fellow workers and people across the world. William Leighton also worked at the Canton roundhouse and had two brothers that were in vaudeville, named Frank and Bert, so they would spread that ballad wherever they went, and the Ballad of Casey Jones soon took hold in the hearts and minds of people around the world. If you want to learn more about Casey and the rest of the story, be sure to visit this wonderful museum in Jackson, Tennessee and get the full legacy of Casey Jones.

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    N. C. & St. L. Depot and Railroad MuseumN.C. & St. L. Depot & RR Museum Jackson, Tennessee
    The Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis depot was constructed in 1907, in Jackson, Tennessee, using brick to complement the lovely gardens located at Lancaster Park that sat close by, which had mineral electro-chalybeate wells, a great baseball park and historic fairgrounds. When the city acquired the old depot it would be renovated and transformed into a marvelous museum that housed local railroad memorabilia and a wonderful history; which was a final, but lasting tribute to the outstanding results that the railroad would have on this small village and the surrounding county. Their excellent collection contains relics, photographs and other memorabilia that pertained to railroading, as well as a 1947 F. E. C. dining car and two cabooses. The Jackson Model Railroad Club would construct an HO scale model railroad that depicts the outstanding and colorful history of the railroad, getting excellent reviews from all its visitors. It is truly one of the finest railroad museums in the nation, continued with a special love for the railroads and equipment that did so much for this nation and more for the small village that would grow bigger and better because of the railroad. On the first Saturday of every month, the watch and timepiece collectors come to the museum to show their collectibles and offer free historical information about watches and timepieces, as well as giving you an honest appraisal of its value. They love to trade, sell or even buy any types of timepieces, and offer a good time for all that attend.

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Local Restaurants in Jackson

    Old Time Spaghetti Store
    Entrees; served with house salad or soup, choice of baked potato, FF, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, steamed veggies, Italian spinach or pasta; chicken parmesan is breast of chicken, breaded & deep fried, topped with mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce;  chicken giardiniera is breast of chicken lightly breaded & sautéed in olive oil, butter & hot giardiniera peppers & olives;  red snapper is 10oz. filet deep fried or baked in lemon butter, charbroiled or blackened; Sicilian orange roughy is 8oz. filet baked with Italian spices & fresh tomatoes; Tuscan grilled swordfish is grilled swordfish topped with sautéed grape tomatoes, green olives & goat cheese; shrimp parmesan is 6 big shrimp deep fried shrimp topped with mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce; deep fried shrimp is 12 lightly breaded; shrimp scampi is 7 big shrimp baked in butter, garlic & spices; veal parmigiana is breaded veal smothered in rich Italian sauce & topped with mozzarella cheese; Roman platter is veal parmesan, meat manicotti, eggplant parmesan;  porterhouse is 16oz.; NY strip is 14oz.; ribeye is 12oz.; filet mignon is 7oz.; beef kabob is grilled certified angus beef tenderloin with fresh onions, mushrooms & bell peppers on a skewer; Sicilian pepper steak is certified angus beef tenderloins, sautéed with roma tomato, green bell peppers, onions & portabella mushrooms; deluxe baked ziti is ziti noodles topped with meat sauce, black olives, pepperoni, green peppers & mozzarella cheese, oven baked; baked spaghetti is spaghetti mixed with rich meat sauce, topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses then baked; meat manicotti is 2 meat filled manicotti, topped with your choice of sauce; jumbo stuffed shells is 3 ricotta cheese filled shells, topped with your favorite sauce; beef or cheese tortellini is hearty meat or cheese filled pasta, topped with choice of sauce.

    Flatiron Grille
    Entrees; filet mignon, NY strip, Chicago ribeye, flatiron, King Louie is tender medallions served with garlic creamed spinach & rustic potatoes; Down under chops is grilled New Zealand lamb in mustard wine sauce; tournedos de Boeuf is tender medallions, mushrooms, porto demiglace; Chilean sea bass served with chef's veggies & polenta; Charleston crab cakes served with chef's veggies & long grain rice; shrimp scampi served over garlic butter pasta; pecan crusted chicken is served with fried yams, chef's veggies & tomato basil relish; pasta Wesie is tossed in sweet cream pesto sauce with fresh garden veggies.


Chicken Parmesan Old Time Spaghetti Store Jackson, Tennessee


Veal Parmigiana Oldt Time Spaghetti Store Jackson, Tennessee




New Zealand Lamb Flatiron Grille Jackson, Tennessee


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    Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Jackson, Tennessee
    The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame opened in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999 to honor the women and men that have given much to the sport of women's basketball. The hall was opened in Knoxville since it is already known for its outstanding women's basketball following, and the home of the University of Tennessee's Lady Vols team that is coached by the legendary women's coach, Pat Summit, that was in the first class of inductees. This excellent facility is the only one of its type that is devoted to all levels of women's basketball, and now you can find all you ever wanted to know and more about women's basketball that is just as exciting and enjoyable as men's. The exterior of the 32,000 square foot hall is adorned with two unbelievable basketballs, with one being the biggest in the world, located on the north side of the hall and weighing around 10 tons, sitting on the top of a glass staircase that looks just like a basketball net. On the south side there is a marvelous brick courtyard that is shaped like a basketball, and lots of the bricks have been inscribed to honor the inductees, guests, and many others that have left their impressions at the hall. The interior is just as meaningful and inspirational, with a 17 foot bronze sculpture by the well known California artist, Elizabeth McQueen that showcases the mission of the hall, that honors the past, celebrating the present and promoting the future of women's basketball. The hall is full of outstanding multimedia displays and all kinds of basketball relics, trophies, old uniforms, scrapbooks, photographs and medals that bring the history of the sport to life for all folks that come here to visit. Their modern locker room exhibit is a wonderful area that offers you pre-game or halftime chalk talks that involve some of the country's most successful basketball coaches as they speak to their teams and include; Oklahoma's Sherri Coale, Connecticut's Geno Aureimma, Georgia's Andy Landers, Maryland's Brenda Freese, North Carolina's Sylvia Hatchell and Tennessees' own Pat Summitt. It is a fantastic opportunity to hear from these inspirational leaders and learn about the sport and great lessons these folks have to offer. The hall offers you an area where you can put your skills and expertise to the test, on three different courts, a vertical leap challenge and a timed dribbling course. The hall is filled with all kinds of exciting and wonderful exhibits and relics, like the original rule books from 1901, Teresa Edwards collection of medals, which of course include her five gold medals, the brilliant yellow West Virginia University jersey that was worn by Georgeann Wells when she would become the first woman player in the world to dunk a basketball in a collegiate game, the bucket that the nuns had beat upon when they needed to make noise during Immaculata's championship run during the 1970s and so much more that will thrill the basketball player in your family regardless if it is a boy or girl.

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    Dixon Gallery and GardensDixson Gallery and Gardens Memphis, Tennessee
    The Dixon Gallery and Gardens are located in Memphis, Tennessee, sitting magnificently on 17 acres, with an outstanding art museum and beautiful gardens. This art museum concentrates on the American and French impressionists, showcasing works by such famous artists as Auguste Rodin, Monet, Edvard Munch, Degas, Alfred Sisley, Renoir, Henri Matisse, Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Paul Gauguin, Honore Daumier, Berthe Morisot and Henri Fantin-Latour, as well as a great collection of art by Jean-Louis Forain. It also contains the marvelous Stout Collection of the 18th century German porcelain, with almost 600 pieces of figures and tableware, which is considered to be one of the best in the nation today. The museum also hosts a wonderful schedule of original and traveling exhibitions of horticulture and fine art, since there are four spectacular outdoor gardens outside that are adorned with Greco-Roman sculpture. The estate was purchased by the Dixons in 1939, who would landscape the gardens in the English style with open areas, next to smaller, more intimate formal gardens. These include the Woodland gardens, the Cutting garden, South Lawn and the Formal garden. At one point, Texas rancher, Montie Ritchie would donate the majority of his magnificent European collection of paintings to the gallery, with the original collection of paintings showcased in the residence, devoted to Americana and French impressionists, post-impressionists and others. The nucleus of the collection would be obtained using the wonderful advice of John Rewald, who had been one of the leading authorities about French impressionism. There are numerous 18th and 19th century British portraits and landscapes that are part of the Dixon's English heritage. The Dixon education department provides diverse audiences with interests in the arts and horticulture by offering specific programs for outreach groups and folks of all ages. A few of these wonderful programs include the outstanding children's program, Mini Masters, a great school outreach program called Art to Grow and the an adult lecture series called Munch and Learn.

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    International Rock-A-Billy Hall of FameInternational Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame Jackson, Tennessee
    The International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame and Museum in Jackson, Tennessee is a must for anyone that has listened to and enjoyed the music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Elvis Presley, Rayburn Anthony and many many others, but especially to Carl Perkins who started it all so many decades ago, creating that special sound that is called rockabilly music. What is rockabilly you ask? Well, it could be understandable if you were born after the 1950s and 1960s, and don't care for rock and roll music; so for all of you looking for an answer, it is simply enough, the earliest form of rock and roll that was played during the early 1950s, with the tern rockabilly coming from the portmanteau of rock and hillbilly, or better known today as country music; although back in those days, anything that made the kids jump, bounce, hop, bop, rock, and roll, was considered by our parents to be something like noises that they wanted to get away from, and something they sure didn't believe was music of any sort and would eventually die out. The origin of rockabilly music was from the southern states, although the best music would come from Tennessee, Kentucky and other areas of the Appalachians that would slowly ebb toward the great large cities of the north, east and west, it was before California became the place to go for most folks that wanted to be in the movies or songbooks. It would include other forms of music that would be called rhythm and blues, western swing and boogie woogie music, but when you are a teenager, just having been freed from the horrors of WWII and Korea, then you were ready for a new form of music that would get you moving and grooving, dancing, stepping and swinging to a beat that would stay in your head all the day long, never needing a radio, TV or any other modern modes of putting notes and sounds into your head and heart. It would carry you through the hard times, the sad times, the unhappy moments of your life and it would also put your closer to your heart and soul. It would lead to the outrageous noises of today that if they had been played back then, our parents would surely have put us in the loony bin or worse. But that is all behind now and the museum here is more than ready to help you remember it all, to relive, unless you want to learn more about it, then this is positively the place to come. The museum has a beautiful mural painted on one of its exterior walls, which is just a small taste of what's inside and in store for you and your family. It is an opportunity to go back to the rockabilly days of the 1950s, when the times, the people, and for sure, the world was a different place to live, a time when you could walk across the nation without fears of any kind, when your young children could play anywhere in the country until well past dark and no one ever worried about them being taken for any reasons.

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    Carnegie Center for Arts and HistoryCarnegie Center for Arts and History Jackson, Tennessee
    The Carnegie Center for Arts and History would open in downtown Jackson, Tennessee in 1903, called the Jackson Free Library, the town's first, and financed by the city council with funding matched by the philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie. The library would be replaced in 1968 with a bigger and more modern structure called the Jackson-Madison County Library and the old one would be abandoned to fall into disrepair from 1968 until 1987. Then it would be restored by the Jackson Recreation and Park Department, to its original condition and usefulness to the community as a new art and history museum. It would be officially dedicated on November 18, 1988, preceded by a month long venues of an art exhibit, photography contest, live theater, concerts, performed poetry, gourmet dinner, wine-tasting, arts and crafts show, children's story hours and a wonderful slide presentation that would showcase the necessary steps to bring this great facility up to par and where it is today. It has become something of a monument to the determination and dedication to their heritage of this great community that decided to take the necessary steps to preserve this historical structure and many outstanding mementos of their past, for the interests and enjoyment of future generations. It has become more than a center for arts and history, it is a meeting place for luncheons, recitals, musical programs, class reunions, collector's exhibits, business meetings, fashion shows, teas, wedding, receptions, art showings and so much more.

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