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Things to do in Johnson City

    Tipton-Haynes Historic SiteTipton-Haynes Historic Site Johnson City, Tennessee
    The Tipton-Haynes State Historic site by Johnson City, Tennessee is also called the Tipton-Haynes House, and was originally constructed in 1784 by Colonel John Tipton, that expanded by a later owner named Haynes, as well as ten outbuildings that include a corncrib, smokehouse, log barn, pigsty, loom house, springhouse, and still house; and the home of George Haynes, a family slave. The site is one fourteen owned now by the state and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. The site is an excellent example of various times during the state's history, that spanned the colonial period to the Reconstruction and has an old buffalo trail that had run by the site of the bold spring. The lands were traveled by numerous groups during its earliest period, including Woodland Indians, the Cherokees and then the European explorers and settlers. Its first white resident would be Colonel Tipton, who was a former member of the territorial assembly that arrived here, claimed the land and constructed his log cabin in 1784. His unique career would include the controversial state of Franklin and then later the Tennessee statehood. He would become a member of that legislature, as well as a signer of the first Tennessee constitution. Including this land and that around it, the Battle of Franklin would be fought in 1788, which was between the supporters of that proposed state and their opponents, who were still loyal to the state of North Carolina that had owned the area before it would become a state. John Jr. inherited the property in 1813, and serve in the legislature from 1803 until 1819, becoming the lieutenant governor and president of the senate during the final sessions. The estate would be given as a wedding present to Landon Carter Haynes in 1839, who would increase the size of the house and rejuvenated. He would construct a free-standing structure as well where he would practice law, as well as serving in the state legislature and speaker of the house in 1849. He would become the editor of his brother-in-law's newspaper, the Tennessee Sentinel, that had opposed the views of the Whig; and it would be edited by William G. Brownlow, a marvelous personal and political antagonist. Haynes would be well remembered for his excellent sponsorship of the railroad construction and for outstanding oratory skills, advocating states rights. He would become a Confederate senator, and arrested once the Civil War ended, although pardoned by President Andrew Johnson; then moving to Memphis, where he would pass away in 1875.

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    Hands On Regional MuseumHands On Regional Museum Johnson City, Tennessee
    The Hands On Regional museum in Johnson City, Tennessee contains more than 20 permanent, interactive outstanding exhibits that were designed for children of all ages, and quite possibly some adults. Their outstanding exhibits include the splendid my science and me exhibit in the Eastman Discovery Lab that provides programs for all age groups that include making silly putty, pirate science, erupting a volcano and the power of air pressure; plus many more. You'll discover more than enough information about earth science, physics and biology here, that houses a special technology including a SMART interactive touch screen that brings programs to life in an entirely unique way. This exciting state-of-the-art lab has the modern technology that allows you to teleconference with other folks or places and distance learning, which is growing more and more in today's environment, that cuts the need to build more schools and hire more teachers, while allowing students to learn and grow in at atmosphere that doesn't have room for any type of harassment, bullying or any of the other adolescent activities that have become so harmful and distracting to school children. Some of the past programs have provided the visitor with interaction with the NASA staff at the Johnson Space Center so that they could learn more about solar energy and satellite imagery. They have been in contact with the Smithsonian Museum of American Art so that students and staff could discuss and learn more about America's Signs and Symbols. Another exhibit is a 1996 Saturn, cut-away car that is located in the Get Moving exhibit that shows underneath the hood of the auto and special safety features that include those in the door and airbags. Other exciting and outstanding exhibits include the Ark; Beyond Sound; Hands On Harbor, Cool Clear Water; the Landfill; Pulleys; Wings; TVA/Waterplay Dam; Bubble Tables, Frozen Shadows, Amazing Me, WKID-TV, Safari Dreams Library, the Katie Ellen Coal Mine, Art Studio, Fort Adventure & Theater on the Main, Tiny Town, Kids Bank & Credit Union and Kindermart. It is a place where you can let your imagination go crazy, as well as learning many interesting and pertinent things about our country and world.

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Local Restaurants in Johnson City

    The Firehouse Restaurant
    Entrees; the Firehouse specialty is the best hickory smoked, tender, baby back ribs, basted with house original sauce & char-grilled; the Original thin sliced is thinly sliced hickory smoked pork; BBQ chicken dinner is baked quarter chicken lightly basted with house original sauce & char-grilled; Original thin sliced beef is hickory smoked beef sliced thin & smothered in original sauce; char-grilled BBQ chicken breast is 6oz. premium boneless, skinless chicken breast, char-grilled with house original sauce & topped with grilled pineapple; Carolina pulled pork is hickory smoked & hand pulled, marinated in house Carolina sauce; char-grilled pork chop is 8oz. center cut bone-in pork chop filet, char-grilled & basted with house original sauce; chopped steak platter is 8oz. fresh ground black angus beef, prepared your way & char-grilled; chicken tender platter is 5 tender strips of lightly breaded chicken served with housemade honey mustard dressing; Carolina style catfish is flaky pieces of house southern style breaded catfish deep-fried; all platters served with Tennessee toast & choice of 2 sides.

    Alta Cucina's
    Entrees served with choice of soup or salad; fettuccini alfredo is fettuccini pasta tossed in buttery, creamy Alta alfredo sauce; Sicilian spaghetti is combo of meat sauce mixed with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, seasonings, pasta & grated parmesan cheese; pesto penne is Italian penne pasta sautéed with fresh garlic & pesto sauce in olive oil & topped with shredded pecorino romano cheese; ravioli is 4 jumbo raviolis stuffed with cheeses & served in marinara sauce; manicotti is crepe type pasta filled with mozzarella, ricotta & romano cheese, lightly baked & served in Alta Cucina marinara sauce; veggie lasagna is a blend of spinach, carrots, peas & parmesan, ricotta & mozzarella cheese topped with marinara sauce & baked; meat lasagna is pasta layered with ground beef, pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions & zesty blend of cheese, topped with Alta Cucina's marinara sauce; pasta platter is combo of ravioli of the day, cheese stuffed shell, cheese manicotti served in marinara sauce.

BBQ Chicken Dinner The Firehouse Restaurant Johnson City, Tennessee


Carolina Catfish The Firehouse Restaurant Johnson City, Tennessee


Fettuccini Alfredo Alta Cucina's Johnson City, Tennessee


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    Andrew Johnson National Historic Site Andrew Johnson National Historic Site Greenville, Tennessee
    The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in Greenville, Tennessee was created to honor the 17th President of the United States, that would become president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The historical site contains two of Johnson's former homes, his old tailor shop and his grave that is located in the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery. This unique cemetery also contains the graves of his wife, Eliza McCardle Johnson and his son, Brigadier General Robert Johnson; David T. Patterson, a US senator from Tennessee and his son, Andrew J. Patterson that would become the instrument that was able to preserve this outstanding national historic site that was made a US National Monument in 1935 and then redesignated a National Historic Site in 1963. The wonderful site contains sixteen acres, with three separate and distinct units that include the Andrew Johnson Homestead, the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery and the Andrew Johnson Visitor Complex, and it is here that you'll be able to get a copy of the admission ticket to Johnson's impeachment hearings, that offer visitors the opportunity to vote in May 26, every year, as to whether he was guilty and should have been removed from office or not. The complex includes a museum, Johnson's tailor shop and the visitor's center, which shows a thirteen and a half minute show about the man and his time in the city. The one and a half story tailor shop is just like Johnson left it, although encompassed by a memorial structure that was built in 1923 by the state to preserve the old tailor shop so it could be preserved and not affected by the elements.  Johnson was one of the most controversial Presidents of our history, since he favored the white south while president, and became the voice of the Presidential Reconstruction period. He tendencies towards the south, and his ambiguity during his time as president would haunt him for the duration of that office, where he was affiliated with neither main party. He would be impeached in 1868 and win that decision by a single vote; but nonetheless, he is still regarded by historians as being one of the worst presidents in our history.

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    Dickson-Williams MansionDickson-Williams Mansion Greenville, Tennessee
    The Dickson-Williams Mansion in Greenville, Tennessee was constructed at the wishes of a rich Irish immigrant named William Dickson, who arrived here and would utilize the outstanding skills of Irish artisans and slaves to construct the high Federal style mansion in 1821 for his only child, Catherine. She and her new husband, Dr. Alexander Williams would move in during 1823 and began having large extravagant parties, which would eventually include three presidents, that included, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, South Carolina governor Wade Hampton and his daughters, David Crockett and the Marquis de Lafayette. During the Civil War, the estate would change hands a few times, being commandeered by both the south and the north; and when General John Hunt Morgan, a Confederate, was lodging there, Mrs. Lucy Williams, Catherine's daughter-in-law, would report his staying there, so Union troops ambushed and murdered him. Catherine would become torn up by the incident and leave the estate shortly afterwards. Dr. Williams had passed away in 1852, but Catherine would keep the house until her death in 1870, although it would be another house divided during the Civil War. Her daughter, Elizabeth would marry William Sneed, a former US congressman, while her son, William Dickson Williams would become a Confederate captain on the staff of General John Hunt Morgan. Her second son, Joseph Alexander would become a Union soldier and a third, Thomas Lanier, would be a Confederate soldier. Catherine would never say which side she preferred, having both to her house. A Union raid on Greenville occurred on September 4, 1864, that targeted the mansion, intending to capture General Morgan, but instead he would be killed. The Union general, Alvan G. Gillem would return the body to the mansion, where Catherine and Lucy Williams, including a few slaves, would dress the body in a clean shirt and uniform, placing it into a walnut coffin inside the house's parlor.

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    B. Carroll Reece MuseumB. Carroll Reece Museum Johnson City, Tennessee
    The B. Carroll Reece Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee would have a humble beginning in the late 1920s, when an East Tennessee State University history project would result in the creation of a repository that has grown and expanded into the B. Carroll Reece Memorial Museum. That collection would continue to grow as part of the library and by 1965, the entire collection would have to be moved to its present home in the restored structure that had held the school's art department. The art department's permanent collection of artworks would then become the nucleus of the museum's excellent fine arts collection, and was officially dedicated in 1965 as a tribute to the memory of the state's First District Congressman, B. Carroll Reece, as well as a repository of knowledge for the use of the university's students and the community as a whole. It has also become one of the numerous components of the ETSU's Center for Appalachian Studies and Services. The museum's historical collection was initiated to preserve the outstanding story of the settlement of the city, Washington county and the encompassing regions. There are magnificent items from everyday life that is showcased offering the lifestyles of their ancestors. It was started as a classroom history project, originally, and it has continued to grow and expand through many generous donations and include, an anvil used by the early settler, William Bean, a buggy from the Bob and Alf Taylor family, a log cabin from the Jonesborough region and a Washington hand press for the Pressman's Home in Rogersville. Some of the excellent exhibitions that have been shown here include; the 19th Century prints from the permanent collection that house beautiful works by such famous artists as Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Mary Cassatt and Claude Pissaro; John Alan Maxwell: Illustrator of Romance; Look at the Mess You Made, which is the annual Master of Fine Arts graduate student exhibition; Hokes Medical Arts; Andy Warhol; Reece Museum Favorites from the Permanent Collection; Northeast Tennessee artist, Big Rock Candy Mountain; Taken of the Land: Master of Fine Arts Exhibition and the Blue Ridge Quilt Guild.

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    Christopher Taylor HouseChristopher Taylor House Jonesborough, Tennessee
    The Christopher Taylor House sits in the oldest city in Tennessee, Jonesborough, which had been founded in 1780, some 16 years before the territory became a state, and the oldest house in the city is this one, which had been constructed in 1788; eventually moved from its original location onto Main Street. This beautiful two story log cabin was constructed by Christopher Taylor, a person that had been sent here to help protect the local citizens from Indian attacks, supporting not only his wife and thirteen children, but the famous lawyer and future President, Andrew Jackson. And speaking of the famous old general, lawyer and President, it seems that his ghost has been sighted at the original location of the log cabin as well as walking boldly down Main Street in broad daylight. There have been many such reports over the years, with those that see him on the opposite side of the street claim that no one else walking on the side he's on has ever noticed him. It is a strange tale and one more reason for you to visit this outstanding log cabin, so full of history and legends that it was moved to the downtown area so that it could be better preserved.  Taylor had been a veteran of the French and Indian Wars, as well as a major in the Revolutionary War, which is why he was asked to move to the area in hopes of helping to protect the settlers in the area. There is now a marker at the area where his log cabin was located, although it is about a mile away. The house has become more famous than normally a structure of this kind would be because Andrew Jackson would live in it from 1788 to 1789 while he practiced law in Jonesborough.  As you can see from the image to the right, it is a well constructed log house, since it has stood the tests of time and climate for more than 220 years, still standing, although in a better location, which might have helped its excellent preservation over that period. It is difficult to imagine anyone building such a formidable structure, lifting those upper logs into place and then making sure that they would last for many years. Then to chink it all, and to finish the chimney, that must had been done from the roof, or some kind of make shift construction ladders.

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