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Things to do in Kettering

    Patterson HomesteadPatterson Homestead Kettering, Ohio
    The historic Patterson Homestead in Dayton, Ohio was constructed in 1816 by Revolutionary war hero, Colonel Robert Patterson, using the Federal style of architecture, in numerous sections during a period of forty years. It would be donated to the city in 1953 and is used for various purposes, and today is used as a museum with six outstanding rooms that contain period relics and many of the Patterson family's original antiquities. His grandsons, Frank Jefferson Patterson and John Henry Patterson had lived in the house as youngsters and would grow up and found the National Cash Register company in 1884. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and operated by the Dayton History. It showcases a multi-generational lifestyle of some of the city's most influential families that lived here from 1804 to 1904 and was the house of the colonel and his wife, Elizabeth Lindsay Patterson. Frank's son, Jefferson, would be the one to donate the house to the city and its 8.5 acres in 1953 to be used as a meeting center and family memorial, completely furnished with 18th and 19th centuries antiques as well as many of the family's own personal antiques. During the ensuing years, more antiques would be added to the magnificent collection that occupy six rooms now, with an outstanding exhibit gallery describing the NCR story and is open year round for your perusal. Of special interest to many are the great photographs of the family and other historic sights in the city during its early days to the beginning of the 20th century, showcasing the way many families lived during that period.

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    Hawthorne HillHawthorne Hill Kettering, Ohio
    This fabulous house is the post-1914 home of Orville, Milton and Katherine Wright, since Orville and Wilbur decided it would become their joint house, however, Wilbur would pass on in 1912, a couple of years before the house would be finished in 1914. The two famous brothers would hire the Dayton firm of Schenck and Williams to plan their magnificent estate, with Orville, his father Milton and sister Katherine would live in house once it was finished in 1914, as it sat on 17 beautiful acres. The Wrights would name the property after the many marvelous hawthorne trees that sat on the property, and today, it is sitting on only three of the original acres with about 150 hawthorne trees. Orville would design many of the mechanical features of the house, like the water storage tank that uses rainwater, and the central vacuum system; that all showcase his creative genius; and for the following 34 years, the house would become the center gathering place for many of the greats and near-greats in the history of American aviation industry. The house would become part of the NCR Corporation holdings after Orville passed on, and become part of the Wright Family Foundation in 2006, when the company donated it in honor of Orville's 135th birthday and National Aviation Day. The National Cash Register company had used it before that for many of its corporate VIPs and functions, often opening the house to the public. The NCR company had completely redecorated the mansion's insides after Orville passed on, with only Orville's study being kept at its pre -1948 condition. The chairman of the company would send a photographer to the house after Orville passed so that the house could be seen and preserved in the condition it was left in. In 1991, it would become a National Historic Landmark and then added to the US World Heritage list in 2008.

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Local Restaurants in Kettering

    Mamma DiSalvo Ristorante
    Entrees; housemade lasagna Al Forno is layers of pasta with cheese & meat, topped with mozzarella cheese & baked; manicotti al forno is housemade pasta crepe stuffed with house family's cheese recipe, topped with mozzarella cheese & baked; eggplant parmigiano al forno is layers of eggplant in housemade marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese & baked; scallopini is medallions of veal or chicken sautéed in white wine & mushrooms sauce & served over bed of angel hair pasta; parmigiana al forno is veal or chicken baked in housemade sauce with mozzarella cheese & served with side of pasta; piccata is medallions of veal or chicken sautéed in special wine & lemon sauce with mushrooms served over bed of angel hair pasta.

    L'Auberge Restaurant
    Entrees; fresh Dover sole meuniere with spinach, poached potatoes, meumiere butter; wild caught Alaskan salmon with poached potato, mushrooms, herbed butter; diver sea scallops with leeks, carrots, orzo, white wine sauce; Mediterranean style shrimp with herbed tomato sauce, housemade pasta; veal wiener schnitzel with potato puree, hari covert, carrots, lemon caper butter; dry aged ribeye steak with veggies, poached potatoes, sauce bordelaise; chateaubriand with veggies, poached potatoes, sauce bordelaise.


Eggplant Parmigiana Kettering, Ohio


Sole Meuniere L'Auberge Restaurant Kettering, Ohio

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    Oakwood Historical Society Oakwood Historical Society Oakwood, Ohio
    This society would be established in 1974 to serve those citizens that had some interest in the study and sharing of the city's heritage, providing visitors and residents a link to the past, as well as offering numerous programs and events during the year. In 1985, the society would be housed in the Long-Romspert Homestead that sits on two acres in the heart of Oakwood, Ohio, that is one of the earliest surviving house in the city, as well as the oldest house that was built back then and was continuously lived in by one family. It showcases two distinct styles of architecture, that include the mid 19th century Victorian Italianate farmhouse and the early 20th century suburban. In 1987, it would be placed on the National Register of Historical Places, and includes a summer kitchen, spring house, carriage house and second structure built in 1902. Some of the exciting programs happening this year include the Children's garden program, the Homestead open house, Oakwood walking tour, the Oakwood architecture lecture, the Annual That Day in May Wine Tasting, Founder's Day dinner & Annual Meeting and Holidays at the Homestead Open House and Program. The society has numerous interesting and exciting collections that include photographs, maps, architecture, famous people and more.

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    Fort Ancient State MemorialFort Ancient State Memorial Kettering, Ohio
    Fort Ancient is a splendid collection of Native American earthworks located in the Washington Township, Warren County, Ohio, on the western shore of the Little Miami River and some seven miles southeast of Lebanon, that contains the biggest prehistoric hilltop enclosure in the country, with three and a half miles of walls in a 100 acre complex that was constructed by the Hopewell Indians that live here from the 1st century BC to the 6th century AD, sitting on a wooded bluff some 270 feet above the river. The site has been maintained as a state historical park and listed as a National Historic Landmark because of the importance of the earthworks, and would be one of the 14 sites nominated in 2008 as a World Heritage Site. These magnificent earthworks would be constructed in three stages over some 400 years using the shoulder blades of split elk antlers, digging sticks to loosen the dirt, deer and clam shell hoes, with baskets that would hold some thirty to forty pounds of materials and distribute them. Archaeologists have been able to estimate the entire volume of earth inside the walls to be around 553,000 cubic yards. The state bought the land in 1891 and it would eventually be converted into a state park that is listed on the National Historic Landmark. In the northeast corner, there are four circular stone-covered mounds that have been set up a square shape, and showcase their talents for gazing at the stars and making this used as calendar. There is a marvelous 9,000 square foot museum there that spans 1500 years of American history in the Ohio valley. With some outstanding exhibits about the earliest peoples that settled in this nation, the impact of Europeans that migrated here and the development of agriculture.

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    Dunbar HouseDunbar House Kettering, Ohio
    The Paul Lawrence Dunbar House had been the 1904-1906 house of famed poet, Paul Lawrence Dunbar in Dayton, Ohio that has become a historic house museum owned by the state and run by the Dayton History; actually the house where Dunbar died in 1906. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and became part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park in 1992. It contains an old barn along with many historical relics and artifacts from that period. It is an Italianate turn-of-the-century house that showcases many of his literary treasures, family's furnishings and personal items. In his short lifetime, Dunbar would be sick for the majority of his life, dying in 1906 of tuberculosis, with his mother, Matilda, living there to help and watch over his house and belongings until she passed in 1934. It would become the first state memorial to honor an African American in 1936. The state would begin a major capital improvement project in 2002 and finish it in 2003, completely restoring it to the original condition, as well as the belongings and wallpapers, with some being exactly replaced. A new visitor center would be constructed there that houses many interpretive panels that depict his life. It is one of the park's three commemorations that include Orville and Wilbur Wright and Paul, as well as their work in the Miami Valley.

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    Kettering Moraine MuseumKettering Moraine Museum Kettering, Ohio
    This museum was established in 1962 and dedicated to the organization, preservation and collection of historical relics and memorabilia of the Kettering and Moraine regions, as well as all the relics and historic structures that have been donated and moved to the museum during the ensuing years. Structures moved there included the Deeds barn, which is a two story carriage house that had been located in Dayton, that had belonged to Edward Deeds, the general superintendent of National Cash Register, who would offer it to be used as a workplace for Charles F. Kettering, a young engineer at the company. It was here that Kettering would invent the self-starter for the automobile, and donated to the museum in 1962. Also the George Newcom House that is one of the most historical houses in the Dayton region, that is a rare example of a Greek revival style structure that had been owned by Colonel George Newcom, one of the early pioneers and builder of the Newcom Tavern. It is also located in the Carillon Park area, along with his house. Another is the Watervliet Shaker Miller's house that originally had been located in the Shaker community, who was a wagonmaker, miller and blacksmith that lived here, forming a Miller's family and was moved to the site in 1983. the Hetzel House is the last, which is a one story pioneer framed building that had been constructed in 1817 by Peter Hetzel, a co-founder of Moraine's Zion Memorial Church and early pioneer.

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