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Museum of Natural History

Las Cruces Museum of Natural HistoryEveryone likes a good museum, especially the ones that grab your attention and your interest. Well here at the Las Cruces Mall you can find the Museum of Natural History, a fun filled adventure that’s great for the whole family! The museum can’t very well teach you about natural history without presenting you something that has contributed to it drastically. Well the museum is home to several live animals as well as taxidermy replicas of animals that walked the earth before our time. This fun filled museum takes you through natural history in a fun and unique way! The best part about this miniature museum is that it takes only a few hours to browse through, and is completely free! Yes you heard right, it’s free! That means that while you’re shopping in the mall you can take a short break and browse through this great museum, or even take the kids through it while the wife enjoys time alone! This is a fun adventure you can take while visiting the Las Cruces area!

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Fountain Theatre

Las Cruces Fountain TheatreThis hidden gem is an intimate cinema house, nestled subtly on the streets of Las Cruces. This theatre holds as much history as the southwest itself and shows some of the most unique films and quality facilities. Few people realize the art that never makes it to the big screen and this fantastic theatre brings you some the most emotionally and intellectually resilient films. While choosing these masterpieces the theatre brings you both foreign and independent works to explore. The Las Cruces Fountain Theatre has been called a “Rare Desert Flower” appropriately, as it is the life and entertainment of the town! Be sure to stop by and check out a film while you are in the area! You can find it easily with its unique architecture, it appears to made out of solid stone!

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There are multiple theories as to how Las Cruces got its name.  One theory suggests that sometime during the 18th Century, a bishop, a priest, a Mexican Army colonel, a captain, four trappers and four choir boys were attacked near the Rio Grande and only one - a boy - survived. Crosses were erected in their honor, and the name, El Pueblo del Jardin de Las Cruces, (the City of the Garden of Crosses,) evolved.
Other stories say multiple crosses were erected in the area to mark the grave sites of the many victoms of Apache raids. And still another story is that a group of 40 travelers from Taos, NM  were killed just as they reach Las Cruces. But some people feel that the name is simply the Spanish translation for "crossing" or "crossroads."

Las Cruces has been the haunt of many notable figures, such as, Geronimo, Victorio, Albert Fall and the discover of Pluto, the late Clyde Tombaugh. But none have garnered more attention the the most famous outlaw in the West, William H. Bonney aka, Billy the Kid. In 1880, Billy the Kid was stood trial in a Mesilla, NM courtroom for the murder of Andres “Buckshot” Roberts. He was found guilty and sentenced to hang by Judge Warren Bristol. During his sentencing, Judge Bristol told Billy “you are to be hung until you are until you are dead, dead, dead!" Legend has it that Billy shouted back, "And you can go to hell, hell, hell!" He was taken to Lincoln, NM where he escaped whiling awaiting execution. He was later shot and killed by Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881. The building in Mesilla that housed the jail andcourtroom are still standing and the iron jail cell that held him is on display across the street in the Gadsden Museum. Another historical landmark still standing in Mesilla is the old Butterfield Stage depot. Today it is home to La Posta, a Mexican restaurant with a worldwide reputation for it’s Mexican food.

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