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Fort Myers Southwest Florida Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals  11001 Terminal Access Rd.

Things to do in Marco Island

    Capt. Ron's Awesome Everglades Adventures, Inc.Capt. Ron's Awesome Everglades Adventures, Inc. Marco Island, Florida
    For the totally unique and different adventure in the area, and rated the number 1 attraction on the island of Marco Island, Florida, Capt Ron's waverunner tour has been in operation since 1988, and invented the 10,000 islands tour. He is the most experienced guide in the region for island hopping, with over 27 years under his belt, providing one of the most exciting and interesting ways to spend a day in the Florida southeast. He is committed to preserving the fragile ecology of the area, and sharing it with those that are interested, and warns speeders that they should look elsewhere for that kind of adventure. Ron and his experienced crew take their waverunners into the most secluded and secret areas of the islands, as if you would use your car for going to the grocery store. Some of the marvelous areas that these adventurous folks go, have speed limits, and if you can't follow the limits and his guidance, then you need to find another company to give you the best, safest and most exciting waverunner ride traveling around the area, learning more about the wildlife and plants that are native to the islands. The majority of the time, the tours run at about 20 mph, except in the second part of the tour, when you need to get up to higher speeds to go through the open waters and reach your destination within a reasonable time limit. Safety is their first and foremost concern, and that is how it should be for most people and their families. Just imagine riding along and the next thing you know, a dolphin is swimming parallel to you, jumping in the water to get your attention and rolling around the waters to keep it so that they can put on a private show for you. You'll see more sights and enjoy more adventures with Capt. Ron and his crew of experts, so contact them before coming and have the time of your life.

Budget rent a car Marco Island

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Budget Cheap Locations

Naples Budget Car Rentals - 1965 Tamiami Trail E. 
Budget Car Rental Naples - 11232 Tamiami Trail N.

    Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research ReserveRookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Marco Island, Florida
    This reserve is located at the northern edge of the Ten Thousand Islands, situated on the gulf coast of Florida, on Marco Island, and is one of the last remaining undisturbed mangrove estuaries left in North America. It contains an ecosystem that is considered to be a premium example of an almost pristine subtropical mangrove forested estuary, with its Environmental Learning center located in Naples that showcases a 2300 gallon aquarium, along with interactive displays about the reserve's natural and cultural history. Their numerous displays include plants, ecosystems, animals and threats from climate changes, as well as the history of human inhabitants that included native Americans, pioneers, and the ecological preservation movement of the 1960s. They also feature an art gallery that changes its exhibits of nature in art, with a genuine Seminole chickee built inside, and the center also houses research labs, classrooms, a gift shop and auditorium. The total area that encompasses open waters is around 70,000 acres, with more than half in the Rookery Bay reserve and the rest mostly mangroves, upland habitats and water marshes. Rookery Bay has over one thousand acres and a depth of about one mile. The art gallery at the Environmental Learning Center is a great venue for the local artists to showcase their works that feature outstanding wildlife examples of animals, birds and landscapes. It is also an excellent venue for outstanding exhibitions that are constantly changing to bring more visitors and the community into its facility to improve the relationship between them and the citizens of the community, as well as to help the local and visiting residents learn more about the significance of the reserve and ecology all together.

Enterprise rent- a- car Marco Island

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Marco Island Enterprise Rental Car
 717 Bald Eagle Dr. Unit 1C

Local Restaurants in Marco Island

    Capt. Brien's Seafood & Raw Bar
    Entries; served with choice of 2 sides, baked potato, sweet potato, FF, mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, Boston baked beans, cole slaw or seasonal veggies; sea scallops are pan seared dry pack scallops glazed with honey butter; jumbo gulf shrimp served with housemade cocktail sauce, available blackened, fried, grilled or broiled in lemon & herbs; Ying Yang seared ahi tuna is served with fresh ginger, soy sauce & wasabi; coconut shrimp is jumbo gulf shrimp butterflied & dusted with fresh coconut flakes, served with side of sweet & spicy remoulade; spicy stuffed prawns is jumbo gulf shrimp stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat, chorizo & blend of peppers, onions & spices lightly broiled; crab cakes are jumbo lump crab, lightly tossed with seasoning & just enough bread crumbs to hold it together; house specialty grouper with flaky mild white fish caught in local waters, can be blackened, crunchy, fried, grilled or broiled in lemon & herbs; macadamia mahi mahi is encrusted in macadamia nuts & sautéed, topped with fresh mango habanera salsa; beer battered fish n' chips is light & crispy white fish, served with FF & cole slaw; coconut grouper is lightly dusted with coconut flakes & fried with fresh pineapple salsa; snapper Santa Fe is baked in parchment paper Cajun style with red & green peppers & sweet onions on top; teriyaki salmon is grilled salmon glazed with house made teriyaki glaze, finished with fresh pineapple rings; twin Maine lobsters are twin 6oz. cold water Maine lobster tails, broiled or grilled.

    Da Vinci Ristorante
    Entries; all pasta dishes served with signature house made bread & house salad; cavatelli Leonardo is housemade cavatelli pasta, Italian sausage & broccoli di rape in garlic & olive oil sauce; pappardelle al porcini is housemade pappardelle pasta in a porcini mushroom cream sauce; lasagna Bolognese is traditional housemade meat lasagna; fettuccine carbonara is housemade fettuccine pasta sautéed with pancetta & shallots in light cream; strigoloni al pesto is housemade strigoloni pasta in light pesto sauce; spaghetti puttanesca is housemade guitar string spaghetti sautéed with black olives, basil, anchovies & capers in fresh plum tomato sauce; penne rosate is penne pasta sautéed in light pink vodka sauce; ravioli di mare is housemade seafood ravioli finished in a brandy pink sauce; linguini alle vongole is linguine pasta sautéed with fresh clams in light tomato sauce or garlic & olive oil; bosco e mare is angel hair pasta sautéed with shrimp, arugola, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, basil & garlic in light tomato sauce.


Capt. Brien's Seafood & Raw Bar Marco Island, Florida


Snapper Santa Fe Capt. Brien's Seafood & Raw Bar Marco Island, Florida



 Pappardelle al Porcini Da Vinci Ristorante Marco Island, Florida





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Hertz Rental Cars Marco Island- 400 S. Collier Blvd.
Naples Hertz Car Rental - 1911 E. Tamiami Trail
Hertz Rental Car Naples Apt.- 550 Terminal Dr.

    Brigg's Nature Center Briggs Nature Center Marco Island, Florida
    You'll find the Brigg's Nature Center at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, between Marco Island, Florida and Naples, in a magnificent scenic marshland, with outstanding estuaries of salt and fresh water, that produces the highest amount of biological environments. Researchers have determined that almost all of the fish and shellfish harvested commercially in this nation spend part of their existence in estuaries and that type of environment. These estuaries are most significant for the nursing of crustaceans, fish and shellfish, as well as offering excellent nesting areas or rookeries for many kinds of birds. The nature center has a half mile boardwalk that visits six different environments in the reserve, that will vary from dry pine flatwoods to the fringes of brackish and marsh pond communities. There are also, two shorter trails that bring you to other types of environment with various plants and beautiful views of Rookery Bay. While here, you'll have many chances to see wildlife, birds and more, like bald eagles, river otters, bobcats, ospreys, indigo snakes, skinks, red-shouldered hawks and many kinds of woodpeckers, especially the larger woodpeckers that look more like Woody, than all the rest. If you should sight one, you'll understand better about these magnificent woodpeckers that will provide a unique show as they peck at various trees and make the weirdest sounds you ever heard. It is a very popular area to visit, and the nature center has so much information about the reserve and region, that it behooves you to visit and take advantage of expert knowledge that will help you along the paths and boardwalk.

avis discount rental car Marco Island

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

Naples Municipal Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 570 Terminal Dr.
Avis Car Rental General Aviation Naples Municipal Apt.

 160 Aviation Dr.

S. Burlington Avis Rental Cars
- 1890 Williston Rd.

    South Marco BeachSouth Beach Marco Island, Florida
    South Marco Beach is located on South Collier Boulevard, in Marco Island, Florida, with 70 parking spaces that are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, but no facilities, however, it does go to the beautiful beach across the street that take you through sable palms, pines and an oak or two, down to the white sandy beach and the magnificent blue ocean waters, that usually have calmer waves for the enjoyment of small children and older citizens. The area has walkways lined with the marvelous sable palm trees, and many plush hotels, and is a one-acre public beach. There is, of course, access to facilities, so you don't have to run around wondering where to go, and it is more private than most beaches in the area, since it is rather small and more secluded in the hotel region of the island. It has been said that the beach is great for shelling, and naturally, the finest sunset views in the area. It is used more by residents, since it is close to the main drag and all the action, with a great local bar located close to the beach to enjoy a snack for the kids and a drink for you as the sun sets in brilliant oranges, reds, light purple and other vibrant colors that are different each and every night, so you can go there and enjoy a different sunset every night and never see the same one twice. The white sands are almost like walking through sugar, although it can get hot enough on a summer day so that you need to bring some kind of beach shoes. The waters are quite warm in the summer months, from late April until late October, with barely a ripple on the waves, and many times, you can watch dolphins playing around in the waves some yards offshore. If you are lucky enough, they might come up close to you, but usually will stay some distance away from you. They are magnificent animals to watch, especially for the kids, who will spend the entire day in the water and at it's edge, playing in the small surf that comes up and just seems to lap the sand like a dog lapping water. It is marvelous and a great way to spend the day at the beach.

Thrifty Car Rental Marco Island

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.  Our customers will get the biggest selection of new quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car has the most cheap locations in America today. Thrifty Cheap Locations

Naples Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 560 Terminal Dr.
Thrifty Car Rental Ft. Myers Apt.
 10991 Terminal Access Rd.

    Off the Hook Day AdventuresOff the Hook Adventures Marco Island, Florida
    This company provides an excellent sailing adventure that takes you to various islands in the area of Ten Thousand Islands, where you will disembark, and go ashore, spending some time looking for beautiful seashells that wash up on the shores in the mornings and evenings, as well as taking you on a great sightseeing adventure that is full of sights and excitement. Their tours begin with quarter day adventures that last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, with longer excursions available. These remote islands and sandbars can only be accessed by boat, so you won't have to worry about the beach being bone dry, with thousands of footprints all over showing that it has been shelled by many before you. Some of the magnificent animals you might see while sailing or offshore include dolphins, sea turtles, bald eagles, ospreys, manatees, pelicans and other types of birds, some more colorful than others, but everyone unique and common, for the most part, to the region. Once you have searched the beach or sandbar for shells, then you'll sail back to the marina, getting more of the marvelous sights around Marco Island, Florida. The schedules vary, depending on the weather, the time of day you arrive, and the amount of passengers, which never are more than six, and occasionally, you may be the only couple or family taking that particular cruise. They also provide private half day tours, so be sure to specify what kind of tour you want, and the details worked out before departing, so you will see and do all that you were interested in. The crew people always have great stories and anecdotes that can't be found in any brochures, and they love to tell them.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Marco Island

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Naples Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 560 Terminal Dr.

    Marco Island MarinaMarco Island Marina Marco Island, Florida
    Another way to enjoy the beauty of Marco Island is to just rent a boat yourself, at the Marco Island Marina, and head out on the waters, come whatever may, with ten thousand islands to visit, small sandbars sent in the middle of the ocean, with white sands, and unique views. It is a non-smoking marina, using a floating dock system, with 122 slips that are from 40 to 110 feet, and handle beams up to 20 feet wide. There is ample electrical service available, with water, cable and wifi, showers, restrooms, a dog run, pump out service, a pool and jacuzzi, barbeque grills, laundry room, exercise room, ice and various types of tender recognized. The marina has an excellent clubhouse restaurant and lounge, and provides free weather reports and tide charts, with taxi service available and close to town. If you are cruising here, then they offer a deal that gives you a free night after paying for two, so you could stay almost a week and pay for just four days. There are many fabulous venues available on Marco Island, with great nightclubs, bars and on the beach bars and restaurants that will give you more magnificent sunsets than anywhere else on the coast. You can even enjoy a few hours walking around the marina and enjoy looking over the many luxurious vessels that are here for a short or long term, with many neighborly folks happy to talk to you about boating, sailing, fishing, swimming and many other great opportunities to enjoy the waters and islands around the region. It is a great place to stay or visit, and they have many different types of water crafts available for rent or purchase, if you should decide that this is where you would like to live or move to. The opportunities are endless, and the summer stretches on down here for six months of the year. Don't worry about the weather, it is more sunny than most cities, and if it does rain, it is such a relaxing and enjoyable type of storm that is more exciting than most, since you know that it lasts only a few hours at the most, ends and the sun comes blazing back with a vengeance.

National Rental Cars Marco Island

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Naples Apt. National Car Rental 
- 560 Terminal Dr.