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Cleveland Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 19601 Cleveland Parkway

Things to do in Mentor

    James A. Garfield National Historical Site James A. Garfield National Historical Site Mentor, Ohio
    This historical site in Mentor, Ohio is the former home of James A. Garfield, the 20th President of the United States, who would purchase the house in 1876 to put his big family in and name it Lawnfield, or perhaps the press did. It would become the first place a successful front porch campaign would begin in 1880, with Garfield adding another 11 rooms to the house to completely accommodate his big family. James bought the house for numerous reasons, with the most prominent one being the redistricting of his Congressional district, and the fact that he was gone for long periods of time from his family which was the most important thing in his life. He also wanted a place where his sons could learn more about farming, and a permanent place to live, where he could spend his summers when Congress recessed. The family lived in the mansion until 1936, when the entire house and contents were donated to the Western Reserve Historical Society by his children. Congress would then make it a national historic site in 1980. It would be rejuvenated in the late 1990s, taking some six years to completely restore it, with hundreds of specimens of antique Victorian furniture, with more than 80% of it coming from the Garfield family. James A. Garfield would be assassinated a little over five months after being sworn in as president, and his wife and family would then add the Memorial Library wing to their house, which would in essence set up a precedent for presidential libraries that is still followed to this day. James had been a representative from Ohio for nine consecutive terms before being elected as president and would achieve numerous accomplishments. He was a self-made man coming from a modest background, being raised on an Ohio farm by his widowed mother and brothers. He worked hard to get an education, graduating from Williams College in Massachusetts in 1856, then entering into politics the next year as a Republican campaigning for the party's antislavery platform. He married Lucretia Rudolph in 1858 and admitted to the Ohio bar in 1860, while serving as an Ohio state senator. He opposed the southern secession, and served as a major general in the Union army during the Civil War. His presidency lasted just 200 days and it seems that had he continued, he might have become one of the finest presidents this country has ever seen, like some of the other assassinated presidents we've had.

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Mentor Budget Car Rentals - 7875 Johnnycake Ridge Rd. 
Budget Car Rental Beachwood - 26300 Chagrin Blvd.
Cleveland Budget Rental Cars
- 1460 E. 9th St.

    The Western Reserve Model Railroad MuseumThe Western Reserve Model Railroad Museum Mentor, Ohio
    This is the world's biggest model railroad museum in the world, occupying 19,000 square feet of space, with 26 different scales of model trains; opening in 2005, that includes the biggest O scale layout in the world that spans 2.640 square feet, with 2,640 linear feet of track and still growing. It opened to become a great place of fun for the family, where they all could learn about model railroading and the exciting and interesting history of railroads in our country. In only four years, it has become the biggest model railroad museum of its kind in the nation, offering big and little kids the opportunity of a lifetime to come and play with all kinds of trains, cars and cabooses. And it won't cost you a penny because of the generosity of contributors and other donors. The museum hosts a number of ice cream social each year to bring in folks for a great time and ice cream, showcasing the museum and its incredible machines, with a new gift shop for those of you that would appreciate a souvenir of some type that pertains to model railroading. Then in the fall, they have the Fall Open House and Train Show-Octoberfest, that provides free music, free children face painting and food and soda pop available. They have circus trains and big tent exhibits that highlight the life of traveling circus shows and much more that is sure to keep the whole family enjoying their time and day.

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Mentor Enterprise Rental Car - 6876 Center St.
Enterprise Rental Cars Wickliffe - 29820 Euclid Ave.
Chardon Enterprise Rental Car - 554 Water St.
Enterprise Rental Car Euclid - 20950 Lakeland Blvd.

Local Restaurants in Mentor

    The Noosa Bistro
    Entrees; almond crusted halibut is pan-seared, sautéed spinach, baby carrots, corn fritter pancake, pear chutney; stuffed salmon with crab meat, melted brie, potato fritter, grilled veggies, lemon beurre blanc; Chilean sea bass is pan-seared, braised bok choy, asparagus, spiraled cheese lasagna, tomato beurre blanc; sashimi grade ahi tuna with sticky rice, charred tomato coulis, wasabi, shoestring veggies; pan seared sea scallops with hearty sweet corn & potato chowder, crispy bacon, wilted spinach; soy-ginger glazed salmon with sticky rice, tobiko aioli, Asian slaw, toasted sesame seeds; chicken marsala is sautéed, mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, marsala cream sauce; Noosa beef tenderloin filet is 10oz. center cut, potato gratin, wilted spinach, baby carrots, red wine sauce; grilled rack of lamb, mushroom risotto, shoestring veggies, mint yogurt sauce, port rosemary reduction; black pepper crusted strip steak is 12oz. grilled strip, fire grilled veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, brandy cream sauce.

    Yours Truly
    Entrees; rock n roll is 12 oz. of fresh fire grilled ground beef smothered with sautéed mushrooms & onions; Asian chicken & veggie platter is fresh teriyaki, steamed veggies, finished with a drizzle of cucumber wasabi sauce & topped with fresh fire grilled chicken breast; Tuscan chicken is fire grilled chicken breast with pesto, roasted red pepper, grilled onion & melted mozzarella on bed of spinach & onion sautéed with lemon & extra virgin olive oil; filet of cod pan sautéed with dash of seasoning, then broiled to perfection on bed of spinach & onion sautéed with lemon & extra virgin olive oil; wild salmon filet is chargrilled to perfection & laced with Caribbean citrus butter; prime ribeye is fresh 10oz. boneless steak, chargrilled; YT style General Tso's Chicken is fresh cut chicken breast marinated with housemade saffron rice.


Grilled Halibut The Noosa Bistro Mentor, Ohio






Tuscan Chicken Yours Truly Mentor, Ohio

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Hertz Rental Cars Mentor- 6820 Center Rd.
Chesterland Hertz Car Rental - 8549 Mayfield Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Euclid- 24800 Lakeland Blvd.
Cleveland Hertz Car Rental - 4253 Mayfield Rd.

    Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve Mentor, Ohio
    The Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve contains 691 acres of wetlands in Lake County, Ohio, some thirty miles east of Cleveland, containing an abandoned channel of the Grand River, and since it is near the Headlands Beach State Park and Lake Erie shoreline, it has become a fabulous sanctuary for birds and bird watchers. Some hundreds of years ago, the Grand River would flow through the area now known as Mentor Marsh, but as the coastal erosion of Lake Erie cut down into the land, it would eventually create a new outlet called Fairport Harbor, and the subsequent dried up river bed would gradually change into a swamp forest. Now the marsh is dominated by reed grass, cattails and low wooded banks, with a large swamp forest that is made up of maple, ash and elm; but during the last few decades, they have been killed off by the possible effluents of the brine wells and salt mine wastes. There have been over 90 types of birds identified here, that includes the endangered bald eagle, the sharp-skinned hawk and the king rail, as well as 20 species of mammals seen in the marsh that includes the muskrat, short tailed shrew, with the northern water snake, midland painted turtle and snapping turtle. It has grown into one of the finest birdwatching sites in the state, especially during spring migration, with over 250 different species being seen here and identified. It is no wonder that the place keeps attracting birds, with little evidence of human interjection, wooded dunes and beach of the Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve and the wide open waters of the huge lake that sits close by, as well as the sheltered waters of Fairport Harbor. During the height of spring migration, you can see up to 150 species, with more than 100 of them seen on just the one trail called Zimmerman in Mentor Marsh. It would become a National Natural Landmark in 1964 to protect it from encroaching developments and other hazards that change the make-up of the outstanding marsh and wetlands.

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Mentor Avis Car Rental  - 7875 Johnnycake Ridge Rd.
Avis Car Rental Wickliffe
- 28502 Euclid Ave.
Beachwood Avis Rental Cars
- 27900 Chagrin Blvd.
Avis Car Rental Solon - 33003 Aurora Rd.

    Mentor Fire MuseumMentor Fire Museum Mentor, Ohio
    The Mentor Fire Museum is situated in the Old Fire Station No. 1 in the heart of the original Mentor Village, that had been constructed in 1942, being set up with two fire engines and a jeep, manned only by volunteers with limited hours. Then, in the 1970s, it would get a new rescue squad with firefighters being trained as EMTs, and not much space for anyone to stay overnight. In the early 1980s, it would evolve into a 24 hour operation, with 3 to 5 part time firefighters, and by 1984, it would enjoy an added area on the back of the station that would house a shower, dorm and locker room; until 1990 when it was shut down when a new fire station would be constructed because of the large increase in the region's population. It would continue to be used as a storage area, with hopes of someday being able to use it for a museum. Sadly, a number of neglected years would cause the old station to fall into disrepair and a community block grant would be needed to bring it back to its original condition, with many of the community donating their time to get it back in shape. The city would grant the Mentor Firefighters Historical Association permission and a lease to operate the station as a museum, with many displays built to showcase the antique equipment needed, while the 1942 Ford fire engine was being restored along with other pieces that could represent the period when this station itself operated as a fire station. They are in the process of restoring a 1986 Pierce Arrow engine donated by the city that is going to be shown off at city parades, block parties and community events.

Thrifty Car Rental Mentor

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 Thrifty Discounts

Cleveland-Mentor Thrifty Rental Cars
 7272 Mentor Ave. Ste. 3

    Lake County History CenterLake County History Center Mentor, Ohio
    The Lake County History Center Museum and historic village sit on an eight acre site in Plainsville Township, some 25 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio that includes a main museum building, that had been originally constructed as the Lake County Poor House in 1876 in the Italianate style with two floors that are open to the public and contain classrooms, research library rooms, galleries and more. Their exhibits change on an annual basis, with the current year's displays available on their website, while their expansive library contains manuscripts and records of local history, with some research assistance available. This complex contains a marvelous village that is used for first person interpretation of the state's early years for school field trips and summer visitors. There is also an area for special events, in the barn and home of the American Heritage Dinner Theater that showcases historic ideas of public entertainment like the medicine show, melodramas and vaudeville shows. Their dinner theater runs through August and September, with many special community events put on around the excellent grounds. It hosts the annual Lake County Heritage Festival and other society sponsored occasions, with all the structures handicapped accessible and plenty of parking. There is a lot of history to this home, and quite a few stories about when it was a poor house, with some hints as paranormal activity that is always an enticement to many visitors that come in the evenings to discover any abnormalities, which have been seen and heard. When you visit, be sure to ask anything about the early days and the mysterious legends that belong to the center as well.

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Cleveland-Mentor Dollar Car Rental - 7272 Mentor Ave.

    Gallery OneGallery One Mentor, Ohio
    Gallery One is the nation's biggest art gallery of fine art and custom made frames, located in Mentor, Ohio, filled with many beautiful limited edition prints hand signed and numbered. Some of the newer artists include James Bama, Morgan Weistling, Cassandra Barney, Howard Terpning, Daniel Smith, William S. Phillips, Robert Bateman, Alan Bean, June Carey, Rod Frederick, James Christensen, and Thomas Kinkade. Each year they open their vaults to sell thousands of treasures that include one of a kind paintings and more. With hundreds of artists and their works available on their website, this gallery is making history by selling artworks on the internet and shipping these prints and paintings through the mail right to your front door, and allowing you to stay home and wait. Right now they are having a $1 sale, with many of the prints worth over a hundred dollars. One such example is the Robert Abbett print called Summer Drummer that is 17 by 23 inches, is a limited edition print on paper, one of just 850 numbered and hand signed prints that is normally selling for $125, but now can be purchased for just a buck! So, if you enjoy magnificent art, in print or painting, just go to the site and see if anything fits your fancy. They are not able to show all the special items for a dollar, but you can call them or just visit to view all the splendid prints, giclees and posters that will look great on your wall or hanging in a special place. You will get the best they have to offer, with many wonderful images that will keep you company for years to come. The gallery even has some excellent prints of Disney characters that are most likely cheaper here than anywhere else in the country.

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Cleveland Apt. National Car Rental 

 19601 Cleveland Parkway