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With great discounts, affordable prices and such a wide variety of cars, Alamo is the perfect solution for all your rental car needs. With quality customer service and professional services you can enjoy the freedom of having a rental car with a quick and easy visit to a local Alamo dealer. Save even more money when you use Alamo Savings, to make your rental experience even more of a pleasure.

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Things to do in Metairie

  • Steamboat Natchez River Cruise

    Steamboat NatchezThis fun filled adventure goes back into the very heart of the south. Holding true to the heart of the Metairie area, this authentic Steamboat named the Natchez cruises its way up and down the Mississippi river. This steamboat will ferry you for miles up and down the river; in fact, this is the only authentic steam boat in the area. This party on the water is an adventure in itself, with live music and entertainment as you ride along the sites are the only thing you will be enjoying. The Natchez sails in all kinds of whether, with indoor cabins and climate controlled rooms you can participate in the experience any day! The most common cruise you can find is the Harbor Cruise, where the boat won’t travel very far from the area. While on this cruise you can enjoy a live narration as you site see the area and venture to key town locations. During the 7:00 p.m. cruise, you can listen to one of the worlds most know Jazz bands, the “Dukes of Dixieland.” During the 7:00 p.m. cruise you can enjoy an onboard party and entertainment. Enjoy traditional French cuisine and beverages while onboard. While you’re in town check to see if there are any special events happening on board! The cruise last for two hours and is a fun way to tour the town and site see the area!

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If your looking for means of transportation, then Budget has the perfect solution for you. With a wide variety of vehicles for rent and great, quality customer service you can get exactly what you need from a smiling sales associate. With affordable prices and professional services this is just what you need to give your vacation, business trip or any other venture the freedom you need. Save even more when you use Budget Rental Car Coupons and make your car rental experience a good one!

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New Orleans, Louisiana - 1317 Canal Street
Marrero, Louisiana - 1646 Barataria Blvd

  • Zephyr Stadium

    Zephyr StadiumMetairie is home to the New Orleans Zephyrs, the Triple-A affiliate to the Florida Marlins. The Zephyrs are part of the Pacific Coast League, a recently expanded group of teams that compete year long. The Zephyr stadium is a local fan favorite for a night of entertainment. Watch the Zephyrs play other Pacific Coast teams, in this large stadium that seats 10,000. Because of the recent hurricanes that hit the New Orleans area, the stadium sustained heavy damage, but has since been repaired. In 1998 the Pacific Coast League championship was won by the Zephyrs with a score of 3-1 against the Buffalo Bisons, and in 2001 the Zephyrs were scheduled to participate in the Championship Series. However, shortly after the September 11th attacks the season was canceled. In 2006 the Zephyrs set a world record as the longest match in PCL history, lasting a total of 24 innings, where the teams spent 18 innings tied. The history of Zephyrs stadium is nearly 100 years old, and is a great pastime of the Metairie locals. The Zephyrs stadium doesn’t only host the Triple-A team, there are a wide variety of entertainment and sporting events that take place year long. The history of the team is a wild ride of sudden changes and unfair events; however they have stuck through it all and pressed there way on to being Triple-A champions. As a way of demonstrating their history of misfortunate events the Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park hosts the Zephyr Rollercoaster!

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Get only the best of the best in prices when you use Enterprise Savings, a quick and easy way to make your rental even cheaper than Enterprises low rates! With a massive selection of vehicles you can pick from a wide variety of cars that suit your needs. Get some of the lowest rates and quality customer service when you rent a car from Enterprise!

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New Orleans, Louisiana - 1939 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana - 10200 East I-10 Service Rd.
New Orleans, Louisiana - 3801 Downman Rd.
New Orleans, Louisiana - 1019 Baronne Street
New Orleans, Louisiana - 4001 S Carrollton Ave

  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

    Audubon Aquarium of the AmericasThis fun filled family adventure is a great way to get out and enjoy some of the local attractions. Here you can find a massive aquarium filled with all kinds of sea life. Take some time to browse over the hundreds of species of colorful fish that inhabit this recreated reef. During hurricane Katrina the aquarium suffered heavy damage. However, since then the aquarium has come back stronger than ever, introducing many more species of animals into their aquarium. The aquarium doesn’t only host deep sea fish; here you can find some of the most exotic sea-life, such as large turtles, octopus, squid and many more of the oceans hidden populations. One of the aquarium’s most popular exhibits is the stingray and shark feeling area. Where you can touch and feel stingrays and very small sharks, this is a very safe exercise. Inside you can find a large area dedicated to the many penguins the aquarium holds, ranging in species and size these little guys buzz around their climate controlled tank with incredible speed. Inside you can find otters as they swim in their large showroom, these cute furry animals enjoy interacting with guests. One of the aquariums most amazing exhibits is the Gulf of Mexico tank, a large recreation of the bottom of the sea, complete with an abundance of sea life for your entertainment! This is the perfect way to spend a day when you make a business trip, vacation or venture to the Metairie area.

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Finding a place to rent a car can be hard, however, Hertz is one of the largest rental car companies in the world. With thousands of locations nation-wide its likely that there is one near you! With great prices, professional customer care and Hertz Car Rental Discounts you can make your Hertz Car Rental experience quick, easy and affordable!

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New Orleans, Louisiana - 901 Convention Center Blvd

  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Metairie

  • Chad’s Bistro

    Chad’s BistroThis brand new restaurant has quickly become a town favorite. Chad’s Bistro is a gourmet casual restaurant, selling great southern cuisine. This restaurant has a unique history that has given the food its own unique style that has never before been seen or tasted. Using family recipes passed down from generation to generation the business is thriving on its one of-a-kind cuisine. A year before the restaurant was opened the family suffered a loss as Chad Barcia, the youngest cousin died suddenly. To honor him, the restaurant was named after him, and Chad’s bistro was born. One of the reasons Chad’s food is most known is because of their great prices and quality customer service. Here at the restaurant you are the most respected guest, and top priority. You can get quick and fantastic food when you come to this well known diner. The menu includes classic Italian dishes, Louisiana Sea Food and some of Metairie’s best steaks. Every time you visit this fantastic family run business you can expect to get a great meal at a great price. If your making a business trip or participating in a family reunion to the area, Chad’s Bistro offers a great and affordable catering service. Make your business meeting or family visit something special when you serve steaks and Louisiana seafood to your guests. Make your visit to Metairie something special and stop by Chad’s Bistro for some great Louisiana food!

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Save even more when renting a car when you use Discounts with Avis! With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and professional sales associates you can get exactly what you need at a great price! Make your vacation, business trip, family reunion or any venture an easy and relaxed trip when you have the freedom of a rental car!

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New Orleans, Louisiana - 2024 Canal Street
Gretna - Oakwood Center - 197 Westbank Expressway
Sears Auto Center - 4400 Veterans Memorial Blvd

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When your looking to rent a car, be sure to stop by Thrifty for the best in prices and car options! With professional services, quality customer care and Thrifty Discount Savings your trip to Thrifty can be quick and easy! Make your car rental experience a pleasure when you rent your car at Thrifty!

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  • Sun Ray Grill

    Sun Ray GrillThis small food chain is local only to the New Orleans Area, providing the local dining with unique and flavor filled cuisines that can be found no where else! All along the golf coast there are a wide variety of restaurants that offer the unique and zesty “Original New Orleans Cuisine.” However, there are very few that can actually live up to this name, here at the Sun Ray Grill, your getting just that, the real deal when it comes to great and original food. Because this restaurant is adamant on keeping its name untarnished, they have fresh fish produce come directly from the Gulf each day to provide you with only the freshest of meals. Get some great New Orleans sea food that can be found no where else except a Sun Ray Grill. Because of the high demand, you can enjoy Chicken and Steak that have never touched the freezer, you came to get a fresh meal and here it is! Enjoy daily specials and unique meals that are served no where else. Some of the most popular martinis, tropical drinks and fresh juice margaritas can be found here, mixed with your favorite libations! These large restaurants are the perfect solution for a family dinner; enjoy all the great foods and cuisine of new Orleans at a great price when you eat at Sun Ray Grill.

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Dollar Rental Car is the perfect choice when deciding where to rent a vehicle. With great prices and Dollar Discounts choosing a great rental car service has never been easier. Make a quick and easy stop to a local Dollar Rental Car dealer and choose from a wide variety of cars to find exactly what you need!

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With National Discounted Prices you can make your car rental experience a great one with ridiculously low prices! With quality customer services and professional sales associates, not only will your visit be affordable, but it will be quick and easy also!

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