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Things to do in Moreno Valley

    Riverside Art Museum Riverside Art Museum Riverside, California
    The Riverside Art Museum is located in the historical district of Mission Inn in Riverside, California, in a building that was originally the YWCA constructed in 1929 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. Back in 1929, the YWCA choose the corner of 7th Avenue (which is now Mission Inn Avenue) and Lime Streets to construct its new center and hired Julia Morgan to design the structure, although Frank Miller of the Mission Inn, demanded an architect that could design it in the Mission revival style. The board stayed with Julia and she began to design the building in the Mediterranean revival and classical revival styles. By 1960, the building was up for sale, and the Riverside Art Museum was very interested in purchasing it, so in July, 1967, the YWCA officially sold the structure to the Riverside Arts Center for a quarter of a million dollars. In 1982, it was made a Registered Historic Place and city historic landmark as well. In 1992, the museum started a three phase rejuvenation of the building that was underwritten by the city. The first floor had originally contained a swimming pool, gymnasium and open-air atrium, with the second floor housing the bedrooms, meeting rooms with a little stage and offices. There was a garden and outdoor fireplace added on in the late 1930s, in memory of Ruth Muir, the former secretary and Executive director after she had been brutally assaulted and killed at the age of 48 while she was vacationing in La Jolla. Currently, the structure houses two big galleries downstairs and two smaller ones up, with the atrium covered by a glass ceiling and upstairs restroom that was transformed into a library. The museum hosts about 20 exhibitions each year, with numerous traveling exhibitions of artworks that address the social issues of today, many media techniques and different themed displays. It also hosts educational programs for adults and children of the community.  RAM as it is colloquially called, is a very interesting and vibrant venue in the Riverside region with constant activities to bring art lovers and those who enjoy art out into the museum with marvelous gathering like the rooftop cocktail party with live art, music and two local artists that will describe their works and help you learn more about the exhibits being showcased right now by the museum. There is also two tours available for the community to share with their family or friends, or to make new friends at the events. One is a tour to Chicago and the other is a magnificent cruise tour for seven days with one of the top artists in the area who will give lessons and critique during the Mexican tour. It sounds like this place is really getting the community involved with its art world and the people in it. If you ever considered trying something in the art arena, be sure to come and see how these folks are doing.

    California Citrus State Historic Park
    California Citrus State Historic Park Riverside, CaliforniaThis ferry goes across Lake Champlain taking The California Citrus State Historic Park was opened to save the experience and history of the cultural landscape of the citrus business in this marvelous open-air museum that depicts the story of the citrus role in the development and history of the state and is located in Riverside, California. The park recaptures the exciting times when citrus was king in the state, most especially the navel orange that was grown in the groves of Riverside; as well as showcasing the significance of the citrus business in the southern California area.  During the early part of the 20th century, the promotion of citrus brought another wave of immigrants to the state as word spread about the second gold rush, the creation of gorgeous citrus groves of grapefruit, lemons and oranges, creating the image of a golden state, with plenty of sunshine and wide open spaces that contained the perfect soil to grow citrus. The U. S. Department of Agriculture sent two navel orange trees to Eliza Tibbets, living in Riverside in 1873, which turned the tide of history by producing the best, sweetest tasting oranges ever. Because of this orange, the citrus industry bloomed into a huge agricultural juggernaut. The park itself is like the old parks of the early 1900s, with picnic areas, activity center, demonstration groves of splendid citrus groves, amphitheater and interpretive center. The groves are still producing outstanding oranges and other excellent fruits, and the visitor's center houses a marvelous museum that tells of the state's citrus business and antique farm equipment showcased all through the park.

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    San Bernardino County MuseumSan Bernardino County Museum Redlands, California
    The San Bernardino County Museum is located in Redlands, California and houses a regional museum containing collections and displays of natural and cultural history. Filled with unique exhibits, expansive research collections, the Exploration Station live animal discovery center and numerous public programs for children and adults, the museum continues to grow and expand its programs for the community and future. The museum's goals are to preserve, collect, show and educated the visiting public about the region's natural and cultural science collections that pertain to the area and the larger Southwest. It was started in 1952 by the San Bernardino County Museum Association and opened to the public in 1957. In 1961, the museum was donated to the county and moved from Bloomington, California to the current location in Redlands in 1974. The main branch of the museum in Redlands houses three marvelous floors of displays, native plants and cactus gardens, the Exploration Station, research and reference collections, education center, citrus groves and the curatorial offices. The various categories of the museum include; research, anthropology, history in archives and textiles, biological science and geological sciences. The anthropology and archaeology sections contain special rock art slides, photographs, ethnographic collection, archaeological assemblies and site records. The biological science center contains about 198,000 biological specimens in botany, entomology, mammal, ornithology and herpetology. They are stronger in the native specimens that exist in the western parts of North America with some from Central America and Asia. The entomology collection contains more than 25,000 specimens with the majority being insects, collected mostly from the county and southern areas of the state, with some from the western parts of the country. The herpetology collection contains about 9000 native reptiles and amphibians, mainly from the western US, as well as a smaller amount of exotic reptiles from the world. The ornithology collection houses about 148,000 bird eggs, live mounts, osteological specimens and bird skins. It is the fifth biggest in the world and was acquired during the 1910 to 1940 period by Wilson C. Hanna, oologist and numerous private collectors. The mammal collection has about 500 specimens of the county and southern areas of the state as well as a few from the western part of the country. The botany collection contains almost 10,000 specimens of native plants from southern California and the southwestern US.

     Riverside Automotive Museum
    Riverside Automotive Museum Riverside, California
    The Riverside International Automotive Museum (RIAM) can be found in Riverside, California, which is dedicated to preserving the memory and rich history of the state's motorsports heritage. Their main exhibits include relics and memorabilia from the Ontario Motor Speedway, local racing champion Dan Gurney and the Riverside International Raceway. It contains numerous history-making race cars and the biggest and most complete collection of Maserati road cars in the nation, including every single model that was available in this country since 1951. The museum was started in 2006 by Ray and Doug Magnon, father and son racing enthusiasts, with Ray being a close friend of Skip Hudson during their high school years. Their combined interests in racing brought them both to become friends with Dan Gurney after his family moved to Riverside. Dan and Skip's racing careers started taking off about the same time, with all three of them staying friends through the years. Doug, the president, caught the bug from his dad, Ray and since they were interested in racing cars, it wasn't hard for them to get interested in collecting vintage and antique cars; but mainly the Maserati, since they were of Italian heritage. It is one of the oldest Italian types of cars and has had a marvelous racing tradition in Europe. In 2006, they constructed a 20,000 square foot structure to contain their growing collection, and after hiring Bruce Ward as the director, they were able to open the museum in December, 2007. One of their main principles has been to keep all the vehicles in the museum in roadworthy condition and make sure that the cars get regular use. Some of the more interesting, not that they all aren't in that category, but some, like the 1962 Maserati 3500GTi that was owned by Dan Blocker of Bonanza fame, the 1971 Maserati Quattroporte II Fruja Prototipo that was owned by King Juan Carlos I of Spain, a 1966 Shelby 247SC Cobra, a 1982 Maserati Quattroporte III that was owned by David Carradine of Kung Fu fame, a 2006 Ford GT1 and the 1970 custom race car called the Gurney Olsonite Eagle, as well as many others. There is one motorcycle on display, a 1986 Ducati 750 F1 that had been ridden by Gary Patton in the 1988 American Road Racing Association Twin class championship.

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Local Restaurants in Moreno Valley

    Chicago Pasta House
    Appetizers; fried calamari; freselle is tomatoes, onions, marinated in Italian herbs, served on bread; sampler plate with onion rings, zucchini, mozzarella sticks, calamari & pizza bread; mozzarella cheese is breaded mozzarella cheese baked in tomato sauce; fried mozzarella, zucchini or onion rings; pizza bread, garlic bread, breaded mushrooms, zucchini sticks, chicken hot wings, stuffed mushrooms, chicken tenders, cheeses bread, fried breaded artichoke, steamed clams, steamed mussels, baked clams, fresh clams, French fries. Spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce; spaghetti with mushrooms; half spaghetti-half raviolo; spaghetti aglio/olio served in garlic & olive oil or butter with black olives; spaghetti puntanesca is served with capers, black olives & parsley; tortellini is mini moon shaped meat ravioli, red or white sauce; ravioli meat or cheese; fried ravioli. Linguini; linguini ala capreiciosa is sautéed shrimp in spicy red wine sauce; linguini with clams red or white; linguini pescatore served with asst of four fish; linguini with scallops scallops are sautéed in olive oil & garlic; linguini four seasons is served with broccoli, shrimp, clams, calamari & mussels; linguini arrabiata served with Italian ham in spicy red sauce; linguini carbonara served with onions, Italian ham, eggs & Italian seasoning; linguini & broccoli with white wine or cream sauce. Fettuccine; fettuccine alfredo; fettuccine quatro'formagi in four cheese cream sauce; fettuccine d'angelo served with chicken, sautéed with mushrooms in wine or alfredo sauce; fettuccine della casa sautéed bacon with garlic, mushrooms & peas. Baked Dishes; lasagna; baked mostaciolli or rigatoni is baked with 3 cheeses & meat or tomato sauce; gnocchi is potato dumpling mixed with 3 cheeses & meat or tomato sauce; stuffed eggplant is rolled with Italian ham, cheese, topped with red sauce.

    BJ's Restaurants
    Appetizers; calamari; ahi poke is chopped sashimi-grade ahi & green & yellow onions marinated in house poke sauce topped with diced avocados & served with wonton chips; Thai shrimp lettuce wraps is grilled shrimp glazed with spicy Thai sauce served on bed of Napa cabbage, cilantro, carrots & red onion tossed with fresh mango salsa & sprinkled with toasted coconut served in butter lettuce cups with spicy Thai sauce for dipping; chicken lettuce wraps is marinated chicken breast diced & sautéed with mushrooms, water chestnuts, celery, green onions, garlic & topped with wontons, served with chilled iceberg lettuce cups, sesame soy sauce & hot Chinese mustard; spinach & artichoke dip is blend of spinach, artichokes, cream cheese & spices, topped with parmesan cheese served warm with corn tortilla chips. Entrees; flame broiled NY strip is 12oz. strip aged & served with giant baked potato; roasted chicken is slow-roasted half chicken without butter or oil, lightly charbroiled with large baked potato; baby back pork ribs slow-basted, hickory smoked ribs with BBQ sauce with baked potato; chicken & ribs combo; fresh Atlantic salmon either flame broiled or blackened served with lemony chardonnay butter sauce, rice pilaf & seasoned steamed veggies; Thai salmon is spice Thai sauce, white rice, snow peas, carrots, red bell peppers & onions topped with fresh mango salsa; Miso salmon is sautéed in miso citrus glaze & served with white rice, snow peas, carrots, red bell peppers & onions; balsamic glazed chicken is marinated chicken breast grilled & served over baby field greens, caramelized onions & white cheddar mashed potatoes, topped with fried onion strings & drizzled with sweet balsamic glaze.




Fettuccine Alfredo Chicago Pasta House Moreno Valley, California


Linguine Carbonara Chicago Pasta House Moreno Valley, California






 Grilled Salmon BJ's Restaurant Moreno Valley, California

Balsamic Glazed Chicken BJ's Restaurant Moreno Valley, California





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    Kimberly Crest House & Gardens Kimberly Crest House & Gardens Redlands, California
    The Kimberly Crest House and gardens is a magnificent French chateau Victorian style mansion that sits proudly in Redlands, California and registered as a state historical landmark and on the e National Register of Historic Places. This beautiful house was constructed in 1897 for Mrs. Cornelia A. Hill, one of the early settlers of the city, and in 1905, John Alfred Kimberly, co-founder of the Kimberly-Clark paper company bought the estate to get away from the Wisconsin winters, as well as lending the family name to the property. The family would celebrate the Christmas holiday with a 90 foot Magnolia tree ablaze with 6000 watts of light, and they continued to live there until 1979, when Mary Kimberly Shirk, the widowed daughter of John passed away. Sometime before she passed, Mary challenged the city to raise enough money to buy property surrounding the estate so they could make the 39 acre area into a botanical park. If they could raise that amount, she would donate the estate, with 6.25 acres to the city; they did and it became known as Prospect Park. Before the estate could be transformed into a museum, it would be the scene of a film called Hell Night, with Linda Blair, made in 1981. In that film, there were many underground tunnels running through the estate, but it doesn't have them. Some years later, it would again be used, but this time in the Fleetwood Mac video called Big Love; with images of the interior filmed on a sound stage. The three story Victorian was designed in the chateau style by Oliver Perry Dennis and Lyman Farwell, based in LA, and houses more than 7000 square feet. A close copy called the Magic Castle was constructed in Hollywood in 1909 by the same architects. The gardens encompassing the mansion are magnificent examples of an Italian style garden that was popular with Victorian homeowners around the turn of the 20th century; which John Kimberly had completed in 1909, with koi ponds and statuary. It is managed by the Kimberly-Shirk Association and is available for tours and bookings for special events and weddings.  Some of the exquisite interior details include French revival parlor with gilt furniture and silk damask wall coverings, terraced gardens showcase the grounds, with orange groves, lily ponds with koi, beautiful lotus blooms and papyrus.

    March Field Air Museum
    March Field Air Museum Riverside, California
    The March Field Air Museum is located by Riverside, California, right next door to the March Air Reserve Base, and was began in 1979 as the March Air Force Base Museum, initially run by the Air Force, and then transferred to a nonprofit in 1996. There are more than 70 outstanding aircraft being showcased on the property and include some of the best planes ever made. They include; an F-100 Super Sabre, Lockheed P-38L Lightning replica ( since the prototype XP-38 took its initial flight from the March field in 1939), MiG-23, 21, 15; Boeing B-29A Super fortress (this is the flagship 500 that flew 11 combat missions in WWII), F-86 Sabre, Boeing KC-97L Stratofreighter, F-14 Tomcat, Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird that was shown in the movie Space Cowboys, three F-4 Phantoms, and a Boeing GB-52D Stratofortress which flew 175 combat missions in Vietnam; as well as many others. There are inside exhibits the include a missile and bomb cross-sections, flight simulator, AT-6 Texan, movie that is continuously playing and copies of a German 30mm cannon and jet engines. There is a marvelous memorial to the War dogs, which have fought alongside their masters since ancient times and have been brave, faithful and true as trackers, scouts and sentries. These magnificent companions have been used by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Britons and Persians for many purposes and always well cared for. The Molossian Canis Molossus dog of Epirus was the strongest dog that was known to the Romans, specially trained for fighting in battles, but when pitted against the strongest mastiff of the Britannians, these dogs were slaughtered. There is much more to learn about our best friend in battle or war, but you would have to visit the museum to learn about it all.

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    Mission Inn MuseumMission Inn Museum Riverside, California
    The Mission Inn is now the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, a historical and majestic hotel that sits proudly in downtown Riverside, California and is a blending of various architectural styles. It is also the biggest mission revival style structure in the nation and started out in 1876 as a two story, 12 room adobe boarding house that was named the Glenwood Cottage; and constructed by civil engineer Christopher Columbus Miller. During 1902, his son Frank would rename it to the Mission Inn, and began constructing obsessively, using any kind of shape that would conform to the previous structure, until he passed in 1935. Frank's dream for the eclectic hotel would be acquired from many historical designs and styles; with some Spanish colonial, mission revival, Spanish gothic, renaissance revival, Mediterranean revival, Moorish revival, and colonial revival. Constructing one part onto another, in a kind of haphazard style, the finished product is intricately complicated and almost comparable to the Winchester House. It houses narrow passageways, flying buttresses, castle towers, minarets, cloister wing with catacombs, exterior arcades, medieval-style clock, Mediterranean domes, pedestrian skybridge, patios and windows, and a five story rotunda. One of the most unusual features of the monstrosity is the change in scale that Miller used to make it more accessible and tailored for his shorter sister. During that incredible 30 year building period, Miller would travel around the world, buying treasures to carry back to the hotel for exhibit, and today, the numerous museum quality relics are estimated to be worth more than $5 million. Its St. Francis Chapel contains four big stained-glass windows and two original mosaics by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The chapel's Mexican-baroque styled Rayas altar is 25 feet tall and 16 feet wide, entirely carved out of cedar and covered by gold leaf. To create his magnificent "Garden of Bells", he amassed more than 800 bells, with one dated 1274, and being called the oldest bell in Christendom. During 1932, Frank opened his St. Francis Atrio that housed the Famous Fliers wall that was filled with plaques recognizing famous aviators, and in 1942, WWI ace Eddie Rickenbacker was honored at the Inn by being the 57th aviator that was added to the monument. Presently there are 151 fliers or groups of fliers that have been honored by having their names and signatures etched on 10 inch wide copper wings attached to the wall. Frank passed on in 1935 and the hotel would continue on by his daughter and son-in-law, Allis and DeWitt Hutchings, who passed away in 1952 and 1953 respectively. After that, the hotel was owned by numerous individuals and groups with some of the older rooms being retroverted to apartments. In 1985, it was finally purchased by the Carley Capital Group, costing them $55 million and as they found various structural discrepancies, it would cost them more money, and thereby falling behind on their payments to a New York bank. Then, in December, 1992, the hotel was again sold to Duane R. Roberts, a local businessman and avid lover of the beautiful and unique hotel, who finished the restorations and reopened the inn sometime later.  The massive list of who's who in America that has visited the hotel over its 125 year history is amazing, with 8 presidents coming here, Pat and Richard Nixon being married in one of the chapels and the Reagans honeymooning here, social celebrities, entertainers and more, would take a couple of pages to compile, but it has and is one of the most popular places in the state to spend a night or two or more. There have also been songs written about it, written about it in novels, films made here and music videos. There is a marvelous festival of lights at Christmas, with some 25,000 people coming here to see the initial lighting, a ghost walk tour that includes the famous hotel, with the Outsiders coming here to investigate in 2009. Presently it occupies a complete city block, day spa, 4 restaurants and 239 rooms with 9 of those being listed as presidential suites. It is a National Historic Landmark, California Historical Landmark and Riverside City Landmark #1; as well as being on the National Register of Historic Places. 

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    Historical Glass MuseumHistorical Glass Museum Redlands, California
    The Historical Glass Museum sits in a marvelous 1903 Victorian style home in Redlands, California, the former house of Emma Cryer, the daughter of early settlers, Martha and Jerome E. Seymour. The house had been in need of TLC and extensive repairs, but has been completely restored and upgraded to the modern codes. The museum opened their doors in 1985, after finishing nine long years of fundraising, volunteer work and contracted labor, with the glass being donated by members and friends over the years since. The museum collections include American glassware from the early 19th century to the modern day with outstanding glass works from Sandwich, Heisey, Cambridge, Fenton and Fosteria, plus many depression period works that include candlesticks, stems, plates, salts, compotes, kerosene-lamps, bowls, milk glass and some gorgeous objects from Liberace's estate. There is a wonderful research library located here as well to help members and visitors discover the historical values of the pieces that they have acquired.  A recent donation brought in 79 pieces of Mary Gregory glass to augment their collection of 6 so that they now have 85 pieces total in this outstanding glass category. The glass had been given by Milton Linden to his wife, Margaret during their 63 year marriage as gifts of love and affection and donated by their children, Margaret Smith and Thomas Linden. Another beautiful piece was the glass work titled Prairie Post created by Vernon Brejcha, who had visited the museum and left this piece to complement the other marvelous glass works that are housed and preserved there. Carnival and depression glass fill the shelves, with Fosteria American pattern glassware displayed in all its splendor. The museum contains many magnificent pieces that would take visitors quite a while to peruse, but the time is well spent and the memories of many people have come here just for that purpose. When you are visiting Redlands, be sure to stop by and spend considerable time looking over the awesome collections and pieces of glass that have been preserved through history. There are more than 7000 pieces of American glassware that date from the 19th to the 21st century, with many owned and donated by celebrities and famous actors or entertainers. This is the only museum devoted to showcasing glass works and wares, west of the Mississippi River and includes some famous makers and creators like Tiffany, Steuben, Federal, Imperial and Adams. The very special collection that was donated by the Liberace estate contains many antique automobile bud vases, depression glass, 300 vintage cruets, milk glass, 200 perfume bottles, a big collection of jadite and much more. The museum opened in 1985 and today contains nine rooms of donated glass and has many unusual pieces like the Corning Glass works glass iron that was produced during the second World War so that the metal could be used for the war materials. There is cut glass, paperweights, bells, bowls, plates, anything that was made of glass is now available to be viewed here which makes this museum even more inviting and important.

    Cal Museum of Photography
    California Museum of Photography Riverside, CaliforniaThe UCR/California Museum of Photography is the off campus department of the UCR College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, with a spectacular collection of photographs that is the most expansive and complete holding of any photographic collection in the western half of the nation. This collection continues to grow and include any type of photographic history, technology and art, located in Riverside, California. The collections have been designated into four distinct main tiers that are connected. The first is the Bingham Technology Collection that originally was a donation of 2000 vintage cameras by Dr. Robert Bingham in 1973, and has grown into a magnificent collection of 10,000 cameras, photographic and viewing devices. In 1975, it was announced by the Popular Photography magazine that the Bingham collection was second only to the George Eastman House Collection in Rochester, New York and the Smithsonian Institute's collection. There is also the University print collection, the UCR/CMP study center library and the digital virtual collection. All of these collections are historic in proportion and contain many of the finest examples of their kind. It is a museum of images that will certainly surprise and entertain you, giving you many hours of interesting study and discovery that will fill your mind and eye with beautiful and historical images from the earliest days of photography and image taking.

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    Lake Perris State Recreation AreaLake Perris State Recreation Area Moreno Valley, California
    Lake Perris is an artificial lake that was created in 1973 at the southern end of the California State Water Project that lies in the mountain rimmed valley between Moreno Valley, California and Perris, that has become the Lake Perris Recreation Area. The area offers many types of recreational activities and since it is located to so many large populated cities, it is always quite crowded in the summertime. Lake Perris was opened in 1973 and became a part of the State Park System, immensely affecting the cities of Moreno Valley and Perris, as it contained many marvelous amenities including a large water slide. As the years have passed, the slide has deteriorated and is being taken out. The lake sits some 1500 feet above sea level and is surrounded by hills and small mountains with 125,000 acres of water behind a two mile long 128 foot tall, chevron shaped earth filled dam. The various areas of the lake that look fairly rocky and barren when you see them are actually habitats of numerous natural wonders that will excite you upon closer inspection. The major plant, the coastal sage scrub, is home to a large number of wildlife and birds, that include roadrunners, rattlesnakes, mule deer, gopher snakes, bobcats, quail, coyotes and rabbits. These creatures will run at the sight of humans, but can be spotted if you are quiet and careful about moving through the areas. Other creatures include birds of prey, lizards, water fowl and rodents as well as gorgeous blossoms of wildflowers that arrive ablaze in the rainy season that usually runs from November to April, or the winter months in this part of the country. The sage scrub mainly grows on the southern slopes of the Russell Mountains and the Bernasconi Hills and can be discerned by the shrubby plants that include; cacti, buckwheat, desert encelia, sagebrush, brittlebush, white and black sage. The north and northwest side contains chaparral plants like poison oak, chamise and penstemon. The once thriving perennial grasses that flourished in the area can still be seen in the flat plains of the park that surrounds the lake, but the main kinds of plants that make up the valley grasslands include Russian thistle and other types were imported from Europe when the first settlers arrived. By the springs and seeps, on the south and east sides of the lake you will see elderberry, nettles, willows and cattails. Over a hundred types of birds have been spotted here with numerous migratory birds that just make a stop over as others make this pristine area their home; and these include; hawks, loggerhead shrikes, meadowlarks, quail, golden eagles, California thrashers, ospreys, bald eagles, wrens, hummingbirds and sparrows. The prevalence of waterfowl makes for great pictures and these include; widgeons, mallards, pintails, geese, pelicans, shovelers, teals and tundraswans. Types that prefer the water edge include; herons, blacknecked stilts, egrets, killdeer, avocets, kingfishers and willets. Over the years, a large number of fish have arrived that include; spotted bass, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, black crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, carp and red ear sunfish. The state's department of fish and game bring regular plants of rainbow trout here during the winter months, with excellent records at the lake for each type of fish caught. It is an exciting and wonderful place to spend a day or two or three, filling your time with outstanding varieties of wildlife and plants, with the occasional fishing time to get your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Moreno Valley Museum Foundation
    Moreno Valley Museum Foundation Moreno Valley, CaliforniaThe Moreno Valley Museum Foundation in Moreno Valley, California is joining with the Moreno Valley Historical Society to create the city's first historical museum on the land that once belonged to the March Air Force Base. The many historical and cultural relics will be showcased in all their glory and form for the entire community and visiting population to enjoy.  Moreno Valley is arriving into the 21st century with a special blend of Spanish explorations into the new world, Native American culture, the wild western frontier of the late 19th century and hard working families of Americans that came seeking security and prosperity for themselves and their families. There is a rich history here, found in the documents and relics that have been discovered over the last century or so, with more arriving all the time, as families pass on and leave their own private collections of various objects to the region, and state, and end up in the proper town or city's historical society; which in turn will send those invaluable gifts to the local museum for classification, cataloging and exhibiting. This is a cycle that has grown around the country and has helped the majority of cultural centers and museum grow into the large and wondrous places where the families of today can visit and learn all about their ancestors, or predecessors. 

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