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Glasgow Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 St. Andrews Dr. Glasgow Apt.

Alamo Rental Cars Glasgow -  76 Lancefield Quay
Glasgow Prestwick Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Prestwick, Ayrshire, KA9 2PL

Alamo Rental Car Hamilton
 Limetree Garage, 311 Glasgow Rd.

Things to do in Paisley

    Paisley Abbey Paisley Abbey Paisley, Scotland
    This majestic abbey was a Cluniac monastery, and is the present Church of Scotland parish kirk, situated on the west bank of the White Cart Water in the town of Paisley, Renfrewshire, west central Scotland, that had been founded by Saint Mirin in the 7th century. Since it was established such a long time ago, its history is phenomenal and quite lengthy, with many legends and stories about the Saint and the church. It is believed that one Walter FitzAlan, the first High Steward of Scotland would issue a charter for the priory to be constructed on the land that was owned by him in Paisley, with 13 monks coming here from the Cluniac priory in Much Wenlick in Shropshire to begin the priory that would grow incredibly quick that it would become an abbey in 1219, although King Edward I of England would have it burnt down in the 1307. It would be reconstructed in the 14th century. A story about Marjorie Bruce, the daughter of King Robert I of Scotland and wife of Walter Stewart, the sixth High Steward of Scotland, shares some of the numerous stories that have been put here, for various reasons. During the 15th and 16th centuries, a number of fires would destroy the abbey, although only parts of it completely, with the western section continued to be used for worship and the eastern part that had been destroyed would become the site of stone pickers that came here to steal stones for use in their houses, or barns. In the period from 1858 to 1928, the eastern and northern porches would be rebuilt on the remnants of the walls that had been ruined, and in 1244, monks left here to go to found the Crossraguel Abbey in Carrick, Ayrshire. The abbey is the burial place for six abbots or the high stewards of Scotland and Marjorie Bruce, the wife of Robert and the mother of Robert II, as well as the wives of Robert II and Robert III. The Celtic Barochan Cross that had been located in the village of Houston, Renfrewshire, is located inside the abbey, that many believe is dated from the 10th century. During the 1990s, an old and ancient vaulted drain, made in an excellent construction would be discovered running from the abbey to White Cart, that many believe was constructed in the 13th century, containing some fabulous relics and artifacts, with many of them now showcased in the abbey.

Budget rent a car Paisley

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Glasgow Budget Car Rentals - W. St. Trading Estate 
Budget Car Rental Glasgow Intl. Apt.
 Domestic Arrivals Hall
Glasgow Budget Rental Cars
- Gordon St.

    Coates ObservatoryCoates Observatory Paisley, Scotland
    The Coates is one of the four observatories operating in the country of Scotland, with no others in all of the UK, and is situated in Paisley, designed by Glasgow architect, John Honeyman, financed by local thread maker, Thomas Coates, and run by the Paisley Philosophical Institution that had been founded in 1808. The structure has many outstanding features of Victorian architecture that also includes wrought iron workings from the Saracen Foundry in Possilpark, Glasgow, beautiful stained glass windows of Galileo, William Herschel and Kepler, as well as carvings created by John Young. The observatory would open in 1883, and the first telescope was a five inch refractor that had been constructed by Thomas Cooke of York, along with other equipment like a transit telescope, orrery and spectroscope. Another, ten inch refractor would be bought in 1898, made by Howard Grubb of Dublin, and it is still being used today, as well as the original Cooke refractor. In 1898, an additional pavilion would be constructed at the back of the observatory, which would house more astronomical and scientific apparatus and seismic recording equipment. That pavilion would be closed in 1930, and demolished in 1969, although the observatory would still continue to be used as a seismic monitoring station for the British Geological Survey.

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Glasgow Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - UK Arrivals
Enterprise Car Rental Paisley - 47 St. Andrews Crescent
Glasgow Enterprise Rental Car - 110 Glasgow Rd.
Enterprise Car Rental Glasgow - 31-41 Mollinsburn St.

Local Restaurants in Paisley

    The Watermill Hotel
    Entrees; steamed breast of chicken, tarragon sauce & buttered mash; grilled halibut, buttered potatoes & hollandaise sauce; roast ribeye of beef, grain mustard jus, baby new potatoes; grilled lamb chops, redcurrant jus & rosemary mash; roasted peppers, courgettes, red onion tart; lamb casserole, juniper berries, redcurrant jus & buttered mash; chicken stuffed with haggis, whisky sauce & black peppercorn mash; grilled salmon fillet, lemon butter & baby new potatoes; roast rib of beef, green peppercorn jus & buttered mash; vegetarian egg fried noodles.

    Raeburns Restaurant
    Entrees; supreme of chicken, stuffed with haggis, served with stovies & onion & thyme cream sauce; risotto of roasted butternut squash with honeyed pumpkin seeds & parmesan wafer; seared haunch of venison with parsnip puree, creamed cabbage & winter veggies, fondant potatoes & peppery port sauce; slow cooked shin of beef, osso bucco style with saffron risotto & gremolata dressing; seared fillet of cod with smoked haddock & chive croquette with leek, mustard & mussel sauce.


Grilled Halibut Watermill Hotel Paisley, Scotland



Hertz Car Rental Paisley

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Hertz Rental Cars Glasgow- 138 Hydepark St.
Glasgow Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - St. Andrews Dr. Paisley
Hertz Rental Car Glasgow Prestwick Apt.
 Terminal Bldg. Ayreshire
Livingston Hertz Car Rental - Unit 3 C, Firth Rd.

    The Burrell Collection Burrell Collection Paisley, Scotland
    The Burrell Collection is an eclectic collection of art that had been collected over many years by shipping magnate and art collector, Sir William Burrell, who would leave his magnificent art collection to the city of Glasgow with stipulation that it be located some 16 miles from the center of the city, where the masterpieces could be showcased to their optimum potential, and to avoid the damaging effects of air pollution that had overtaken the city during that period. It would take the city more than twenty years to find a suitable location, although they would have to change some of the stipulations of Burrell's will, like having the museum just three miles from the city's center, after the Pollock Estate was also donated to the city in 1967. Then a postal strike in 1971 would delay the arrival of all entries for a design competition, with Barry Gasson winning the contest, getting help from Brit Anderson. It is an L shaped structure, specifically designed to preserve and showcase the collection in just the right way, with the bigger artifacts, like the Romanesque doorways being built into the new building that would optimize them even more so. Visitors enter the gallery through a 16th century stone archway constructed into the house with a modern red sandstone gable, and goes to another shop and other galleries, a central courtyard under glazed roof, next to three rooms from Burrell's house that were reconstructed. These had come from the Hutton Castle near Berwick-on-Tweed and included the dining room, hall and wood paneled drawing room, complete with all their furnishings. There are two floors containing smaller relics, that sit over a basement with a restaurant on the lowest floor that offers views of the marvelous lawn to the south. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1983 and named the nation's second greatest post war structure. It houses a magnificent collection of medieval artworks that include tapestries, oak furniture, Islamic art, stained glass, medieval weapons and armor, impressionist works by Degas and Cezanne, modern sculpture, relics from ancient Egypt and China and a large amount of artifacts from around the globe, collected by Burrell.

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Avis Discounts

Glasgow Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - St. Andrews Dr.
Avis Car Rental Glasgow Apt.
- St. Andrews Dr.
Prestwick Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- Terminal Bldg.
Avis Car Rental Glasgow - 70 Lancefield St.

    Gallery of Modern ArtGallery of Modern Art Paisley, Scotland
    This is the most visited art gallery in the country, situated in the heart of Glasgow, sharing a structure with the city's library, and part of the outstanding heritage of the city. For more than a century, the structure would be used as a center for commercial exchange and business, where goods and information would be traded, and the gallery still continues that old philosophy of exchange by being the center for all folks to come and get together for discourse and learning, inspired by the artworks and many shows. The city of Glasgow is quite famous for the artists that live and study here, with the gallery collecting and borrowing many works that showcase their interests, working methods and influence that artists around the world share with the artists living here. The gallery uses its public programs of modern art for an exchange of excellent ideas about human and life experiences, with workshops, regular family activities and projects that offer the community and visitors a chance for them to explore the many forms of art and perhaps, even realize some artistic talents of their own. The gallery's library contains a cafe, a magnificent collection of art and design books and free internet access terminals. Upcoming exhibitions include the British Art Show, Peace At Last! and Unsettled Objects; while the family events include GoMA family day, Saturday Art Club and Summer Zest for Families.

Thrifty Car Rental Paisley

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 Thrifty Cheap Locations

Glasgow Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 Unit 4, Phoenix Industrial Est.

Thrifty Car Rental Glasgow City- 85 Lancefield St.

    Laurieston HouseLaurieston House Paisley, Scotland
    The Laurieston House in Glasgow, Scotland is one of the most visited Georgian houses in the nation, including Great Britain and the remainder of the United Kingdom, called the most ornate house in the islands, with inside details influenced by well known Glasgow architect, Robert Adam, and the fabulous Corinthian columns that line the beautiful staircase. The plasterwork is considered to be quite ornate as well, believed to have been the work of Italian supremo Francesco Bernasconi, and one of the most interesting residence in the British Isles. The house was designed by Peter Nicholson who had it constructed for James Laurie to become his own house that was sitting in the wider Laurieston development that would form part of the city's first expansion that is south of the Clyde River. The interior is said to be the most exquisite domestic interior to date in the city of Glasgow, with plaster work inspired by the classical mythology and included the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum. It would enjoy a huge renovation and rejuvenation between 1988 and 2005, and then sold to a private company that planned to use it as its headquarters. The facade is a two dimensional styled structure with shallow detailing in the Greek style.

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Glasgow Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Unit 4 Phoenix Ind. Est.

    Pollok HousePollok House Glasglow, Scotland
    The Pollok House is the ancestral home of the Maxwell family that is situated in Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, Scotland, constructed in 1752 by William Adam, given to the city in 1966 by Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald, whose family had owned the fabulous estate for almost seven centuries and is now run by the National Trust for Scotland and open to visitors. Inside the Pollok House, there is a big beautiful collection of Spanish paintings that include works by El Greco, Bartolome Esteban Murillo and Francisco Goya. The magnificent collection also houses works by William Blake, antique furniture, glass, porcelain and silverware. There is a servant's quarters downstairs, and the house has a wonderful restaurant and two shops, as well as a large and gorgeous garden, that contains a collection of rhododendrons that number in the thousands. Its Spanish collection is considered one of the finest in the country and the maze in the garden area is one of the most beautiful in the nation, with perfectly trimmed shrubs and flowers of every color and sort, vines growing up walls, trees galore, steps going through gorgeous hillside flowered gardens and much more that is going to be best seen when you visit this majestic garden.

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Glasgow Apt. National Car Rental 
- St. Andrews Dr.
National Rental Cars Glasgow Prestwick Apt. 
 Prestwick, Ayrshire KA9 2PL

Glasgow National Car Rental - 76 Lancefield Quay