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Things to do in Pembroke Pines

    Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum  Pembroke Pines, Florida
    The Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki museum in South Florida is a marvelous memorial to the original Floridians, the Seminole Indians, with a wonderful collection of historical, cultural and personal artifacts and relics that are proudly shown. In the Seminole language, ah-tha-thi-ki means a "place to learn" and that is exactly what the Noles have done, and invite, almost encourage you and the rest of the United States and world to come and learn about this ancient tribe on their Big Cypress reservation. The museum is so informative about the way the Seminoles have lived in the swamps and Everglades, and the struggles that they endured so that they could remain here. There is an outstanding film called "We Seminoles" that tells their unique story their own way and using their own words, offering you a chance to explore their nature trails set in the 60 acre site that eventually leads you to a living village. There are interactive pcs in the museum that offers more help and enlightenment, as well as a wonderful gift shop. A few of the permanent exhibits offered include the Green Corn ceremony that is a sacred religious tradition that is held yearly and still held today. Inside the ceremonial grounds are 15 life-sized figures that are brilliantly dressed in beautiful costumes and colors that are performing the Catfish dance. This dance actually copies the movements of a feeding catfish and is somewhat strange since part of the dance is done backwards. The unusual sounds of the turtle shell rattles and vocals will take you into a different world, that lived many moons ago, and is complemented with starlight night skies and bright campfire. The scene is accentuated with many panels that explain the rituals and what they mean to the native tribe; augmented by the splendid artifacts. The Stick Ball game is another scene, that takes place on the first night of the Green Corn ceremony and shows the exciting games that these people enjoyed in the cool of the evening, exercising their bodies and minds, as well as having a great fun time, bringing the whole village and its families closer together. In the Legends Theater, the retelling of stories, legends, beliefs and other important tools of living in this society were taught to the younger Indians by their older grandmothers or elders, in either formal settings like a semi-classroom, or more informal as they would lay in their beds ready for sleep to overtake their eyes and minds. The male members of the tribe would relate the vital and important qualities of a younger member, while the females would tell the stories and legends that pertain to other important characteristics that were also important. Their stories or tales would always have a moral to share, and usually included the many animals in their lives. There is also a large display about the camp life that includes; the meals, the cooking fires and polin down the river; all with life size figures to help visitors visualize the tribes' peoples better and give us all a glimpse into their every day lives; plus all that glitters which shows and describes how the many talented members create their beautiful trinkets. The Seminoles are well known for their magnificent jewelry creations, especially those worked in silver and other forms of jewelry that were worn by men and women. From the Land display includes; the scene of a couple, male and female, that would soon be married and the rituals that they went through and is very interesting and informative.

    Buehler Planetarium
    Buehler Planetarium Davie, FloridaThe Buehler Planetarium and Observatory is found on the A. Hugh Adams campus of the Broward Community College and contains a wide range of planetarium highlights, and was built thanks to the outstanding donation by Emil Buehler Trust. It is a state-of-the-art structure with a huge dome spanning 40 feet, and using a Zeiss Star Projector with adjacent observatory where you can see the stars, moon and nebula with excellent details and amazing views. The observatory is always free of charge to come in and look at the skies, with a marvelous solar observation time on Wednesdays at 1PM to 3PM each week. There are numerous planetarium shows for the staff, students and faculty with a small fee for the public and are continuously open. The planetarium show run about an hour each and can be viewed on their web site off the Broward Community College's web page, along with upcoming events for the next quarter. It is a wonderful experience to come and see the skies, and offers a most spectacular view of the moon, stars and other relatively close objects in the night sky.  The planetarium is located in Davie, Florida and directions are available on the web site.

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    Museum of Contemporary Art N. MiamiMuseum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Florida
    The Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, Florida is well known in these parts as the museum "where new art is discovered" and has become internationally known because of its emphasis on new artworks and trends that are beginning in the marvelous field of contemporary art. The museum creates the majority of its own exhibitions, that blends new and legendary artists and their works, with a beautiful permanent collection that showcases the best in contemporary art. The museum strives to bring in the new changes and development in this outstanding venue, and complements the entire project with lectures, concerts, free screenings, and cutting edge performances. Their outstanding outreach and educational programs are garnering national and international attention, striving to make contemporary more enjoyable and appreciated by the visitors of all walks of life and economies. With wonderful enrichment opportunities, members and visitors can learn more about this exciting venue and members are given excellent opportunities to develop and enhance their understanding and knowledge of contemporary art by meeting and communing with the collectors and artists from across the globe. In 2007, the museum announced plans to expand and enlarge its venue, with a unique plan developed by Charles Gwarthmey, and will likely triple their exhibit space and allow an increased permanent area for collections to be shown. Their permanent collection showcases important changes in the art field by new and old artists that include works by Jose Bedia, John Baldessari, Uta Barth, Dan Flavin, John Bock, Matthew Ritchie, Dennis Oppenheim, June Pak, Raymond Pettibone, Tresita Fernandez, Gary Simmons, Alex Katz, Edward Kienholz, Anna Gaskel, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Phillippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe.

     Young at Art Children's Museum
    Young at Art Children's Museum Davie, FloridaThe Young at Art children's museum started in the mid 1980s as it traveled about south Florida offering a new and exciting venue for children that involved a unique art museum that pertained more to the younger art critics and aficionados that lived throughout the region. After two years of outstanding programming, the community gets behind the idea and offers a marvelous venue in West Broward county and by the next year, 1989, the Young at Art museum opens, designed by Donald Singer, well known architect, and 2100 people come to the opening. In 1990, many student field trips were begun, offering students in the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, a wonderful opportunity to learn more about art and by 1991, their student art classes were completed by professional artists. They also began offered scholarships to those that couldn't afford them, and the exhibits of 1992 showcased the needs of the community and a new playspace display opened to encourage early childhood developments. By the time the museum was celebrating its ten year anniversary, they had welcomed half a million people to the museum and its programs, with an annual attendance of more than 130,000 children being served. Permanent exhibits include Global village, Earthworks and Kenny's Closet. Global Village offers a marvelous interactive exhibit that highlights the fantastic cultures of our world, where you can make a passport, then write stories about your adventures, as well as create and develop music and art that has been finished by thousands of your peers from around the world, that will show that we are all pretty much the same, with only ethnic and culture diversities, but otherwise little differences that can be enjoyed and shared with other cultures. You can visit an African village, uncover a Mayan pyramid, work with an archaeological dig in Israel, learn origami in a Japanese house and wander through a Latin American market. Earthworks is about cleaning up our environment as you climb aboard a huge recycling truck as it goes around and cleans up using art. Head to the recycle sorting center so you can learn more about recycling and gain some insight into Broward County's unique four part system that recycles solid waste by landfill, recycling, burning and minimizing. It is a great and exciting venue to help the community and its young people learn about the many ways to help keep our world green and you will also learn about making paper and other recycled products that help us save our world's resources. In the Kenny's Closet display you will enter the world of pop-surrealist artist Kenny Scharf who uses black lights to inspire creations and customizations of objects into real artworks. Kenny is an artist in residence and the community's children are very fortunate to have this talented artist inspire and raise your children knowledge and wonder of the world of art.

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Local Restaurants in Pembroke Pines

    The Roasted Pepper
    Appetizers; Italian egg rolls is two each of sausage & chicken egg rolls, stuffed with broccoli rabe & mozzarella cheese, served with sweet & sour sauce; mussels marinara is mussels sautéed in marinara sauce; mini meatballs is heaping bowl of mini Italian meatballs with house made tomato sauce; clams Oreganato is little neck clams on half shell stuffed with seasoned bread crumbs & baked with lemon-wine garlic sauce. Entrees; rack of lamb is 8 bone rack of lamb, marinated with garlic & rosemary, pan seared then finished in the oven, stacked high & served with roasted baby red potatoes & fresh veggie; sausage Sicilian is chargrilled mild Italian sausage sautéed with peppers & onions in housemade marinara sauce with spaghetti; butcher's choice is meat selection of week; Sicilian churrasco is 16oz. marinated skirt steak grilled & served with stuffed Italian roasted pepper with marinara sauce; concrete shoes is layer of breaded chicken cutlet with tomato sauce on top & breaded veal cutlet on top, covered with ricotta cheese & tomato sauce, breaded eggplant on top of that, topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese; veal saltimbocca is veal with thin sliced prosciutto, sautéed with mushrooms, onions & spinach in marsala wine sauce, topped with melted mozzarella cheese; medallions of veal sautéed in marsala wine sauce & smothered with mushrooms & onions; veal parmesan is breaded veal cutlet baked with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese; frutti di mare is combo of clams, shrimp, mussels & calamari on bed of linguine with choice of red or white wine; linguine & clams is chopped clams & fresh clams in shell served atop linguine with choice of red or white sauce.

    Big Tomato Market Grill
    Appetizers; portabella tower is grilled tomato mushroom layered with fresh mozzarella & roasted red pepper on bed of baby spinach drizzled with balsamic glaze; buffalo wings mild or hot with bleu cheese, carrot & celery sticks; coconut shrimp with light coconut breading & sweet citrus sauce for dipping; caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes, with pesto & balsamic glaze; mussels marinara; mozzarella fritta with tomato sauce; calamari fritti with marinara sauce; bruschetta bread is toasted with tomatoes, torn basil, garlic & olive oil; crab stuffed mushrooms is real crab meat & seasoned bread crumbs with lemon butter sauce; flame garlic shrimp in buttery garlic sauce with portabella mushroom, roasted red pepper & crostini. Entrees; baked ziti; chicken parmigiana; meat lasagna; veal parmigiana; eggplant parmigiana; NY strip steak is 12oz. with market veggies & roasted Tuscan potatoes; skirt steak is 10z. over mashed potatoes & freshly sautéed baby spinach; Venetian grilled chicken over pesto & topped with tomato salsa with oven roasted Tuscan potatoes & fresh market veggies; grilled chicken piccatta is grilled breast of chicken in lemon butter sauce, with capers & angel hair pasta; Tuscany pork chops is two center cut pork chops seasoned & grilled with fresh herbs & balsamic glaze served with mashed potatoes & market veggies; pork chop saltimbocca is two center cut pork chops grilled topped with prosciutto, spinach, mozzarella cheese & sweet marsala wine mushroom sauce & side of angel hair pasta.


Sicilian Steak Roasted Pepper Pembroke Pines, Florida


Veal Parmesan Roasted Pepper Pembroke Pines, Florida



 Chicken Parmigiana Big Tomato Market Grill Pembroke Pines, Florida

Tuscan Pork Chops Big Tomato Market Grill Pembroke Pines, Florida


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    Ancient Spanish Monastery N. Miami Ancient Spanish Monastery North Miami, Florida
    The Ancient Spanish Monastery is an actual monastery that was constructed in the 12th century in Sacramenia, in the province of Segovia, Spain and originally dedicated to the Blessed Mother and called the Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels. When St. Bernard de Clairvaux was canonized, he had been one of the major influences in the church and the monastery was renamed in his honor; with monks living there for the next seven centuries. After a social revolution, the cloisters were seized, and then sold, later to become a granary and stable in the mid 1830s. William Randolph Hearst would buy it, lock, stock and barrel in 1925, and have it completely taken apart, stone by stone, and packed into wooden crates, 11,000 in all, with hay packing, and numbered, then shipped to the United States. About the time that the crates were being packed, hoof and mouth disease had broken out in Segovia, and the Department of Agriculture in the US, quarantined the delivery, broke open the crates and burned the hay, which could have been a containment. The stones were repacked, although no one paid any attention to the numbering and moved them into a warehouse. Heart began to have financial problems and had to sell many of his collections at auction, so that the stones would rest inside the warehouse for the next 26 years. In 1952, a year after Hearst passed on, his collection of the monastery was purchased by W. Edgemon and R. Moss to be reconstructed and used as a tourist attraction. It would entail more than 19 months and $1.5 million to rebuild the monastery and outbuildings, with many stones left over, as well as some being used for the construction of the current church's parish hall. After a few more incidents, the monastery was secured and is now available in all its glory to be visited and the historic events that brought here are included in a wonderful book at the gift shop. Touted as the oldest structure in the western hemisphere, the cloisters had been a significant part of the Cisterian monastery for more than 700 years and then taken apart and shipped to this nation; later to be brought to Florida and reconstructed in 1952. In 1964, the entire site and buildings were purchased by the Episcopal diocese and consecrated as a parish church, which it still remains today, with an active congregation and popular site for many special events.

    Lion Country Safari
    Lion Country Safari Loxahatchee, FloridaThe world famous Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida is the state's only drive-through safari and walk through amusement park that offers you the chance to visit and view more than 900 wild animals in one place. The park offers many animal exhibits and encounters, water sprayground, animal feeding opportunities, 6 rides, shopping and so much more. The safari opened in Florida in 1967, in the rural areas of West Palm Beach County, and was the first drive through safari park in the nation, being a completely new idea and concept to animal lovers; the cageless zoo. That opening created such a huge interest in the park, especially among Floridians, visitors and then the country at large. It has since become a popular attraction and tourist destination; that was originally started by South African and British entrepreneurs that wanted to share the marvels and excitement of an African game park, offering everyone in the region a chance to see those marvelous animals in an environment that encouraged their wild natures and allowed them to be what they had been in the wild. Some of the most popular animals include the lions, white rhinos, giraffes, zebras, chimpanzees, and seven stupendous areas that will thrill every family member and visitor. The Las Pampas is a grasslands that covers many areas of the world and is best known in South America; home to rhea, fourth biggest bird in the world; aldabra tortoise is the biggest land turtle in the world using found in Madagascar; Brazilian tapir, llamas, brown pelican and fallow deer. The Ruaha National Park is in Africa and houses many animal species; like the most beautiful antelope in the world, the Greater kudu; aoudad, like a large goat and impalas which are the most agile antelopes and live in eastern Africa. The Kalahari Bushveldt is in southwest Africa and houses; strange looking gemsbok and Nile lechwe, but still quite beautiful animals. To follow are the Gir Forest from India, the Gorongosa from northern Mozambique; Serengeti Plains and the Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe. All in all, a very exciting way to spend the day, for the whole family to spend together learning more about the animals that we share the earth with in other parts of the world and places or animals we might not ever see up close and personal if not for these kinds of wild nature parks that offer us find hand sights and sounds of the real thing.

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    Stranahan House Ft. LauderdaleStranahan House Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    The Stranahan House, or Pioneer House, is the historic structure located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and had been constructed in 1902 as a trading post for Frank Stranahan, one of the founders of Fort Lauderdale. Frank had started a ferry across the New River, at the place where the house sits, carrying traffic and goods from Lantana, or North Miami now, to all points north along what would become US 1. The building would eventually become the post office and town hall, but also his home in 1906, when he put on a second story and remodel it all for his wife, Ivy Julia Cromartie Stranahan, the early city's first teacher and another co-founder; whom Frank had married in 1900. After Frank passed on in 1929, Ivy would keep the house, and rent out the first floor as a restaurant. When she passed on in 1971, it went to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and it turned around and sold it to the city's historical society in 1979. The house was rejuvenated and became part of the Stranahan House, Inc, nonprofit that had been created to save and maintain it for the future generations of the state and country that would come here to see how those folks lived during the early development of Fort Lauderdale. In 1973, the estate was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  The house is a marvelous example of the types of structures that were constructed at the turn of the century, made of Dade County pine and one of the finest examples of Florida vernacular architecture, originally set in a tropical wilderness. The house has been converted to its 1913 period, when it had plumbing, electricity, bay windows, interior stairway and wide porches; including all wood floors, paneling and trim. The roof was replaced in 1996, with a new prototype that would be used for all historical properties in the future, and meets the present hurricane specs. The house has been replenished with period Victorian furniture and decorative pieces, since the majority of the Stranahans furnishings had either been sold or given away.

    Old Ft. Lauderdale Museum of History
    Old Ft. Lauderdale Museum of History Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaThe Fort Lauderdale Historical Society began in 1962, devoted to preserving and showcasing the marvelous history and lifestyles of the people that lived here and has acquired the biggest historical collection in the region. Their museum is located in the former New River Inn, that was built in 1905 and is a masonry, vernacular, two and a half story structure, with 2 tiered veranda porches on two sides, and had been constructed to serve the early ship travelers and railroad travelers. Its photographic collection exceeds 250,000 with the majority being taken in black and white imagery that highlights the history of the area, and contains the Gene Hyde collection that contains 200,000 negatives acquired from local commercial photographer, Gene Hyde, and include just about everything from weddings to civil rights demonstrations. They also have a marvelous oral history that contains some 250 interviews from local residents that documented the hurricane of 1926 to the WWII. The Old Fort Lauderdale Village and museum is run by the society and has become one of the most vital resources for the community in southeast Florida and depicts the evolution of a typical southern Florida community from the late 1890s to the 1920s that would grow because of the developments of railroads, tourism and real estate. At the intersection of New River and the East Coast railway, there are four spectacular houses that were constructed during that period and include the Philemon Bryan House built in 1905, the New River Inn in 1905, the King-Cromartie House from 1907, and the area's first school house in 1889.  The museum houses one of the most significant collections of state and local histories, that include the Stranahan manuscript collection, important documents, audio-taped oral histories of pioneering life and photographs from southeast Florida.

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    Bonnet HouseInterior Bonnett House Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    The Bonnett or Bartlett House is the historic house in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that was the home of Helen and Frederic Clay Bartlett purchased by Helen's father in 1895, Hugh Taylor Birch. The property would be given as a wedding gift to Helen and Frederic in 1919, and he would construct a plantation type house on the land and winter there with his wife and child from a previous marriage, Frederic Jr. Helen passed on in 1925, and Frederic would later marry Evelyn Fortune Lily, the ex-wife of Eli Lilly and they kept using the estate as a winter retreat until he passed on in 1953, and she in 1997. Evelyn would leave the estate to the Florida Trust for historic preservation in 1983, and it would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places the next year. The Trust made the house and property a historic house museum, that is a marvelous destination today. Frederic and Helen loved the estate, and would come here in the cool winters to continue plying their artworks, he in painting, and she in music and poetry composition. Helen had breast cancer and died suddenly, leaving Frederic alone and grief stricken, which why he didn't visit the house as often as they had used to. In 1931, after marrying Evelyn, Frederic seemed to become reinvigorated and the couple spend many hours of rejuvenating the house and grounds and bringing in many decorative artworks. It would be the beautiful lines of the house and the interior decorations that bring visitors here year after year, and made the site a historic landmark by the city in 2002. Today, it is listed as one of the 11 most endangered sites in the nation, being threatened on all sides by huge developments and the inevitable progress of all societies, it is in real danger. Many places like this are left in dangerous areas, as the progress of growth and housing has become all too real and hazardous to any type of preserved landmarks in this country today. It is certainly a shame that we have to move or relocate these magnificent old buildings, since they end up in a park or garden area that really doesn't give a historic point of view like the original location.

    Monster Fishing Fleet Ft. Laud
    Monster Fishing Fleet Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaThe Monster Fishing Fleet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is made up of fishermen that have fished these waters for most of their lives, which is a perfect way to get to the best fishing holes for those huge fish of the deep. Their tournament fishing crews have taken many years to learn about the best locations for various big game fish, as well as gather together the finest equipment, knowledge and secrets in the Atlantic Ocean. This crew will be able to take you out into the ocean and help you pull in that huge sailfish, swordfish, shark or wahoo, along with a number of other fish that will give you the most exciting time of your fishing career. They have made Fort Lauderdale sportfishing easier and more thrilling as they know just what to do when and help you land the monster of your dreams. The area they fish is one of the best in the nation, as well as being the least expensive since the majority of their fish are caught within three miles of the shore, so that the traveling time is less, which means more time to bring in the big ones. As you leave their dock, you will travel through Port Everglades, one of the biggest and deepest ports in the world and often referred to as the Venice of America; with multi-million dollar homes and yachts. That twenty minute ride is all the time you will need to get your sea legs on and get ready to drop a line and wait for the jerk of a huge and monstrous fish to hit your bait. One strange and new but exciting venue is the kite fishing that these men have mastered. As you work your way out to the big spots, you can troll, while a kite is raised into the air, with a line and bait fish on the line that drops to the water and just seems to skip along the waves as the kite flies on ahead. These bait fish are often attractions to sharks and sailfish which are amazing to pull in. It is quite the change, but just another way for your to bag that monster.

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Miami Hilton Downtown Dollar Car Rentals 
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    Museum of Discovery & ScienceMuseum of Discovery & Science Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
    The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has over 200 interactive displays that will encourage you to explore and discover all the marvelous exhibits that have been acquired for you to enjoy and learn. You will watch sharks and the biggest living Atlantic coral reef in captivity, wonder about a 12 foot long snake, pet alligators, hang with the bats, pet turtles and iguanas, learning more about them that you thought possible. There are nine flight simulators where you can test your skill or learn something about flying, enjoy the growth of the aerospace industry in their Runways to Rockets, taking a simulated journey to the moon or Mars, and learn a whole lot more about the Florida Everglades than most Floridians don't know. The entire museum is a grand journey into science and discovery, learning more about our world and the science that permeates it. The museum's permanent exhibits include; the mineral rocks display, discovery center, runways to rockets, Florida ecoscapes, great gravity clock, Living in the Everglades, gizmo city and sound. In the mineral rocks display, you'll learn about iron, the stuff that is in hematite, spinach and hemoglobin in our blood that is all the same, as is calcium found in the sea shells, our bones and milk. There are many marvelous comparisons like these that show you how much minerals we carry, and the right exhibit to showcase it, along with rocks that glow in the dark, gorgeous and colorful displays that contain about 60 various kinds of rocks, ammonites and minerals. There is a wonderful volcano interactive display that allows you to watch them as they experiment with the many species of this earth. You will touch real lava, create a small volcano to watch how it works and what happens as it slowly spreads and so much more that isn't generally known.

    Grand Palms Golf & Country Club
    Grand Palms Golf & Country Club Pembroke Pines, FloridaThe Grand Palms Hotel-Spa and Gold Resort is a full service luxury resort found in Pembroke Pines, Florida sitting on 500 marvelous acres with a complete 27 hole championship golf course that showcases the best greens in all South Florida resorts. It houses a fully appointed teaching facility and professional staff that includes101 luxury rooms, 36 exquisite suites, excellent restaurant, world class European health spa, banquet and meeting rooms, lounge, swimming pool, tiki bar and six har-tru lighted tennis courts. Also housed here is a completely stocked tennis and golf pro shop, private fitness coaching and classes with fitness center, full service salon, 4 star dinning restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner; full service bar, and much more to help you have one of the most enjoyable days in your life or ever in Florida. With the Sabal, Grand and Royal nines, you will almost be able to create your own 18 hole championship course, depending on your skill level and the kind of play that excites you to the bone. The main hazards are water, with some hazards that will allow you to bail or force a carry, all the while using every club in your bag, and sometime wishing that you had more. Every cart has a par view global positioning unit so you know how far you hit and how far you need to hit the next one onto the green; the putting is up to you. They offer private lessons and a clinic from the PGA certified golf instructors, that have all played the course and can give you some very valuable tips and secrets about getting the most from your play.

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