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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

Austin Bergstrom Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 3600 Presidential Blvd.

Avis Car Rental Austin
- 12625 N. IH-35
Round Rock Avis Rental Cars
- 1204 N. I-35 Ste. A
Avis Car Rental Austin - 8820 Burnet Rd.

Things to do in Pflugerville

    Texas State CapitolTexas State Capitol Austin, Texas
    The Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas is the fourth structure to contain the legislature and governor's office, designed in 1881 by Elijah E. Myers and built during the 1882-1883 years. The huge structure would gain a $75 million underground expansion in 1993, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, and made a National Historic Landmark in 1986. The structure rises from the Texas soil some 308 feet and as can be seen by the photo to the right, it is a majestic and impressive building lit up at night. The structure is an Italian renaissance revival style and funded by an article to the state constitution in 1876. The capitol would be constructed using convicts and migrant workers, with as many as one thousand people working on it at one time during its heyday. The cornerstone would be laid on the Texas Independence Day on March 2, 1885 and finished by San Jacinto Day on April 21, 1888. In 1983, a terrible fire started in the lieutenant governor's apartment, causing extreme damage to the east wing and renovations would be complete until 1993. It had been planned to use limestone to construct the capitol, but after watching the large iron deposits turn the stone various colors, they changed it to pink limestone that could be quarried at Granite Mountain by Marble Falls, and the covered by walls and other materials. The building has three big skylights, a rotunda like structure that is open to the sky and three story atriums located throughout, it is very well lighted and airy. The rotunda contains the portraits of everyone that has been president of the Republic or the governor, with the south foyer showcasing the busts of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston that were created by Elisabeth Ney. The rotunda contains a whispering gallery, which is a gallery that is located beneath a vault, dome or enclosed area that is either circular or elliptical, and whispers can be heard in other parts of the structure. The capitol contains 667,000 square feet that makes it the biggest capitol building in the nation and rests on 2.25 acres with almost four hundred rooms and over nine hundred windows. A granite monument that contains the Ten Commandments is located on the grounds, and had been the topic of a 2005 Supreme Court case, in which the monument was declared unconstitutional, but it would rule that the display wasn't.

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Budget Printable Coupons

Austin Bergstrom Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 3600 Presidential Blvd.
Budget Car Rental Round Rock
 661 Louis Henna Blvd. Ste. 360
Austin Budget Rental Cars
- 13201 FM 620 N.
Budget Car Rentals Austin - 1000 E. 41st St. 

    Inner Space Cavern Inner Space Cavern Georgetown, Texas
    The Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas is a karst cave that was found by the state's highway department in 1963, when it was building Interstate 35. The cavern had numerous big openings to the cave in the Ice Age, since there have been many skeletons of prehistoric animals discovered in the caverns, with quite a few being trapped inside the caves after they had fallen through these openings, and not able to escape. Encompassing a number of the water holes, is thick mud but more like quicksand, which trapped the animals and eventually drowned them. Many miles of the cavern has been surveyed, although there are still more to be explored, because they have been filled in from before and are not accessible. These outstanding caves were carved out millions of years ago when the water that passed through the Edwards limestone continued to wear away areas of the rock. These particular caves are guesstimated to be anywhere from 90 to 100 million years old, although they would be open to surface events from the late Pleistocene age that was only 20,000 to 45,000 years ago, because they have uncovered mammoth and sabre-toothed cat bones, although the natural entrances would be closed some 14,000 years ago. In 1966, the cavern would be opened to the general public, with visitors entering by a cable car that would be lowered into the cave. There are three types of tours available, that spans the basic to the spelunking, that provides more than 1.2 miles of trails open to the public. The non-passages are guarded well, since the owners don't want to jeopardize any lives, and independent exploring is not allowed. The only entrance to the cavern is by the cable car, and that opening was created by dynamiting the area. It is also the first cave in the nation that actually charges violators with felony charges for damaging any of the cave's formations or objects.

Enterprise rent- a- car Pflugerville

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Enterprise Cheap Locations

Pflugerville Enterprise Rental Car - 2308-B Pecan St. W.
Enterprise Car Rental Round Rock
- 2121-A N. Mays St.

Local Restaurants in Pflugerville

    European Bistro
    Entrees include one side; wienerschnitzel is breaded veal w/ lemon slices; steak au poivre is 8oz. beef tenderloin rubbed w/ crushed peppercorns, flambéed w/ cognac; jagerschnitzel is breaded veal w/ mushroom gravy; chicken schnitzel is breaded chicken breast; turkey breast cordon bleu stuffed w/ ham & cheese, topped w/ creamy cheese sauce; Hungarian chicken paprikas w/ paprika sauce; vegetarian paneer cheese gulash; tofu steak stuffed w/ veggies, lightly breaded & served w/ mushroom sauce; chicken crepes topped w/ creamy cheese sauce; Russian chicken Kiev is lightly breaded chicken breast, stuffed w/ pineapple & herbs; pan-seared filet of canyon trout served w/ tarragon-dill herb sauce tartar sauce; Hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls served w/ paprika sauerkraut, grilled sausage & topped w/ sour cream; pork schnitzel is breaded pork tenderloin; gypsy pork tenderloin sautéed w/ garlic & topped s/ creamy Hungarian sauce; Hungarian beef gulash w/ prime beef tips; duck liver sautéed w/ onions, tomatoes, peppers.

    Entrees; lemon pepper chicken is 2 breasts seasoned w/ lemon pepper spices & grilled, served on bed of rice s/ 2 sides; Dijon chicken & mushrooms is grilled chicken breasts basted w/ house honey Dijon sauce & covered w/ large portion of sautéed fresh mushrooms, served on bed of seasoned rice w/ 2 sides; housemade chicken pot pie is house made traditional pie w/ all white meat & garden veggies in savory sauce, topped w/ light flaky crust, served hot w/ fresh house salad; chicken fried steak is hand-breaded tender steak fried & covered w/ blanket of house country gravy, served w/ warm Texas toast & 2 sides; chicken tender platter is Cheddar's famous hand-breaded fried tenders served w/ sweet & tangy honey mustard sauce & 2 sides; grilled chicken alfredo is housemade alfredo sauce tossed w/ tender grilled chicken breast, fresh garden veggies & pasta w/ freshly toasted garlic bread; hickory smoked baby back ribs is housemade rub, hickory smoked, grilled w/ tangy BBQ sauce w/ 2 sides; baked spasagna is Cheddar's original layered spaghetti w/ cheeses & house special blend of spices, baked & topped w/ choice of housemade meat or marinara sauce served w/ warm garlic bread.

Wienerschnitzel European Bistro Pflugerville, Texas


Chicken Kiev European Bistro Pflugerville, Texas

 Lemon Pepper Chicken Cheddar's Pflugerville, Texas





Hertz Car Rental Pflugerville and Hertz Rental Cars have teamed up to give their customers the BIGGEST discounts in the rental car business. Hertz has always given the BEST savings in the business.
Hertz Savings

Hertz Rental Cars Austin- 11906 IH 35 N.
Austin Hertz Car Rental - 10420 Metric Blvd.
Hertz Rental Cars Round Rock- 2120 N. Mays Ste. 120
Austin Hertz Car Rental - 911 W. Anderson Lane Ste. 125

    Barr MansionBarr Mansion Sprinkle, Texas
    The Barr Mansion is located on the outskirts of Austin, Texas and is a very historical site that is the nation's first and only certified organic events facility available today. It is a magnificent destination for weddings and other significant events that occur in a person's lifetime, where the facility will take care of every single detail for you, from the music selections to the rehearsals, set in this majestic mansion, with beautiful gardens and landscaping throughout the property, with everything here and involved in any events, begin totally organic in nature. The mansion's ideology contains ten rules that they chose to follow, with the first being the advent of the country's first certified organic events destination, Food USDA certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the gardens are certified organic and certified wildlife habitat, the Green Restaurant Association's highest scoring eating establishment, a zero waste facility that diverts 97% of their waste stream, uses only linens that are organic linen, hemp, recycled fabrics or cotton, all the food wastes are recycled back to the compost heap and then reenters the gardens, everything purchased, from vegetables to curtain rods are bought locally, 100% post-consumer paper from Austin's waste stream for office and an Austin Greenchoice Renewable Energy Partner. Beginning with the cotton days in the late 19th century, the Barr has been the heart of Sprinkle, Texas, showcasing elaborate Eastlake styling, and would be a part of the Barr family until 1980, when Melanie and Mark McAfee would find the mansion irresistible and buy it. Spending time and endless energy on its perfect restorations, the couple realized that it would be the perfect venue for weddings, with Mark's sister, becoming the first bride to celebrate her wedding there. Since that auspicious occasion, there have been over two thousand fabulous events held or hosted here, located on seven beautiful acres.

Alamo Car Rentals Pflugerville

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Alamo Cheap Locations
Alamo discounts 

Austin Bergstrom Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 3600 Presidential Blvd. Ste. 108

    Kenney's Fort Kenney's Fort Williamson County, Texas
    Kenney's Fort would be constructed a half mile from Williamson County's first settlement, to be used as a house for Dr. Thomas Kenney and Joseph Barnhart in the spring of 1839. It would be used as a defensive fort against the Indian during their early raids, and become the rendezvous point of the Santa Fe Expedition that happened in 1841. The archives of the Republic of Texas going to the Washington-on-the-Brazos, would be captured here on December 31, 1842 and later returned to Austin. It is located on the mouth of the Dyer Branch on the southern banks of the Brushy Creek, some sixteen miles to the north of Austin and built to protect the outermost settlement that existed on the Colorado River frontier. It would usually be protected by five or six armed men, who would be farmers the rest of the time, and was just a blockhouse and three or four log cabins that would be encompassed by eight foot stockade walls. During the years of 1839 to 1840, there would be a troop of government soldiers stationed at nearby Camp Caldwell, although the settlers would normally have to defend themselves. In August of 1840, Joseph Weeks and some other settlers would defend themselves against a Comanche raid, and a retaliatory expedition would be planned against the Indians by Felix Huston, major general of the militia, so the fort would be renamed after Lt. William M. Dunnington, to Fort Dunnington, when he was killed in the Council House fight that happened at San Antonio. A few months later, the efforts would be abandoned, and the fort returned to being Kenney's Fort.

Thrifty Car Rental Pflugerville

  Thrifty Car Rental customers will get the biggest selection of quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car will give you the BIGGEST discounts in the nation today. Thrifty Discounts

Austin Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 3600 Presidential Blvd.

    Bohls House Bohls House Pflugerville, Texas
    The Bohls House is a Queen Anne Free Classic style house with hip cross-gabled roof, fishscale shingles and dormer windows, in Pflugerville, Texas. Gottlieb W. Bohls would be the oldest child of Julie Schroeder and Heinrich Bohls' ten children, being born on the family's farm that is located near the marker. In 1906, G. W. would marry Bertha Timmerman and within five years buy a 95 acre farm on the Austin-Hutto road, where the old Carrington Ranch school had been located. The couple would live in a two story, eight room house that was finished in 1913. G. W. would sell the homestead, twelve years later, to his youngest brother, Otto W. Bohls, Sr. and his wife, Laura Emma Anna (Fuchs), who would promote the soil conservation practices on the farm and region, becoming chairman of the Travis County Agricultural Adjustment Administration for the next thirteen years. Using the concepts of rotating crops, contour farming, planting over crops, building stock tanks and planting new seed varieties, the water and wind erosion would be lessened and keep the soil intact during the terrible periods of drought. In 1993, the Bohls family would donate the house to the city, so they could promote and interpret the city's culture and heritage. Some of the more significant elements include a wraparound porch, longleaf pine interior, side-facing dining room, main door sidelights and cutaway bays with wooden brackets on the front-facing parlor. The original outbuildings would include a smokehouse, barn, two houses for farm hands, carriage garage and outhouse. The farmstead had a rain harvesting system, that used a 4000 gallon brick and concrete underground cistern and 2000 gallon galvanized tin cistern above ground that would be farm's only source of water supply until 1975.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Pflugerville

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Austin Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 3600 Presidential Blvd.

    Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms Austin, Texas
    The Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms living history park in Austin, Texas, where themed historic areas are located, offering visitors the opportunity to explore historic buildings that were located elsewhere and brought here to augment the growing village of the pioneering farm's historic sites. There is an 1840s Tonakwa encampment, an 1860s German immigrant farm, 1870s Texian farm, 1880s cotton planters farm and 1890s Sprinkle Corner rural village. Each of these interesting and exciting structures will carry back to that year and you will be able to see all the utensils and other historical memorabilia that was used back in those days, giving you a better understanding of what life was like for the newly arrived immigrants. The ninety acres historical park offers school programs that allow kids to explore the past, while in the process learn more about their future. The park offers classes in nature and history, as well as many of the original crafts that were used by the early pioneers like creating hand-woven textiles or learn how to become a blacksmith. They also offer home school programs and programs for the Scouts of America. The pioneer school offers pioneering skills and crafts, for folks of all ages, as well as Watkins products available for sale at their great store.

National Rental Cars Pflugerville

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National Savings

Austin Bergstrom Apt. National Car Rental 

 3600 Presidential Blvd. Ste. 108