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Things to do in Rockville

    Beall-Dawson House Beall-Dawson House Rockville, Maryland
    The Beall-Dawson House in Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland is a two and a half story brick Federal style house that is three bays by two deep, made of Flemish bond brick on the front facade and common bonding used everywhere else. There are numerous outbuildings on the property that include a mid-19th century one room Gothic revival frame doctor's office that had been brought to the site to be used as a museum and an original brick dairy house. The magnificent home was constructed in 1815 and is now the headquarters of the Montgomery County Historical Society that manages the home as a historic house museum. There are slave quarters located inside the house and two outstanding rooms filled with rotating exhibits of local history. The lovely house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and also contains the Stonestreet Museum of 19th century medicine, a one-room doctor's office that contains pharmaceutical tools, books from the 19th and 20th centuries, furniture and medical tools. The house had originally been constructed for Upton Beall, his wife and daughters, who had been the clerk of courts for the county and he'd been desiring a place that would reflect his status and money. During that period of history, the community of Rockville was small and rural, although it was the county seat and one of the prominent cross-roads centers. The big brick house looked onto Commerce Lane, which is now Montgomery Avenue and designed to impress people with the interior and exterior. The Beall daughters would live there their whole lives, and sometime joined by a cousin, Amelia Somervell Dawson and her family. The house would continue to be owned privately until the 1960s when the city bought it and turned it into the society's headquarters to both preserve it and to showcase the marvelous exhibitions that would be shown there. All of the former outbuildings have been removed, with the house still containing many of its original architectural features, that included the slave quarters located above the kitchen. The furnishings are still set with early 19th century relics and they have an excellent tour that interprets the lives of the people that did live here, including the upper class whites and the African American slaves, along with exhibits about the lives of folks here in the city during the 19th century. The collections are shown on the second floor of the house, and used as rotating galleries.

    Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course
    Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course Rockville, MarylandThe Go Ape Treetop Adventure course in Rockville, Maryland is one of the most unique and exciting adventures that you could find anywhere in the country today. Ziplines have become very popular venues, allowing visitors and guests the perfect opportunity to "zip" along the tops of trees many places in this country and the world as it becomes increasingly popular. This company in Maryland has gone two steps further than the rest, creating unusual and thrilling adventures high up in the trees around their area. Using ladders, they have created an amazing zipline course involving tunnels, bridges and ladders made of wood, as well as rope and super-strong wire, to make the course more interesting and definitely more exciting. The company claims to have the best ziplines in the world, including one huge course that is 1400 feet long and located in Scotland. But back to Maryland, once the folks taking the trip have arrived, they are fitted with harnesses, pulleys and carbiners; and then given a 30 minute safety talk and training so that the new folks can climb onto the platforms and began their most adventurous journey through the treetops, flying along on ziplines and crawling, climbing, squeezing and wiggling through the many obstacles that are located on the course. There are always plenty of instructors about, in case of any problems or questions, but usually the only problems might be with the people who zip along, wanting it to last longer. The couple that started this outstanding adventure in Maryland, had begun to tire of their corporate jobs and the sit around life style that is very prevalent with it. While on vacation in England, they came across another couple that had the same feelings after they returned from an adventure in France, which merely instigated them into doing the same thing. They would have more time for family, work together on the zipline course and enjoy the beauty that nature had given them and those that lived in the region. That event took place in 2009, and has continued to gain steam and fame, with all kinds of people falling in love with ziplining, wherever it takes them. It is one of the most invigorating and adrenalin pumping attractions in the world, because you are the one doing it, and you can make things go faster or slower, depending on the type of experience that you want to have. They strive to make sure that the entire course and all the materials are in top shape, dedicated to making sure it has no risks for any of their visitors or guests. The company is considering expanding since whoever goes on the course is always ready for another adventure, and as mentioned before, the only problems so far are that the courses aren't long enough. Now that the company has established itself, they are dreaming of becoming the best tree top adventure company in the nation and eventually the world. Many groups are getting involved in it to help them create better teams for the workplace, people striving to overcome any kinds of obstacles so that they can be successful and creative. The first course is located in the Lake Needwood area of Rock Creek Regional Park in Rockville, and not the park in DC, with plans in the works to expand across the United States. Courses are determined by the topography of the area that is being used, the heights of the trees, the thickness of the tops and the general layout, which will help determine the way the course will be led. Each adventure runs between 2 and 3 hours, with the training included and run about $55. There are many other zipline companies growing in this country and around the world, as more and more people become so excited and enthused about this outdoor adventure that encourages you to use all of your muscles and bodily parts to give you a complete cardio workout, and just about the best time you will ever have. check it out when you are in the area, and have the best time of your life!

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    Peerless Rockville Historic PreservationPeerless Rockville Historic Preservation Rockville, Maryland
    Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation is what the organization called Peerless Rockville has been doing since it began in 1974, with its dedication to preserving the historical structures, materials and documents that are significant to the city and its outstanding history. The group continues to reach for its goals by using education, community involvement, examples and advocacy, getting its name from a real estate promo booklet that had been published in 1890 to entice city folk to come and live in the new Rockville subdivision of West End Park. As the groups continues to preserve the city's excellent landmarks, they have adapted many historical structures to the needs of today and include; the red brick courthouse, B & O Railroad station, the Wire hardware store, and the Montrose school. The organization has helped many owners of historical properties with their renovations, remodeling, restorations and more, since they have on file records, all the local contractors, products and suppliers that these folks might need, as well as outstanding information about tax incentives and numerous other programs that will assist the owners in bringing their historical structures up to par. Their outstanding collections include the museum and library for research, as well as housing original relics, archival materials and photographs, with more than 5000 photos from the mid 19th century that were taken by Roy Perry and Malcolm Walter, as well as collector, Charles Brewer, aerials and various maps, blueprints, more than a century of business records from the Welsh/Ward/Wire Hardware store, oral histories and mid 19th century letters from the Anderson-Vinson family.  The research library contains subject files categorized by street, people, religious facilities, cemeteries and others; slides; unpublished manuscripts; publications, how-to sheets from genealogy to documenting your home or city and the Rockville historic district guidelines. The marvelous collections houses some 10,000 years of the city's history, from its pre-colonial period to the current day, with features in maps, oral histories, building histories, photographs, black history, the evolution of the local government and local cemeteries, as well as videotapes, relics and their archives. 

     Latvian Museum
    Old Photo Latvian Museum Rockville, MarylandThe Latvian Museum in Rockville, Maryland started in 1978 with the first exhibits being subsidized by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and preserves and interprets the Latvian history, culture and history of Latvians in this nation. The museum is located in a facility that includes the National headquarters of the American Latvian Association, and the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran church and Saturday school that serves the Latvian American community around the Washington, DC. area. Their collection features the well known hand woven textiles and many other relics that are important to the Latvian community. While the association maintains numerous cultural collections, they are also involved in supporting educational, performing and visual arts programs and publications, donated by Latvians that have immigrated here after WWII. The oldest relics were brought here when they came from Latvia, as well as items that represent the efforts of displaced people so that they could keep their culture alive during their years as refugees and their new homes in this nation. Because of the time period and the circumstances that necessitated their leaving, the Latvians would usually just carry textiles and jewelry, which can be seen at the museum. The museum is housed in the basement of the Latvian Lutheran Church, containing original and reproduction farm tools, Latvian costumes, examples of traditional crafts, textiles, documents, photographs and an early Latvian Bible, flax break, spinning wheel and big coppered storage barrel, which are the rarest items brought. There are also numerous early 20th century newspapers that were published by the various Latvian towns in Siberia. Other outstanding items in the collection include a big brooch from 1680, late 1800s clothes and textiles, along with a pair of mittens knitted in 1825. Their ceramics are unique and beautiful, as are their ceramic eggs, and a doll dressed in traditional folk costume.

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Local Restaurants in Rockville

    Clyde's Restaurant
    Entrees; shrimp linguine with chanterelle mushrooms, broccoli, roasted red peppers, parmesan cheese & leek cream sauce; butternut squash ravioli with toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, chives & sherry-onion cream sauce; Italian sausage rigatoni with spinach, fresh mozzarella, crushed chilies & marinara sauce; chicken goulash with pearl onions, root vegetables, button mushrooms & Hungarian paprika sauce on buttered egg noodles with sour cream; grilled filet mignon with truffled potatoes, spinach-mushroom sauté & red wine sauce; jumbo lump crab cakes with potato risotto, pancetta, frissee, shaved fennel & apples; pepita crusted Atlantic salmon with French green lentils, roasted root veggies & cilantro-lime crema; crispy pork belly with potato gnocchi, browned butter cauliflower, pickled pumpkin, sage & Pommery mustard-pork jus; duck 2 ways is tea smoked duck breast, 5-spice leg confit, forbidden rice, gai lan, Asian pear & ginger duck jus; orange marinated half chicken with wild rice & quinoa, bacon Brussels sprouts & orange-maple glaze; trout parm is flash fried parmesan crusted trout, roasted red bliss potatoes, green beans & ribbon of hollandaise sauce; beer braised pork shank with savory ham & cheddar bread pudding, stewed mirepoix & tomato-beer braising jus; Stuffed roasted acorn squash with barley, wild rice, quinoa, shiitake mushrooms, almonds, dried cherries & green curry-butternut squash sauce; sautéed calf's liver with mashed potatoes, spinach, bacon, crispy fried onions & onion gravy; baked Maine cod with buttered breadcrumbs, rice pilaf, green beans amandine & lemon-caper butter sauce.

    Entrees; wood roasted half chicken with sweet potato bread, Nobb Hill apples, spiced pecan & herb salad, sage jus; pan roasted Atlantic salmon with mussel & parsley nage, fingerling potatoes, sunchoke, horseradish; sautéed Atlantic hake with eggplant piperade, wilted mustard greens, Benton ham; roseda black angus strip steak with Yukon potato gallette, charred onion creamed greens, smoked mushrooms, Addie's steak sauce; locally raised pork chop with goat cheese pumpkin grits, Brussels sprouts, turnips, brown ale mustard sauce; sautéed Carolina mountain trout with vanilla bacon braised cabbage, roasted beet rice puree, guanciale, baby beets; whole roasted farm raised rock fish with lemon, garlic & rosemary, house made curly fries; fall vegetable harvest is grilled butternut polenta cake, root veggies, forest mushrooms, Nobb Hill apples.


Shrimp Linguine Clyde's Restaurant Rockville, Maryland


Baked Maine Cod Clyde's Restaurant Rockville, Maryland



 Wood Roasted Half Chicken Addie's Rockville, Maryland





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    Montgomery County Historical Society Montgomery County Historical Society Rockville, Maryland
    The Montgomery County Historical Society in Rockville, Maryland is devoted to showcasing the county's residents and visitors to uncover their common history, using historical resources and other partnerships to create the shared idea of being together in an ever changing environment. Some of the marvelous exhibits includes old houses like the Beall-Dawson Historic Park in the city, the Waters House History Center in Germantown, as well as outstanding exhibits and collections, along with an excellent gift shop. The Waters House had been originally named Pleasant Fields, and constructed in three phases, the oldest one dating from the 1790s. It is a prime example of an early brick farmhouse constructed by Basil Waters, one of the family members of a wealthy county family. During the years of the 19th century, the house was get additions, as well as being improved by Zachariah Waters, Basil's son, and then later by his cousin, Dr. William A. Waters. The doctor's son would open a breeding and training center for standard bred horses on the farmlands, until it was sold in the 1930s. It is now part of the historical society, although it was closed this year because of the economy. The society's collections contain more than 10,000 relics that help depict the story of the county, from pre-contact age to the current day, and includes; toys, weapons, textiles, household goods, agricultural and industrial tools, recreational pieces, furniture and decorative arts along with a large number of other relics. Some of the collection was part of the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine, but too large to be kept in it where it is located in Rockville. Besides the historical houses that are used for exhibiting, the society puts on other exhibitions that pertain to the community and the nation, like the upcoming one in March, 2011, that will be presented at the Silver Spring Civic Center and is called, "Between Fences and the companion exhibit, Good Neighbors: Fences in Montgomery County", which are sure to be very interesting and informative since is put on by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. One of the statements inside that exhibit is the claim made by the Department of Agriculture that estimated the value of fencing in 1871 to be about $1.7 billion, which happened to be about the same as the national debt.

    Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine
    Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine Rockville, Maryland
    The Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine is located in the former office of Dr. Edward E. Stonestreet, in Rockville, Maryland, and houses a number of pillmaking equipment, hanging skeleton and mahogany examining table that belonged to the Victorian doctor when the city was still young. His reconstructed office has become the museum, maintained by the local historical society, before germs had been discovered and other modern equipment. His original office had been constructed in 1852, in a gothic revival style, that showcases the numerous developments that happened during his tenure here. There are also medical relics and other implements that show how the various changes in medicine occurred over the ensuing years, that went from bloodletting to x-rays. Dr. Stonestreet had just graduated from the University of Maryland's medical school, where he would serve as one of the town's doctors until his passing in 1903. During his 51 years as a doctor, he would see many historical changes, inventions and discoveries that would help medicine and doctors in their constant battles with diseases. The office had sat in the front yard of the Stonestreet house, and after his passing would be moved to the town's fairgrounds; so that it would be saved from any demolitions that would occurring during the city's urban renewal projects of the mid 20th century. The office would be donated to the society in 1972, and then moved to its current location and refurbished.

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    Lincoln Park Historical FoundationLincoln Park Carousel Rockville, Maryland
    The Lincoln Park Historical Foundation advocates opportunities for people and groups to become more aware of and develop a deep appreciation of the African American heritage, in the local history, culture and diversity by using lifelong education, database usage, training, research and interpretation. The foundation is located in the Leroy E. Neal African American Research Center to preserve its outstanding relics, photographs, digital files, primary and secondary sources for familial and professional research. The foundation was formed in 1977 to create this marvelous repository in Rockville, preserving any and all relics, manuscripts, periodicals, newspapers and other pertinent materials that relate to the excellent history of the African American community within the city and the outstanding contributions that these individuals and groups have given to the foundation and its excellent collections.

    Weiner Judaic Museum
    The Weiner Judaic Museum in Rockville, Maryland contains many marvelous archaeological relics that have been donated from the Middle East, with the majority being antique and contemporary Judaica and fine artworks housed there for the enjoyment of Jews in the region as well as interested visitors.  The Jane I. and Robert H. Weiner museum contains many historical and cultural relics and artifacts that showcase Judaica, archaeology and ethnology in this local museum. The museum has been relocated to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington in Rockville and contains numerous other Judaic collections that are meant to create an atmosphere of community and culture, connecting people of all backgrounds and ages through its educational, recreational and cultural opportunities that arise in this excellent environment. The museum cases are filled with beautiful Judaic memorabilia, and the adjacent Goldman Art gallery contains many marvelous exhibits throughout the year.

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    Montgomery County Court HouseMontgomery County Court House Rockville, Maryland
    The Montgomery County Circuit Courthouses have become part of the county judicial center in downtown Rockville, Maryland, with the red brick courthouse sitting at 29 Courthouse Square containing the restored Grand Courtroom, and the newer circuit court structure at 50 Maryland Avenue containing the rest. There have been four court houses constructed in the city since it became the county seat in 1776, while court had been held at the Hungerford Tavern until they could construct a frame court house in the 1790s. A new court house would be necessary by 1810, but it wouldn't be until 1835 that the general assembly authorized a new brick court house and then again in 1890, another was constructed in the Romanesque revival style. Then, in 1931, the present grey neoclassical style courthouse would be built and connected to the 1890 courthouse to handle the county's growing populace. That grey courthouse has become the home of the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County, with numerous buildings in the area that are now part of the National Register of Historic Places. This district highlights the former commercial, governmental and residential center of the city, the majority being demolished in the 1960s to make way for urban development. The district has two county courthouses, the 1891 red brick Romanesque revival building and the 1931 neoclassical granite structure with the 1960s addition, the 1930 art deco stone building constructed for the Farmers Banking and Trust Company and the 1939 Georgian style post office with limestone exterior. These buildings now cover two full blocks and the 1891 structure being designed by the Baltimore architect, Frank E. Davis.

    Montgomery County Jail
    Montgomery County Jail Rockville, Maryland
    The Montgomery County Jail in Rockville, Maryland was first initiated in 1777, when seven commissioners would be appointed to buy some land, but not more than four acres, to construct a county jail and courthouse for Montgomery County. At that time, both venues were being held in the old Hungerford Tavern situated on South Washington Street, although the county jail would be located elsewhere by 1779. In 1780, Benjamin Ray would supply the whipping post, stocks and pillory for the jail, and sometime between 1786 and 1789, Sheriff William Robertson would use his new house to be used as his office and jail. In 1884, the current jail would be moved to it present location, after the county got funding to construct the new jail house at the county office building site on Maryland Avenue in 1801, which was called Perry Street that year. Joseph Scott talked about the new jail that had been constructed by the general assembly in 1807, saying it was a non-descript brick structure that lacked elegance and taste, which is exactly what a new jail and courthouse should look like. The jail managed to burn down in 1861, and the next year, the grey two story stone structure would be constructed, with the jailer, Mr. Trail, would live there with his family and it could house 20 prisoners. Behind the massive structure, there sat a big yard, where the hangings were done, with the last one being done in April, 1921. That jail would continue to be used until the new grey courthouse was constructed in 1931, with the cells located on the top floor; and then the old jail would be taken down. There is a marker located on the spot where the jail was located last, and it is the only monument to that old bastion that remains today.

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    Glenview MansionGlenview Mansion Rockville, Maryland
    The magnificent Glenview Mansion in the Rockville, Maryland Civic Center Park is a pillared, neoclassical 19th century house sitting on the 153 acre park area, ready for tours, special events and various activities, as well as housing the Glenview Mansion Art Gallery on the second floor that features many local and regional artists' works. The gorgeous 30 room mansion is a marvelous home, with full warming kitchen, formal gardens, art gallery, woodland wildlife sanctuary and trails, art stationed in various locations, restrooms, a big parking lot and plenty to keep you busy and interested for the entire day. The mansion contains a lovely grand staircase, ornamental fireplaces, beautiful architecture and glass-enclosed porches. It is filled with period furnishings that were used during that time, although grander and more expensive than the usual houses located in the area, but perfect for a grand and elegant mansion. Somewhat to the right of the main house, sits a small cottage that was constructed by Dr. Lyons in 1938 as a life-sized playhouse for his daughter, Betsy. The doctor would create a bowling green that showcases the southern edge of the excellent formal gardens, and although the cottage has been located there for many years, it still remains the same, even though it has been used for various purposes. The outstanding and elaborate gardens were designed and planted in 1927, after the style of the 18th century colonial period, inspired by Italian renaissance gardens and made for the affluent Lyon family. It is painstakingly designed in geometric shapes that somehow manage to make garden rooms, which flow effortlessly down the terrain of the back yard of the mansion. The mansion foyer leads visitors into the house, with its stately grand staircase, that winds up to the second floor gallery and bride's room, with many original oil paintings still there from the Lyon family, with antique curios scattered about. The living room is large and spacious with fieldstone fireplace, chairs, tables, drop leaf table for gifts, displays or seating, with nesting tables for whatever uses could be made of them. The wide wood plank flooring is well varnished and shines for the perfect backdrop to the furniture and other period furnishings that make up the room. The dining room is especially elegant with floor to ceiling paneling, windows and French doors leading out to a large porch that offers outstanding views of the lawn and landscapes. The conservatory offers big Palladian windows that bring in just enough lighting to make the room light and cheery, with marble floor, ornate chandeliers and wall sconces to showcase the room that can be used for many purposes. There is an excellent library named after the original owner, Richard Johns Bowie, thus called the Bowie Library, with his portrait still hung there and the library itself is located in a room surrounded by glass-enclosed cases, with casual seating arranged for the avid reader, or just to sit and peruse through some of the older books. Mrs. Lyon's room contains many of the family heirlooms and relics that showcase her style of living and relaxing in her own personal sanctuary. The second floor hallway has marvelous arched doorways that look great set against the hardwood flooring, brightly varnished and lighting bounces off it to reflect the pictures hung along the walls, outside the gallery rooms. It is a magnificent and lovely house, well worth the visit and interest that you will undoubtedly discover there.

    Bingham-Brewer House
    Bingham-Brewer House Rockville, MarylandThe Bingham-Brewer house in Rockville, Maryland is a two story brick house with Flemish bonded front facade that dates back all the way to 1821, with a late 19th century smokehouse, outhouse and chicken house from the late 1800s or early 1900s, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The front of the house faces south, and is three bays wide, with the door located on the eastern or right side of the house and covered by a one story, one-bay entrance porch. The front door with its distinctive six panels is the original, and is topped by a three-light transom. The windows in the lovely old house are 6 by 6 sash with splayed jack arches and louvered shutters. On the west gable end of the house a flush brick chimney rises, without openings on the bonded common brick. The house is a marvelous example of the early-19th century Federal houses that were constructed during that period, and is today, only one of two left standing in the town where the majority of houses are Victorian frame. It has been owned by numerous people that would be involved in the town's history, and includes, Julius Bingham, who was the editor of the second Rockville newspaper, the Brewer family that had become influential in the government, along with educational, commercial and legal affairs and William McClenahan, one of the main organizers of the Rockville Christian church and the Veir family who had been local landowners.

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