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Alamo Car Rentals Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

When you visit the beautiful city of Santo Domingo you are going to want to visit places all around the area! What better way to do it than in a rental car from Alamo? Make your visit to the area memorable and affordable when you use Alamo Rental Car Discounts on your purchase!

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Things to do in Santo Domingo

Zona Colonial

Zona Colonial in Santo DomingoThis small area is located in the center of Santo Domingo. It is not so much a single attraction to visit as much as it is a series of lesser exhibits, museums and historic buildings. Visiting this area is a unique experience that can really enlighten you into the countries building and forming. These large museums show case the key points in the history of the country that have helped it developed into the tourist enterprise it is today. You can often find guided tours to this area that feature an easy way for you to visit all the key locations and learn about the area in an easy way. Zona Colonial is home to some of the most unique and exotic architecture that you can find in the entire county. That means that if you're here for the views, sites or even educational reasons you will have plenty of photo opportunities. The sophisticated area was the birth place of the western hemisphere, this small zone houses the first church, house and even hospital that Columbus created after his several landings in the area. If that is not enough to get you here you will probably enjoy the large groupings of souvenir shops that can be found just about everywhere you look. Being able to take something home from Zona Colonial for your family is a great way to make your visit to the Dominican Republic a memorable experience.

Budget rent a car Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Finding your way around a city can be stressful, especially when your walking around for hours. So what's a quick and easy way you can avoid long and confusing walks on foot? Rent a vehicle with Budget and go wherever you want faster than on foot! With Budget Rental Car Coupons you can keep even more money in your pocket!

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Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica BeachWhenever you visit the Dominican Republic on vacation there is an unspoken rule that you need to visit one of the beautiful beaches. However a beach isn't just a beach and finding one you like that lets you relax is always a good place to start. Well here at Boca Chica you can find a new and unique way to hang out on the beach. Here the beach seems to come alive with entertainment, fun and of course people! With a wide variety of things to do you can enjoy the adventurous side of the Dominican Republic and enjoy the clubs and bars that line the shores here at Boca. Or you can browse through the souvenir stalls that can be found absolutely everywhere. If you're looking to learn to surf or dive then just look around, there are several options for you to choose from. This beach offers you an entire day (If not more!) of entertainment, fun and excitement! Kick back, relax and enjoy the view on this popular beach that attracts travelers from all around the world!

Avis discount rental car Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Make your visit to the Santo Domingo area a stress free experience when you have the opportunity to go wherever you want, whenever you want with an affordable Discounted Avis Rental Car!

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Alcazar de Colon

Alcazar de ColonAlthough the first thing that comes to most peoples minds when they think of the Dominican Republic is "Tropical Getaway" the country actually has a lot to offer for those with a more sophisticated taste. The city of Santo Domingo is rich in the history of not only the Dominican Republic but also all of North America in general. One of the primary reasons the area is visited is because it was originally discovered by the great explorer Christopher Columbus and later colonized by some of the first adventurers to set foot in the "New World." You can find some of the first structures ever built in the West, and most of these structures were built by Columbus or his descendents themselves! One of the most popular is the Alcazar de Colon. This large building was constructed by Christopher Columbus's son, and has been fully refurbished for you to visit. Inside you can find a series of rooms and historical exhibits that showcase the important points in the life of Christopher Columbus and his family line shortly after his grand discovery. But the largest attraction to the house lies further in; actual artifacts that were in the hands of the great Christopher Columbus himself! This is a great opportunity to enjoy some great artifacts as well as learn about the history behind Santo Domingo.

Hertz Car Rental Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hertz Rental Car has thousands of locations world wide, so you can expect to find a location just about everywhere you go! With Hertz Rental Car Printable Coupons you can save a bunch on your rental car purchase!

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Local Favorite Restaurants of Santo Domingo


Fellini's interior!When your visiting an area there are those select few places that is almost required of you to see. You can't really visit Orlando and skip out on Disney, or visit Manhattan and not see the Statue of Liberty. Well this restaurant is just like that, if you're in the Santo Domingo area then you must enjoy a meal at this incredible place! The Fellini is a relaxing restaurant that offers you some of the best gourmet cuisine you can find in the entire city! The complexity and sophistication of this restaurant offers you a relaxing dining experience as well as exquisite food. The service here is one of the prime attractions; Fellini has made it their goal to pamper you until they become a nuisance! These waiters and waitresses will bring you everything you want without delay, and check on you as often as is humanly possible! The décor inside this great restaurant is of beautiful design and will top anything when it comes to a romantic environment. The buildings greatest attraction however is its unique design. During clear nights the roof above your head will literally pull away leaving you completely exposed under the beautiful stars. This great restaurant has an atmosphere that's to die for and food that will leave you comparing for the rest of your life, be sure to visit while you're in the Santo Domingo area!

Thrifty Car Rental Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The most stressful part of a vacation is finding transportation and a good place to stay. Lucky for you Thrifty can help you with one of those problems at an affordable price! With Cheap Thrifty Car Rentals you can make your visit to Santo Domingo a memorable experience!

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Pat'e Palo European Brasserie

Pat’e Palo European BrasserieWhile you're in the Dominican Republic you will probably expect to find a lot of exotic foods featuring beachside fruits and vegetables. Well you probably are, however; here at Santo Domingo you can find some of the best restaurants in the entire Dominican Republic! One of the main attractions when it comes to gourmet meals here in the awesome city of Santo Domingo is Pat'e Palo European Brasserie. With some of the best cuisine in all of the Dominican Republic you can enjoy a hefty meal in a relaxing environment! With a large menu of European foods there is a dish for the whole family! These experienced chefs ensure you that every meal will be cooked and served to perfection! With friendly faces and quality meals this sophisticated restaurant offers you a quiet and warm setting in which to enjoy your visit to Santo Domingo. This romantic restaurant is the perfect way to end a day while you're visiting the energetic city!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Avoid the long waits for public transportation and the expensive prices of taxis these days and rent a vehicle from Dollar! With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and Dollar Rental Car Discounts you can get the vehicle you need at the perfect price!

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National Rental Cars Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Go wherever you want whenever you need with a great vehicle from National! With such a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and quality customer service you can enjoy the benefits of a vehicle and the friendly experience at National Rental Car when you use National Rental Coupons!

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