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Things to do in Somerville

    Museum of Fine ArtsMuseum of Fine Arts Somerville, Massachusetts Thomas Sully's Passage of the Delaware
    The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is actually located in Somerville, Massachusetts, a suburb of that great and historical city that has outgrown its old boundaries and exploded into a global city of culture, history, education and finance, as well as being one of the major ports on the east coast. But that doesn't even begin to describe the magnificent exhibitions being shown at the museum, nor in the past and certainly not in the future. They are currently hosting an exhibition by Dale Chihuly, a truly gifted sculptor and artist, whose works are located in many of the finest museums across the United States, and will be showing here only until August 7, 2011, so if you are heading to the New England area, be sure and stop by to see his outstanding works. Some of the major collections housed here include the Americas, Europe, photography, jewelry, Asia, Africa and Oceania, contemporary artworks, the Ancient world, libraries and archives, provenance, prints and drawings, textiles and fashion arts, musical instruments and publications. The immensity of this museum will amaze you and make you realize just how much this city, with its unique history, includes the finest artworks in the world, with an excellent heritage and great feats of patriotism. The best way to visit the museum, is to first check it out online, via their website, and then peruse their collections, exhibitions and all the other amenities and information that you will need to visit. Be sure to include a map of the city if you plan on driving because it can be hectic, like all the other east coast cities, like New York and Washington. A little work beforehand will save you some big headaches after arriving there, and this museum has detailed information about getting there, parking and the like. Just to give you a taste of this unique smorgasbord, the Art of the Americas is located in one of the new wings, with a total of 53 galleries open to the public filled with some of the most amazing and fantastic works of art in the world; with the Art of the Americas spanning the pre-Columbian period to the last half of the 20th century. This new wing alone has doubled the amount of works now being able to show, with large-scale masterpieces that haven't been showcased for decades. This wing is further divided into four levels that span history and the magnificent works of the greatest artists of their period. Check it out and you'll understand why this museum is headed upwards.

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    Museum of Bad ArtMuseum of Bad Art Somerville, Massachusetts
    The Museum of Bad Art is the world's only museum devoted to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in every imaginable form available, and is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds. MOBA has three galleries now, in the Somerville, Massachusetts area, that showcase bad art, which could be anything, since many of today's rich elite have never learned what good art is so how can they tell what bad art is. It opened in 1994, and devoted itself to collecting bad art, in all its forms, with the worldwide help of its friends. Using traveling exhibits, changing exhibits and special events, the museum strives to share the best bad art in the world, with a huge audience, or those that are interested enough in art to discover, to learn the difference between bad and good art. After all, some of the so called "masterpieces" of the world's art is barely discernable to most visitors, so how do collectors, buyers and others decide what is good or what is bad. Well, these home grown critics have decided to put that decision to the test by providing the "best" of the bad art so that you can decide for yourselves what is what. Their pieces range from the works of talented artists that have somehow gone off the deep end in the search for great art to the exuberant, but often crude attempts by many "painters" or others that consider themselves to be artists. The categories include; recent acquisitions, portraiture, here the symbols clash celebrating the obscure, landscapes, poor traits, unseen forces, in the nood, unlikely landscapes, seascapes and still lifes and blue people. One example is shown to the right, it is aptly called, "red figure with braids" and you can be the judge as well. Be sure to check it out, so you too, can tell the difference between good and bad, although some of the good looks really bad, and some of the bad, looks really good? Is that reality? Or just art?

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Local Restaurants in Somerville

    Entries served with beans & cole slaw unless noted; Arkansas ribs thick cut, country style, pork; Memphis ribs traditional pork spareribs; Texas beef ribs slo' smoked & big; smoked beef brisket tender sliced beef; St. Louis style ribs tender sliced ribs; baby back ribs lean & tender; the BBQ belt is taste of the south w/ Memphis, Texas, Arkansas ribs & brisket; wood grilled chicken is 1/4 or 1/2, grilled on the pit; BBQ hash dinner with pulled pork, BBQ beef, peppers, potatoes, onions w/ greens & beans; pulled pork or jerk beef or BBQ beef or pulled chicken dinner are mounds of meat served with bean & slaw; sausage dinner is day's sausage, housemade, with dirty rice & bean; fried Louisiana catfish dinner marinated in pepper sauce, serve with potato salad, cole slaw, hush puppies & tartar sauce.

    Highland Kitchen
    Entrees; pan roasted boneless half chicken with sweet potato hash, broccoli rabe, herb gravy; pappardelle Bolognese with parmesano reggiano & truffle oil; pork & veal meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes, smoky collard greens, wild mushroom gravy; English style beer battered fish & chips with cabbage slaw, tartar sauce, malt vinegar; grilled skirt steak with duck fat potato cake, garlic confit, creamed savoy cabbage & bacon, hk steak sauce; spicy coconut curried goat stew with jasmine rice & sweet fried plantains; grilled veggie kabobs with orzo salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, kalamata olives, Greek cucumber-yogurt sauce, grilled pita.


Arkansas Ribs Redbones Somerville, Massachusetts




Pan Roasted Half Chicken Highland Kitchen Somerville, Massachusetts

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    Somerville Museum Somerville Museum Somerville, Masschusetts
    The Somerville Museum is more than just a reflection of its great history, it is the people that live there and continue to support this great institution, with their ideas, artifacts, heritage, historical materials and more. The museum strives to involve the community and other members of the audience, with innovative programming, continued dialogue with the local artists, educators and scholars, and the fostering of cultural understanding and appreciation. The museum provides excellent exhibitions that showcase the local visual arts, culture, heritage and history of this great community, with marvelous musical and dramatic performances that will continue to develop their historical content with programs and projects that collaborate with the school systems and a meeting hall for local historians and cultural organizations. The museum is housed in a 1920s brick federal revival style structure that had been the original building constructed to contain the splendid collections of the Somerville Historical Society, in the heart of the city's residential neighborhoods. One such recent exhibition was quite unique, and one that a certain female person running for something, tried to change, but couldn't, was the re-enactment of the ride of Paul Revere. Perhaps she should have come here to visit and learn more about this awesome event that would warn all Americans about the arrival of the British army regulars, and the preeminent conclusion that would have to happen so the United States could be born. Past exhibits have included the Project LOCAL, Immigrant City 2007, Digging up a Buried River, 1994, From Yucatan to Somerville, 2006; Lifting the Veil, 1997, Prospecting for Art in 2005, In Pleasant Company in 1998 and Lost Theaters of Somerville, 2003-2004. It is a great place to visit and learn more about the suburb of Boston, and other interesting and informative ideas from the folks that have been creating history for over three centuries.

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    Mystic River ReservationMystic River Reservation Somerville, Massachusetts
    Mystic River Reservation is a magnificent nature preserve that is found along the banks of the Mystic River, in Massachusetts, that is part of the 75 square mile Mystic River watershed, flowing through the towns of Chelsea, Arlington, Everett, Medford and Somerville, that had been established in 1893, by the Metro Park Commission, creating one of the first official nature preserves in the state, and one of the five that would be designated by the commission that year. It had originally included more than 250 acres, but by the early 20th century, the majority of the land along the banks of the river had become public lands or those owned by the state. The reservation contains four waterfront parks, Draw Seven in Somerville, Mary O'Malley in Waterfront Park in Chelsea, Torbert MacDonald in Medford, Mystic Lakes in Winchester and Medford, and is open year round, from dawn until dusk. It is considered one of the best protected waterways in the state, from the Amelia Earhart Dam to the Mystic Lakes, and has been drastically changed since it began as a huge saltmarsh in the early 1800s. You can fish, swim, sail, kayak, walk, jog, run or rollerblade along the paths that run parallel to the river, with other parks along the river that offer scenic views, and other amenities best enjoyed in the great outdoors. Many of the original parcels located along the river had been the site of big estates, but over time, those large lots would be donated to the city and parks to make one of the best park systems in the state.

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    Longfellow National Historic SiteLongfellow National Historic Site Somerville, Massachusetts
    This magnificent house had belonged to Henry W. Longfellow, one of the greatest poets of the 19th century, and also the site of General George Washington's headquarters, during the siege of Boston that took place from July 1775 until April 1776, and contains outstanding 19th century arts and literature. It would be in this house that George Washington would assume command of the Continental Army during the start of the American Revolution, as well as being the first place that anesthesia would be used for childbirth, for Fanny Longfellow, Henry's wife. Some of the more famous visitors that came here during that period included Nathaniel Hawthorne and Charles Dickens, as did other well known actors, musicians and politicians. Longfellow would fill the house with many magnificent objects, especially those from other cultures that had piqued his interest, like Asian artworks, European furniture, decorative arts and books that can be seen throughout the house. Other significant works include; textiles, furnishings, fine arts, toys, decorative arts, clothing, tools, family papers, drawings, sheet music, letters from prominent historical leaders and people and many outstanding documentary materials. The fine arts collection has drawn from Henry's tastes, his wife, Frances Appleton and their children and also includes the sculpture collection of Henry's close friend, Charles Summer, as well as that of Fanny's brother, Thomas Gold Appleton, and also contains marvelous works by Eastman Johnson, George Healy, John Kensett, John Gadsby Chapman, William Morris Hunt, Benjamin Champney, Thomas Crawford, and Winkworth Allen Gay. There are works by such early American artists as Gilbert Stuart, Mather Brown and Washington Allston; but the thirteen crayon portraits by Eastman Johnson are cherished since they had been commissioned by Henry, of his family and friends in 1846. Other artists, world renown, include; Albert Bierdstadt, Jacques Louis David, Friedrick Overbeck, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Eugene and Jean Baptiste Isabey, Pierre Jules Mene and Lorenzo Bartolini.

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    Harvard Museum of Natural HistoryHarvard Museum of Natural History Somerville, Massachusetts
    This museum of natural history is situated on the grounds of the Harvard University in Cambridge, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, divided into three areas of interest; the Harvard University herbaria, the museum of comparative zoology and the mineralogical museum. It was started in 1998 to become the public face of the three research museum, so enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the human interface with it. The exhibitions are formed from the university's extensive collections, along with the university's unique expertise and a large number of programs for its members and the community. It welcomes over 180.000 visitors each year, making it the university's most visited museum. In their permanent galleries, visitors will enjoy a rich diversity of life on this planet, from the earliest dinosaurs to the fossil invertebrates and reptiles to the huge mammals, fish and birds, as well as showcasing the only mounted kronosaurus in the world. In the mineralogical galleries, there is a magnificent display of gemstones, meteorites and minerals, as well as the historic Blaschka glass models of plants, that are famously called, "Glass flowers". The museum has outstanding educational programs that encourage hands-on activities, and with a growing reputation of effective and unique science education and partnership with the local schools, more children are able to partake of these great programs and bring their families as well to enjoy them also. The program has an exciting traveling program that brings this information and some exhibits that will help future visitors discover some of the excellent venues available to them at the museums. One outstanding permanent exhibit now on display is the New England Forests in the Zofnass Family Gallery that houses a marvelous multi-media exhibition that looks at the natural history and ecology of the region's forests, the environmental importance and the reactions to human intervention and interference. You will enjoy learning more about the woodland caribou, wolves, and other wildlife of the New England region. Their dioramas are as realistic as you can get them, providing visitors with a small glimpse of the real world these beautiful creatures live in and the results that have driven them with invading communities and great influxes of people.

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