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Things to do in Springfield

    Springfield Museum of ArtSpringfield Museum of Art Springfield, Ohio
    The Springfield Museum of Art would begin in the 1940s, when the Springfield Art Association was organized by a number of concerned artists and people in the community that decided a need for visual arts existed, and by 1946, it would host exhibits in various structures of supportive area businesses, and eventually leased gallery spaces until 1967, when the first part of the present facility was constructed, and in 1951, the organization would begin offering art classes to the community. They would incorporate in 1952, and during that period, the association would offer classes and workshops with nationally recognized artists. By 1967, they had constructed their own building, designed for showing exhibitions and educational programs, and the decision to create a permanent collection would create a better interest in the visual arts, as well as encouraging the appreciation and excellence of the students that had begun taking the classes. At that time, they decided to change its name to the Springfield Art Center, and in 1989, its name would be changed to the Springfield Museum of Art. In 1974, its size would be doubled to handle the exceptional growth of the collections. Some of the permanent collection artists include Berenice Abbott, Alfred T. Bricher, George Bellows, Robert Brachman, Charles Demuth, Emil S. Carlsen, Stuart Davis, Thomas Doughty and Ethel Cook, Asher B. Durand, Louis Eilshemius and the Frankenstein brothers, as well as many more. The museum hosts ten to twelve changing exhibits each year, while two of the seven galleries at the museum provide special changing exhibits that showcase the contemporary and historical issues that face our people, whether they are local, regional, national or international. They also offer special events during the year, like the Lunch on the Lawn series with musical entertainment by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra that happens during August and offer brown bag lunches and drinks for sale. Another, significant event is the annual museum art ball that has become the formal event each year in the city, held in September. During the Christmas holidays, the museum opens on a Saturday for a potpourri of studio demonstrations, booths featuring original artworks for sale, gallery tours and artist presentations.

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    The Pennsylvania HouseThe Pennsylvania House Springfield, Ohio
    The Pennsylvania House is a very historic inn and tavern in the western section of Springfield, Ohio, constructed in 1822 as a three story brick Federal style structure that lay along the original National Road and the old road that linked Springfield with Dayton. During the early days of the 19th century, the National and Dayton-Springfield Road would be important transportation arteries for people or goods traveling west or to Cincinnati. Inns like the Pennsylvania House grew up to handle the traveling aspects of the many people and supplies that traveled the roads, along with merchants and others going west for various reasons. It was a time before the railroads and these inns would provide beds and food for the travelers, regardless of their station in life. Based on various stories about the inn's early days, some of the more famous travelers that stopped here included Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, Henry Clay and Charles Dickens. The owners would normally live on the premises, and one of the numerous owners of this inn included the family of Isaac Kaufmann Funk, the founder of Funk and Wagnalls. As the railroads approached in the 1840s, the business's prosperity would decline, as would their traffic, and by the close of the Civil War, the road would seldom see any travelers for many days. It would have to close in 1869, and although it had been closed then, it managed to survive in excellent shape for more than a century, keeping its outstanding architectural elements like the double-hung windows and elaborate six-panel doors in great shape. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and today is a magnificent history museum that pertains to the National Road and other historical events that took place here.

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Local Restaurants in Springfield

    Seasons Bistro & Grill
    Entrees come with choice of soup or salad; pineapple chicken is New Liberty Farms Cornish hen in sweet & tangy pineapple marinade with sweet corn polenta; beef tips with chermoula is certified angus beef skewers served medium rare with Moroccan style chermoula sauce; clams & linguica is clams & Portuguese sausage tossed with linguini in white wine sauce & topped with shavings of Blue Jacket Dairy Houtz; filet of beef is beef tenderloin chargrilled & finished with port wine demi-glace served with fennel dauphinoise potatoes; pistachio encrusted pork is Dijon & pistachio encrusted pork loin with white wine Dijon sauce, served with fennel dauphinoise potatoes; chargrilled eggplant parmesan is eggplant layered with marinara & Blue Jacket Dairy Houtz, served on linguini.

    Cecil & Lime Cafe
    Entrees includes choice of two: vegetable, baked potato, garlic smashed potatoes, new red potatoes; center-cut filet mignon black & blue is blackened, topped with bleu cheese white wine sauce & bleu cheese crumbles; rack of lamb seasoned with garlic & herbs, topped with balsamic-zinfandel sauce; steak Diane & surf is beef tenderloins topped with Diane sauce, pan-seared jumbo sea scallops & 2 jumbo shrimp topped with dill butter; bacon-wrapped pork mignon is double thick chop, flame broiled & topped with bell pepper relish; prime rib is slowly roasted, finished in au jus; NY strip; ribeye; steakburger with lettuce, tomato & onion; chicken marsala is tender chicken breast fillets, sautéed with mushroom & onion in marsala wine broth; beef bourguignon is beef tips braised in red wine & bacon broth, served with onions, mushrooms & carrots; asiago pork tenderloin is roasted medallions, topped with asiago cheese sauce & topped with apple-cranberry compote; pineapple-honey chicken is grilled chicken breast topped with walnuts, pineapple & honey sauce.


Pistachio Encrusted Pork Seasons Bistro & Grill Springfield, Ohio





Beef Bourguignon Cecil & Lime Cafe Springfield, Ohio

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    Westcott House Westcott House Springfield, Ohio
    This house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the prairie style in Springfield, Ohio, constructed in 1908 for Mr. Burton J. Westcott and his wife, Orpha and their family, and believed to be the only house in the state designed by Wright in the prairie style. The property includes a carriage house, linked to a large pergola and the main house. Westcott arrived in the area, in 1903, as part of a merger of the American Seeding Machine Company and was the treasurer for the company for 21 years. During 1916, he would bring the Westcott Motor Car Company to the city, from Richmond, Indiana, staying on as president until 1925. He would design a detached garage that included a design for a big turntable, since the autos of that period had no reverse and needed to get out of their garages; and the garage would also include two horse stables linked to the main house by a pergola. The couple had two children and two servants, both middle-aged women from Ireland. The 1920s would become a difficult time for the family, when Orpha would suddenly pass in 1923 after a minor operation in Philadelphia. The Westcott Motor Company began to fail, so Westcott left his treasurer's job and spent more time at the company, and spend all his money as well. Finally, he had to sell out, the entire episode and the death of his beloved wife would be too much for the man to handle, and in 1926, at the age of 57, he would pass away in his house, while being cared for by his sister from Richmond, Indiana. The house would then be sold to Roscoe Pierce, who lived in the house until his passing in 1941, and Eva Linton purchased the house in 1944. She would divide the house into five apartments and remodel the stables, adding a kitchen and bathroom, making it her residence. Eva would live there for the next 37 years, not bothering to fix it up or spend any money on repairs, so it fell into a state of disrepair. She passed on in 1980 and the estate would be inherited by her niece, Dorothy Jane Snyder, who inherited it in 1981 and kept it until 1988 when she turned around and sold it to her son, Ken Snyder and his wife, Sherri. Ken would die suddenly in an auto accident in 1991 and Sherri would struggle to make ends meet, but finally had to sell it in 2000. The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy would acquire the house and then sell it to the Westcott House Foundation in 2001.

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Avis Car Rental Springfield
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Avis Car Rental Dayton - 33 E. 1st St.

    Baseball Hall of FameBaseball Hall of Fame Springfield, Ohio
    The Springfield/Clark County Baseball Hall of Fame opened in 1959 to honor all players age 25 and over, or a team that had made an important contribution to baseball in the county either locally, regionally or nationally, with induction ceremonies being made the second Saturday of January. Some of the better known inductees include Walter Alston, manager of the New York Dodger from 1954 to 1976, Raymond Brown, who played for the Negro League for fifteen years, Si Burick, winner of the 1982 J. G. Taylor Spink Award, Ritter Collett, winner of the 1992 Taylor Spink Award, Jesse Haines who won 210 games during his 18 years, Hal McCoy, winner of the 2003 Taylor Spink Award, Harry Salsinger, winner of the Taylor Spink Award in 1968 and Mike Schmidt, signed to the Phillies by Tony Lucadello.

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    Hertzler HouseHertzler House Springfield, Ohio
    The Daniel Hertzler House would be constructed in 1854 for Daniel and Catherine Hertzler, and their ten children, who had come here from Pennsylvania as Mennonites and became prominent citizens, thanks to Daniel's entrepreneurial abilities. Daniel would gain quite a fortune constructing a grist mill, whiskey distillery, saw mill and brick factory, farming more than a thousand acres and become a moneylender. The house would be designed for convenience and accommodation, showcasing the style of architecture prevalent during the period before the Civil War. There are some remnants of the Hertzler's furniture still in the house, but the majority are antiques or reproductions of the time. The family would do quite well until 1867, and although he owned the local bank, there were rumors that he kept large sums of money in his house. Sometime during October 10, 1867, he would be discovered dead in the northwest room of the house, shot, and the authorities would arrest two men that had been suspected of the crime, but they would escape and the mystery would never be discovered. The family would live there until 1914, and is now owned by the Clark County Park district, with its rejuvenations beginning in the 1960s and still being carried on today. The kitchen fireplace has since been reconstructed, with a secret metal box put back where it had been discovered. The museum now looks like it did in 1855, just before the Civil War, with many outstanding pieces from that era. The farm had originally included the land that now holds the George Rogers Clark park, and had been the site of the biggest Revolutionary War battle west of the Allegheny Mountains. The park has outstanding hiking, fishing, biking and walking along pristine areas that take visitors back to the early days of this nation. Daniel had constructed his barn like those that had been constructed in his former home in Pennsylvania, but in 1951, it would have to be torn down because it had become structurally unsafe. During the next 56 years, only that foundation could be seen, until 2007, when the barn began to be resurrected. It seems that the Chamberlin farm in Montgomery County Ohio was set to be torn down, and it had been about the same size as the Hertzler barn, so preservationists came to its rescue, and the barn would be torn down carefully and moved to the Clark County farm.

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    George Rogers Clark Heritage AssociationGeorge Rogers Clark Heritage Association Springfield, Ohio
    The George Rogers Clark Heritage Association would be an outgrowth of Project 80, that along with the American Revolution Bicentennial Committee would organize the 1980 reenactment of the Battle of Peckuwe. A triangular fort and blockhouse would be constructed in the park, modeled after a bigger one that had been located in the Shawnee village of Peckuwe. Once the bicentennial had ended, the organization would concentrate on the civilian side of the Federal period with a venue called the Fair at New Boston. As the years passed, this organization would expand its scope to include the various activities of spring and fall events, period dancing, period dinners, educational talks and classes on period character building. The association works with the district to promote the park and the many outstanding events and activities held and hosted here. The Fair at New Boston is going to be an exciting and enjoyable event, with many memorable activities and shows, along with many other venues from the early days of our country, all happening on the Labor Day weekend in Springfield. It is going to be the kind of fair or festival that occurred during that period, with all the entertainment any one person can handle.

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