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Things to do in Tampere

    Vapriikin Museum Vapriikin Museum Tampere, Finland
    Vaprikki is a marvelous museum complex situated in the city of Tampere, Finland, with outstanding opportunities for the entire family, providing a doll museum, shoe museum, the Finnish Hall of Fame and the finest exhibitions about natural sciences, history and technology that the city has to offer. There is an excellent restaurant located there called the Valssi and a museum gift shop that has more than the ordinary items for sale. All told, the collections contain some 367,000 items that span the history and technology of the city and region, with more than enough exhibits to keep a family busy all day long. The museum offers about a dozen changing exhibits each year to augment and complement their displays, as well as many outstanding permanent displays. Some of the many exhibitions now offered include the Let's Create a World! Agitation Porcelain from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Time to Play: Treasures of the Toy Box, A Lady of Style: Lady Ostapeck's American costumes and portraits, The Natural History Museum, the Shoe Museum, Foster Sons and Cotton Girls: Nine Cartoon Strips about Tamperem, the Finnish Hall of Fame, Innovations, Tammerkoski Rapids and the Story of Tampere. The Vaprikki has an excellent archives department that contains a listing of all the exhibitions that they have held over the past dozen years or so and might be an interesting read for many folks, as well as a magnificent photograph archives that might help researchers, students, or history buffs.

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Local Restaurants in Tampere

    Viikinkiravintola Haral
    Entrees; Aifur's lamb dish is tender stewed lamb served with parsley mashed potatoes & honeyed root veggies; chicken a la Lindisfarne is chicken breast coated with veta cheese & served with ember baked potatoes, gooseberry jam, honeyed root veggies & wine of wisdom sauce; Nojord's fish rock is authentic slate rock piled with whiskey salmon, salmon roe mousse, tarred Baltic herring, crayfish tartar, smoked perch, dill cucumbers & archipelago bread, fresh salad & root veggie chips; reindeer filet and sausage served with smoked reindeer liver, cranberry-butter sauce & wine of wisdom sauce, potato cake seasoned with garlic & herbs, honeyed root veggies & lingonberries; campfire salmon is salmon with tartar made from Arctic crayfish & served with cheese sauce; parsley mashed potatoes & honeyed root veggies; tenderloin steak a la bear slayer is tenderloin steak with bear sausage, wine of wisdom sauce, potato cake seasoned with garlic & herbs, honeyed root veggies & churned butter flavored with blue cheese.

    The Grill Restaurant
    Entrees; filet con cognac is grilled beef tenderloin glazed with thyme syrup served with creamy cognac sauce; bife de lomo is grilled tenderloin steak with crème fraiche & chili sauce; salmon con taleggio is grilled salmon coated with taleggio cheese served with spinach white wine sauce; trucha asalmonada y limon is blazed arctic charr & crème fraiche with lemon balm; plato vegetariano is red pepper filled with root veggies & honey served with spinach veggie pie, grilled tomato, grilled eggplant, grilled corn, grilled corn & tomato sauce with brie cheese; ribs criollo is grilled pork ribs with smoky BBQ cola sauce; cochmillo con pina is grilled pork filet with Cajun marinated pineapple served with chipotle sauce; pollo chimichurri is chicken breast gratinated with parmesan cheese & chimichurri sauce served with red wine sauce; pollo de queso is grilled chicken breast stuffed with curry-chili cream cheese & piri-piri sauce with papaya.


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Grilled Pork Ribs The Grill Restaurant Tampere, Finland

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    Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley Tampere, Finland
    This outstanding museum contains the works of artist and writer Tove Jansson, with a magnificent collection of some 2000 works, all based on his fabulous books that have fascinated the nation for many years, and has been translated in more than 40 languages. The books are a favorite with the people of Finland, more enjoyable to them than the Harry Potter epic that seems to have captured the world. But these books are more fantasy in the cartoon realm, rather than the human realm, with many of the original illustrations drawn by Tove himself. There is a magnificent three dimensional tableaux that had been constructed by Tuulikki Pietila that seems to bring it all to life, along with the fabulous blue five story Moomin House that had been built by a couple of the characters and of course, Tove Jansson. The museum Moominvalley, showcases the love of adventure, humor, wisdom and excellent geniality that permeate the Moomin books and characters, and have captured the hearts and minds of the Finns. The environment at the museum is special and can be felt when you enter this fantasy realm, located in the Metso building of the city library, designed by architects Raili and Reima Pietila, and creating one of the most significant landmarks in the city. More than a million visitors have come here to view the fantastic characters and atmosphere of the Moominvalley since it opened in 1987. Tove has written and illustrated a total of eight books about Moomin, one is a short storybook, another three are picture books and the remainder are books illustrated and written by Tove. It was first published in Swedish in 1945, and wouldn't be published in Finn until 1991; and made Jansson one of the most famous Finnish authors ever, and Tove has been made an international name with his exciting and interesting comics of the same name. Even the comics have been translated into more than 20 languages, and it continues to gain popularity in the world.

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    Lenin MuseumLenin Museum Tampere, Finland
    This museum was the first one in the west, and perhaps one of the last ones in the world that interpret, investigate and highlight the life and times of Lenin, being one of the only permanent Lenin museums in the world, situated at the Worker's Hall of Tampere, Finland, actually inside the very hall that Lenin and Stalin would meet for the first time in 1905. Evidently, the majority of the Lenin related museums have been shut down or shut themselves down, except for the Lenin museum in Vyborg, Russia, that has increased its scope and created a city museum that personifies Lenin and his contributions to the socialist movement, especially in the nation that would support him more than any other. Vladimir Iiyich Lenin was the Russian revolutionary that also became a lawyer, economic theorist, author, political philosopher and the creator of the Soviet Communist Party; who became the leader of the 1917 October Revolution that would found the USSR. He would lead the Red Army to victory in Russia, thus establishing the first official socialistic state. Besides its permanent collections, the museum is always organizing different exhibitions about various themes, with continued donations and acquisitions that increase and expand the collection. There are two main permanent displays, that delve into the life of Lenin, and the relationship between Finland and Lenin, with numerous special displays; and a unique museum shop that sells various artifacts about Lenin and the related exhibits shown here, with much literature, pins, statuettes, postcards, medals, posters and standards, with a magnificent library and archive available to the public. The idea for the museum actually began in the 1920s, since students that came to the worker's institute realized that they were studying in the exact hall that Lenin gave a great speech to the citizens of the city, pledging to help them gain their independence, and the first meeting place of Stalin and Lenin. However, it wouldn't be until the end of WWII, in 1946, that the environment would be conducive for the museum to open, allowing the museum to expand its horizons and showcase the entire historical era of the Soviet socialist period.

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