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Things to do in Turku

    Turku Castle Turku Castle, Turku, Finland
    This castle is one of the two oldest buildings in the city of Turku, Finland, and the biggest surviving medieval structure in the nation, as well as being one of the biggest surviving medieval castles in Scandinavia, sitting next to the Aura River, since the 14th century. Originally, a beginning was made in 1280, when the Swedish invaders and conquerors wanted to make it a military fortress, with its defenses strengthened and enlarged to hold living quarters. It would become a bastion and administrative center for Eastland, as the country was called then, during its Swedish era, and the main parts of the castle enlarged quite a bit during the 16th century, after Gustav Vasa became king of Sweden, and his son, John would lead the Finnish administration after he had been promoted to duke. It would become necessary only during the Russian invasion of 1318, when they destroyed the city, although it would play a part in the internal struggles of the kingdom between Sweden and Finland and the Kalmar Union. After the 16th century, would it enjoy a peaceful period, losing its administrative position in the 17th century after Per Brahe's term as governor-general ended. The castle would be rejuvenated just before the beginning of WWII, but then interrupted with Finland's two wars with Russia, but would be finished by 1987. It would be given to the city in 1993, and became a historical museum, housing many banquet rooms to be used for various modern events for the city, with restaurants in the main castle and the bailey, along with a church used by the local citizenry. Currently, it has gained some status as one of the nation's most popular museums, with more visitors coming here each year from around the country and world. During the Middle Ages, a moat surrounded it that was joined with the Aura River, creating an island of the castle, that would help for any defenses. The renaissance construction would include some heavy modifications to all the rooms in the older part of the castle, and no further alterations have been made. During the next few centuries, the castle would become a huge greystone castle, with solid walls that have seen much history and conflict. It best period would be in the mid 16th century when Duke John of Finland and Katarina Jagellonica ruled, and the Renaissance floor, as well as the King's and Queen's hall would be constructed.

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Local Restaurants in Turku

    Aurora Restaurant
    Entrees; tomato soup with small buffalo mozzarella crostino; chicken breast, tomato sauce, rosemary mushrooms & pumpkin puree; roasted veal wrapped in parma ham, potato cake & sage butter; salmon two ways served with spinach risotto; lime flavored panna cotta with marinated grapefruit & orange; parma ham, celery sorbet & melon; crayfish & mascarpone risotto; duck breast with citrus sauce & beluga lentils.

Duck Breast Aurora Restaurant Turku, Finland

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    Turku Art Museum Turku Art Museum Turku, Finland
    The Turku Art Museum is housed in an art nouveau structure that opened in 1904 and grew to become a national treasure with a fabulous collection that includes the golden age of Finnish art from the turn of the 20th century, Finnish surrealism, pop art and self-portraiture, totaling more than 6000 works. The museum contains an excellent food cafe called the Victor Cafe and a marvelous museum shop that is sure to have many items that will tempt you. Many of the paintings house here are extraordinary images of surrealism, since during that period in the nation's history, Russia had control of it and kept the people oppressed, so that no words or music could be against the ruling classes, except for art, where artists could express themselves and their politics without fear of reprisals. Realizing this important venue, the artists of the period would become more involved in the political struggles for Finland to become free and independent. This also is one of the main reasons why this collection is so significant to the community as folks that lived during that early period remember the atrocities that were committed by the Russians. Some of the outstanding exhibitions now happening include the Brother Grano, David Shrigley, Creme de la crème: Masterpieces from the Turku Art Museum collections and Anna-Maija Aarras: Quotes. The museum resides in the National Romantic granite castle that has become something of a masterpiece itself, designed by Professor Gustaf Nystrom and finished in 1904, to become the nation's second art museum. The image to the right shows the type of artworks the museum has, with a magnificent door knocker that looks like a great image of a panther.

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    Aboa Vetus MuseumAboa Vetus Museum Turku, Finland
    The Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova are a museum in the city of Turku, Finland, housed in the Rettig palace, that had been constructed in 1928, with the Aboa Vetus part of the museum showcasing aspects of the city that date back to medieval times, and the Ars Nova contains the museum of contemporary art. It had originally opened in 1995 as two different and distinct museums, with plans for the Ars Nova to be built, until during the construction phase, so many magnificent relics and artifacts of the city's early history were uncovered that they decided to make two museums, with all the archaeological findings and relics discovered from the Middle Ages, that the Aboa Vetus was born. In 2004, both the museums were combined into just one, becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city and country. It is such a unique museum, with the relics of the Middle Ages occupying parts of the museum, sitting next to the galleries of splendid contemporary artworks, creating such a special atmosphere that brings visitors back again and again, as they discover something that they had missed before. The Latin term for the museums means Old Turku and New Art, the perfect partnership between history and art, since they both represent certain periods of time and space that is magnified by either artworks or the artifacts. These interesting relics help to tell the story of the city, and the culture of the people that lived some 500 years ago, preserved in time by foundations and construction works that kept their secrets until now, when they can be shown and enjoyed by many, not just in the country, but by the whole world, when they come here to learn and discover.

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