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Things to do in Villach

    Stadtmuseum Stadtmuseum Villach, Austria
    The museum of the city of Villach, Austria was founded in 1873 by the architect, Carl Andrew Picco, and is one of the biggest and oldest museums in the city, originally located in a 1935 historic structure in the Kaiser Joseph Plaza, since it would be destroyed by bombs in 1945; although the magnificent collections had already been taken out of the building for just such an occasion. In 1960, the collections and museum would be relocated into another historic structure in the Widmanngasse district, where it sits today. The building has a rich and marvelous history, with the city's cultural, historical and art collections from the Villach area, along with a small library and big permanent collection, that can only be seen in parts because it is much bigger than the museum itself. There is a lovely courtyard outside the house, with arcades, and parts of the interior have been kept in their original renaissance condition. The street side facade is original as well, with marvelous elements that seem to match its neighbors quite well. The first floor houses a unique piece called a dead plate that had belonged to Khevenhuller Christoph during the early to mid 16th century, and it was rescued from a tomb of the parish church in 1514. There is a small hall downstairs next to the first floor exhibits that contains gilded baroque furniture, and a big mirror, along with a painting of a large dog from 1691, owned by one Adam Seifreid of Gottenberg. On the second floor, there are six rooms or galleries, with the first housing a magnificent art collection that includes many pieces from the gothic period, with a fabulous statue of the Duke of Domitian Town Bridge from 1770, a large iron man statue from St. Leonard from the 15th century and a monstrance gilt from the late 15th century. Room 2 of the second floor holds many landscape paintings by Jacob Canciani, a famous 19th century painter from Villach. The room 3 houses many paintings by Joseph Willroider, another painter born in the city that would become famous during the 19th century as well, with more paintings in room 4 by the local artist, Ludwig Willroider from the later 19th century. Rooms five and six also house many beautiful paintings by other artists from the area and Villach.

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Local Restaurants in Villach

    Urbani Weinstuben
    Entrees; turkey steak Swiss style baked with tomato & Dolce latte with bratkartofflen; beef remoulade with mashed potatoes & broccoli; mezze penne alla carbonara with parmesan & schinkenrahmsauce; beiriedschnitte with chanterelle alla crema & croquettes; calamari fritti with cream polenta & tartar sauce.

    Villacher Brauhof
    Entrees; roast chicken on rosmarinsaftl & peas with rice & green salad; fried chicken schnitzel with parsley potatoes & hauptlsalat; baked chicken on salad & pastry; baked chicken legs with potato salad; fried chicken livers on cognacsaftl & pilavreis; glazed calf Tyrolean style with roasted potatoes & mixed salad; baked drautal with tartar sauce on mixed salad greens; krautfleckerln with green salad; Bernese sausages garnished with fries; summer salads with baked chicken breast strips; pork wiener schnitzel with parsley potatoes & cranberries; roasted fillet of John Dory with lemon foam on gemusegrostl & salad; braised kalbsbacerl on celery puree, root veggies & salad. 

Beef Remoulade Urbani Weinstuben Villach, Austria


Roasted Chicken Villacher Brauhof Villach, Austria

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    Finkenstein Ruins Finkenstein Ruins Villach, Austria
    The Finkenstein Castle ruins in Villach, Austria date back to the 12th century and sit on a small hill above Lake Faak, with a beautiful panoramic view of the entire region. Part of the ruins includes an arena that would hold up to a thousand people, and today, they are used for various events during July through September. The Finkenstein dynasty would be mentioned in recorded history for the first time in 1142 AD, and then in 1233, one Heinrich von Finkenstein, would be discovered in a conflict with two others, the Bishop of Bamberg and Bernd von Spanheim, over the Gail bridge in Federaun. The Hapsburgs would gain control of the castle in 1335, and from 1509, until 1861, it would belong to the Dietrichsteiners, although, it has been empty since the 17th century. Now called the Burgarena Finkenstein, it has held many music and other events since 1980, and can hold up to 1150 people at one time. Many famous people from Europe have come here to perform, and it continues to draw the locals and visitors with their great performances. That in itself brings many visitors here, but the ruins themselves, and the opportunity to crawl about the huge old castle ruins seems to bring more than any performances, because of the historical and cultural value of the magnificent ruins that are very intriguing and exciting. It is one of the biggest climbing gardens of Austria, and bring climbers here to try scaling the ancient walls and landscape that has overgrown the entire area.

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    Fahrzeugmuseum (Car Museum)Car Museum Villach, Austria
    The Villach, Austria auto museum is the first one of its kind that opened in the 1950s, and although it doesn't have all the special vehicles that many car museums house, but rather ordinary vehicles that were driven by everyday folks from that period until the end of the 20th century. It also houses a small radio museum, along with all the cars, mopeds, motorized bicycles, motorcycles and motor scooters that have been preserved for the future generations that come. They have many unique motor cars, not recognized by most Americans, like the Goggomobil, NSU Prinz, the Borgward Arabella, the Lloyd and many known today like the Messerschmitt, Porsche, Fiat Topolino's Renault 4CV, Balilla's, the 600 and 850, Puch, BSA, Norton, DKW, mille cento nuovo, Horex Regina, Zundapp and many more motorcycles. It is the kinds of vehicles that central Europeans would drive for more than half a century, preserved for the next generations that have never seen, much less driven these types of vehicles and a place to learn about the early days of automotive history in this city and country. Their radio museum houses many other items besides radios, although the main emphasis is the antique radios and other early electronics that are sure to be interesting and exciting to the young people of today, like we did with the early autos and electronics of yesterday. It is a pleasurable experience, filled with memories and nostalgia, with perfectly preserved relics of the last century, that will never be back, nor the radios or autos, or the motorized bikes, motorcycles and etc. that are there today. If we didn't have folks like the ones that started and donated to this kind of museum.

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    KongresshausCongress Center Villach, Austria
    Congress Center is one of the newest and most innovative attractions in the city of Villach, Austria, with plenty of room for all kinds of venues that cover conferences to social and cultural events, with room for 2000 visitors. Many EU and UN conferences are held here, as well as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The center has hosted such outstanding performers as Tina Turner and Dave Brubeck, among many other famous people. It is a picture of modern architecture, a magnificent riverside location, numerous hotels and restaurants, of the finest quality, set in a multi-functional area, with the latest and greatest technological equipment; that is set in the heart of the city, with a marvelous glass facade that looks out over the river Drava and the beautiful mountains of Carinthia. It has become a venue for both local and international visitors, with outstanding hospitality and enjoyment. It is the biggest and most modern venue in the province of Carinthia, with a flexible room design to accommodate various sizes of groups. The technological aspects of the center is nothing short of spectacular, with the finest audio/visual/computer equipment in the world, with outstanding permanent equipment like the Steinway piano, the large screen ability to handle LCD, video, overhead and slide equipment, a harpsichord, Martin cello and Concert Grand C-227 and D-274. It is a phenomenal center, able to host any kind of function or occasion, with the best trained specialists in the country.

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    Maria GailMaria Gail Villach, Austria
    The ancient village of Mary Gail, is located just south of Villach, Austria, in one of the suburbs, sitting at the confluence of the Gail River that is the main tributary of the Drava River, and was founded by Christian missionaries in the early 6th century. Towards the end of the century, Slavic tribes would overcome the defenders, taking control and bringing back paganism. It would be returned to the Bavarian monarchs in the 8th century, and Christianity would be returned, with the founding of a magnificent local church, which would instigate a growth period that would contribute to the significance of the church and religion, eventually becoming a place of pilgrimage for the region, with a large number of churches coming under its control. The interior elements are the oldest parts of the church, with late Roman frescoes installed during the latter part of the 13th century, along with marvelous nave walls, that would be discovered during a major rejuvenation during the mid1950s, that show the sufferings of Christ, along with the representations of Mary and her funeral. In the beautiful nave, there is a high baroque altar that showcases the carved wooden Madonna of Mercy that had been created in the year 1600, with the high-relief considered to be a miraculous image that would create the reputation of a sanctuary. One of the most significant aspects of the jewel and art gem history is the magnificent late gothic wing altar that had been carved, and one of the final works of the Villach school of art; and was created during the period between 1505 and 1515. Its main motif is the coronation of Mary, with a design that includes motifs of the life of Mary on the inner wings and the life of Jesus on the outer wings. Another fabulous work is the sculptures made in stone of the world court, with archangel Michael, holding a sword and scales, with another angel holding a trumpet and cross, believed to have been created around 1300 AD.

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