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Akron-Canton Reg. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 5400 Lauby Rd. NW.

Things to do in Warren

    National Packard Museum National Packard Museum Dayton, Ohio
    Once more, the Packard Motor Car company comes to life, at the Packard Museum, that was founded in 1992 by Dayton lawyer and long-time car collector, Bob Signom, and sits in the very Packard dealership structure that had been built in 1917, absorbing the name of the dealership to showcase these magnificent old vintage cars; the Citizens Motorcar Company. The museum would be named one of the top ten museums in the country, by the 1998 Car Collectors magazine. It is the only restored Packard dealership in the nation that is acting as a museum, with more than 50 fantastic vintage Packards showcased in the art deco showroom that was rejuvenated just for this purpose. It has grown into a favorite among tourists and locals alike, with many accolades and distinctions that have been awarded to this outstanding museum. In 1993, the Packard Automobile Classics (the Packard club) would relocate its headquarters to the museum. Some of the numerous magnificent autos housed at this great museum include; a 1932 Club sedan, a 1948 Packard taxicab, a 1940 Limousine and a 1954 Packard Clipper. The museum has a fantastic store that sells all the excellent Packard gifts, accessories and apparel, as well as many great collectibles. The museum also has a unique Packard inventory of parts, services and accessories, along with other unique products that will do more to enhance and prolong your Packard's lifetime with continued use.  It also has a splendid collection of relics and photographs, with many of the Packard family, Packard Electric and the Packard Motor Car Company, that includes two rarely seen 1950s Packard Pan Americans, a 1911 Packard Flying Squad Fire Truck and others that date back to the original 1903 single cylinder Packard.

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West Chester Budget Car Rentals
 7734 Tylers Corner Dr. Ste. 109
Budget Car Rental Dayton - 326 N. Springboro Pike
Cincinnati Budget Rental Cars
- 8008 Hosbrook Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Dayton - 1323 Wilmington Ave. 

    John Stark Edwards HouseJohn Stark Edwards House Warren, Ohio
    The John Stark Edwards House was constructed in 1807 by John, who had been born to Pierpont and Frances Ogden Edwards, in New Haven, Connecticut, was also the grandson of Jonathan and Sarah Pierpont Edwards. Jonathan would be granted all of the Mesopotamia township along with other holdings for his share in the Connecticut Land Company, and John would go to the property in 1799 to open the area by selling off lots, and became the first resident attorney of the Connecticut Western Reserve. He would become the first recorder of Trumbull county by the northwest territory governor, Arthur St. Clair and would move into Warren, Ohio to do much work at the county courthouse. John would marry Louisa Morris of Springfield, Vermont and have three boys, but only one, William Johnson Edwards would live to maturity. He would pass on at an early age in 1813, and the property and house would be sold to Thomas Denny Webb. Louisa would then marry Robert Montgomery of Poland, in 1814, and live there until her passing in 1866. Webb had been born in Windham, Connecticut in 1784, the son of Tamasin Denny Webb and Peter Webb, graduating from Brown University and move to Warren in 1807, where he would then practice law until his retirement after fifty years. He married Betsy Stanton in 1813, and begin publishing the first newspaper in northern Ohio from 1812 to 1814. He was elected to the state senate, but would not accept the second term. He and his wife, had three daughters, with one dying in early childhood, another never married and the third, Laura, would marry Dr. William Iddings in 1846. This couple would then raise six children, and the last Iddings to live in the house would be William T. who would leave in the early 1930s to live with his daughter and her family in New York. The house stayed empty for many years, until it was purchased by the state in 1938 and donated to the Trumbull County Historical Society that had been created to rejuvenate the marvelous old house. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, and the Ohio Inventory in 1977.

Enterprise rent- a- car Warren

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YoungstownAir Enterprise Rental Car - 3180 Elm Rd. NE.
Enterprise Car Rentals Warren - 3180 Elm Rd. NE.
Warren Enterprise Rental Cars - 3910 Youngstown Rd. SE.
Enterprise Car Rental Bedford - 19500 Rockside Rd.

Local Restaurants in Warren

    The Blue Iris Cafe
    Entrees; beef filet mignon skewers with red wine jelly; eggs in purgatory; lamb sliders with red onion & feta cheese; chicken skewers with mimosa glaze; crispy pork belly with seasonal accompaniments; Tuscan greens & beans with spicy sausage; Caribbean crab cakes; medjool dates wrapped in bacon; chef specialty; voodoo shrimp; antipasto platter with seasonal fresh favorites; Three course prix fixe menu; course 1 is roasted red pepper & smoked gouda bisque, Blue Iris salad, Verona salad or Parisian salad; course 2 is bruschetta chicken, Jamaican jerk pork, seasonal ravioli, curried shrimp, voodoo shrimp or chef's selection; course 3 is chocolate euphoria, key lime pie or gelato.

    The Saratoga Restaurant & Catering
    Entrees; includes salad, choice of potato or spaghetti, rolls & butter; broiled steak strip 12oz. with onion ring; southern fried chicken; broiled strip steak a la Siciliano; center cut pork chops with applesauce; pan fried liver with grilled onions; chopped sirloin steak with mushroom sauce; spaghetti with meatballs & sauce; eggplant parmigiana with side of spaghetti; chicken parmigiana with side of spaghetti; FF crab cakes; FF jumbo shrimp; broiled orange roughy; FF clam strips; broiled stuffed flounder with crab meat; FF white perch; FF perch fillets; seafood platter with cocktail sauce.


Beef Filet Skewers The Blue Iris Cafe Warren. Ohio



Chicken Parmigiana The Saratoga Restaurant & Catering Warren, Ohio

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Hertz Rental Cars Warren- 4400 Youngstown Warren Rd.
Garrettsville Hertz Car Rental - 10301 Liberty St.
Hertz Rental Car Youngstown- 7735 Market St.

    Sutliff Museum Sutliff Museum Warren, Ohio
    The Sutliff Museum in Warren, Ohio has a magnificent Victorian parlor set up in their museum that showcases the antiquities of the period from 1830 to 1900, with the outstanding furnishings and relics that were popular at the time, along with many children's items, events and programs, fashions, memorabilia and other furnishings that are sure to excite those that love old furniture and accessories. It is situated on the second floor of the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library with a new exhibit with over 150 relics and events from the Civil War. The children's collection includes a bisque doll, an antique doll buggy from 1870, a sleigh with bells and horsehair trimmings, various sizes of chairs, with various styles, slates, clothing and paint sets. In their fashions collection they have a number of exquisite wedding gowns from 1883, 1995 and 1878 with a spectacular party dress of ivory satin and deep green velvet leg-o-mutton sleeves, with many more items from the 1850s, hour glass waists and bustles, silk scarves, embroidered bonnets, fans and high-button gaiters. The majority of the furniture located here is originally from the Sutliff house, that has been since torn down, but the carpeting that had been made in England spreads across the floor with needlepoint and the colors of the Victorian period, lace curtains, silk draperies and ornate wallpaper that have been copied from the period, with the remainder of the room coming from the period between 1800 and 1900, with all the paintings created by local artists of the period, like William F. Porter, Fred Masters, John Bell, Carl Schmitt, John Crawford and Addison Thomas Miller, along with a twelve light chandelier and marble fireplace with Franklin stove. Memorabilia includes outstanding Staffordshire dogs and a magnificent alabaster French clock on the mantel, and coin silverware created by local Ohio silversmiths, dishes and silver serving sets with numerous documents from the military service period around 1794. There are hand written letters about anti-slavery in 1842, a slave hobble from the leg of a runaway slave, depicting some of the actions that the family became involved in during its anti-slavery days. A unique collection of relics from the Philippine Islands includes artifacts taken from the Mauro Indians in the Spanish-American War that include a betel box, opium pipe and tribal weapons.

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Youngstown Municipal Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 1453 Youngstown Kings Rd. NE.

    Trumbull Art GalleryTrumbull Art Gallery Warren, Ohio
    The Trumbull Art Gallery would begin as the Trumbull Art Guild in 1957, by citizens interested in the promotion of the visual arts and the numerous artists located around the region, without a staff or headquarters, until it moved into the Gillmer House, and then it would begin offering art classes, a gift shop and regular gallery exhibits. The house would be sold in 2002, so that the organization could focus on art programming rather than having to split its concentration on keeping up a historic house and presenting outstanding artworks. In 2003, it would take over two storefronts on East Market Street, where it is located today. Some of the past shows have included work exhibits like Focus on Fiber, Mine His Ours, 2010 TAG Annual, Studios of Tazim and Yasmin, Take Two-Frank and Mary Kay D'isa, all from 2010. 2009 representations include; Kay Wilson Retrospective, Richard States, Touch and Scale, Still Life, Simply Drawing, Photo 2009, People I've Met or Not Met. Showcasing the talents of early artists, the museum has a marvelous display of 4th graders that is called "Bobblanimals" where they used paper mache' and tempra paints, creating interesting and exciting painted three dimensional sculptures. This year's SummerFest 2011 is using the iconic chronicler of American life, Norman Rockwell, that inspires and excites the art workshops that is sure to become a special exhibition.

Thrifty Car Rental Warren

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Dayton Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 2700 W. National Rd.

    Packard Music HallPackard Music Hall Warren, Ohio
    The Packard Music Hall was founded by industrialist, William Doud Packard, who wanted to music to become a part of the city's legacy for generations to come, so in his will, he made sure that it would happen. Packard began the Packard Automotive Company and the Packard Motor Car Company with his brother, James Ward Packard, in the 1890s, and the Packard Electric Company would become the predecessor of the Delphi Packard Electric Systems, the leader in power and signal distribution systems for automotive applications, and one of the biggest employers in the area today. He left funds to construct a music hall, with enough left over to start and maintain a band that would perform in the music hall. The initial construction would have to wait until after WWII, but would start in 1953, on lands donated by the Packard family, a 42 acre park, in 1911, and dedicated in 1955. It became the home for the W. D. Concert band, with the city's community now enjoying the results of that outstanding gesture by Packard so many years ago. Presently, the hall is the center of entertainment and culture in the Warren area, with more than 100,000 folks coming here every year to enjoy and be thrilled by the concerts, ballets, Broadway touring companies, gala balls, wrestling matches, children's programs, high school graduations, theater, dance recitals and more; as well as the free monthly Packard band concerts. It has a seating capacity of 2500, with small meeting rooms, dressing rooms and a kitchen, with the proceeds from the events taking care of the maintenance of the structure. It would become a temporary refuge for the city's citizens in 1959, when the city's populace would be forced to seek shelter.

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Dayton Off Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 2700 W. National Rd.

    Harriet Taylor Upton HouseHarriet Taylor Upton House Warren, Ohio
    This unique house was constructed in 1840 by General Simon Perkins, who had it constructed in the Egyptian revival style and would become the residence of famed suffragette Harriet Taylor Upton from 1887 to 1931, and house the headquarters of the National American Woman's Suffrage Association. It was deeded to Upton by Congressman Ezra B. Taylor and remain her residence until it would be sold in a sheriff's sale, like so many of the houses, farms and other structures that would be sold off by many banks during the Great Depression since there wasn't any work. In 1993, it would be added to the National Register of Historic Places, and added to the National Historic Landmark list that same year. It is the third oldest house in Warren, Ohio, and was sold to Ezra Taylor in 1872, by Henry Perkins, the general's son; who in turn would leave the house to Harriet "for love and affection". Ezra was Harriet's father, and he would be appointed to Congress in 1880, when her father had to replace James A. Garfield, who had become the President of the United States. Harriet would go with her widowed dad to the capital in Washington, where she learned to be a very apt hostess and companion, becoming a favorite in that city's society, for her literary ability and her amiable character. She would marry a lawyer named George Upton in 1884, although they wouldn't have any children, which would allow her to spend endless hours working for women's rights, becoming a close friend to Susan B. Anthony, her mentor; and although she would not see the passage of the 19th amendment, her efforts would be a vital part of that historic event.

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 3600 Terminal Dr. Vandalia

June 20, 2011