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Woodstock Avis Car Rental  - 942 Hwy. 92 Ste. 160
Avis Car Rental Kennesaw
- 1930 Cobb Pkwy. NW. Ste. B
Kennesaw Avis Rental Cars
- 3161 N. Cobb Pkwy. NW Ste. 480
Avis Car Rental Marietta - 1320 Roswell Rd. Ste. G5

Things to do in Woodstock

    Bulloch Hall Bulloch Hall Roswell, Georgia
    The elaborate Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia was constructed in 1839 by Major James Stephens Bulloch, one of the city's first settlers and the grandson of Governor Archibald Bulloch and his wife, Martha Stewart Elliot Bulloch, the daughter of General Daniel Stewart. In December of 1853, the dining room would become the setting for the Bulloch' s youngest daughter's wedding that would become a momentous occasion for both families, as Mittie Bulloch was wed to one Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. The new couple would entertain at the main house, and in area homes for several days, and then live in New York City, where they would raise four children, Theodore Jr, Anna, Corinne and Elliot. Theodore would become the nation's 26th President and come back to visit his mother's homestead in 1905 as he traveled through the southern states. Mittie's other son, Elliot would become the father of Eleanor Roosevelt, who would end up marrying Franklin D. Roosevelt so that she would become the nation's first Lady. The stately Greek revival style mansion was a Willis Ball design and houses two marvelous exhibits. The slave quarters on the grounds of the estate was rebuilt using the memories of Virginia Wing Power and her brother, Tony, who had been former residents, as well as archaeological findings. There had been two of these houses for slave on the property, originally, but had been destroyed by fire in the early years of the 20th century. The amount of slaves that lived at Bulloch Hall would vary over the years, but at one point, when the census was taken, James was listed as having 43 slaves. A plaque adorns one wall that lists the names of 33 of those slaves, whose names are known and had worked on the property. The structure bears honor to those that lived and worked here those many decades ago. The other exhibit is the museum room that contains details about Mittie, describing the story of her life and the arrival of the family at Roswell in 1838 and ends with the visit to Bulloch by her son, Teddy in 1905. The exhibit contains the family tree, information about the construction of the house, the early settlement of the city and facts about the family. There is much more that is both interesting and historical and should be viewed when you visit there.

Budget rent a car Woodstock

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Kennesaw Budget Car Rentals - 2115 N. Cobb Pkwy. 
Budget Car Rental Roswell - 715 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
Marietta Budget Rental Cars
- 1092 Roswell Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Marietta - 975 S. Cobb Pkwy.

    Cobb County Youth MuseumCobb County Youth Museum Woodstock, Georgia
    The Cobb County Youth Museum is a nonprofit educational resource center that was created to offer and provide children with the outstanding opportunities to learn about the important social, cultural and historical events that have occurred during their lives through instructional activities that integrate art and education while stressing personal participation and involvement. The museum changes its significant displays often, focusing each time on a new theme, in hopes of expanding the horizons of the children that come here, with the students taking part in the exhibits. The current venue is America's Pathways to Independence, and during the two hour tour, students are able to partake in three various exhibit areas. The first one takes place in colonial Boston, with storyteller, Abigail Adams describing the events that would lead to the American revolution that included the Stamp Act, the Tea Party, the midnight ride of Paul Revere and the Boston massacre. Then you are led to a front row seat to witness numerous important battles in the war and how America won its independence from England, plus the story of the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The storyteller here is Deborah Sampson as the group meets George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, British generals and more. The last exhibit has students traveling to Independence Hall in Philadelphia so they can become delegates at the Constitutional Convention, with James Madison taking us through the important issues of the day that face their leaders as they begin the hard road to deciding on what new government should be installed. Here you'll learn more about Benjamin Franklin, William Peterson, Alexander Hamilton and Edmond Randolph, the delegates from Georgia and others; as the church bell rings in celebration of the birth of a new nation and the tour ends. It is quite a place to visit and learn more about this nation's history, as well as other interesting subjects that bring out the explorer and imaginations of the students partaking in this excellent tour.

Enterprise rent- a- car Woodstock

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Woodstock Enterprise Rental Car
 2340 Towne Lake Pkwy. Ste. 170

Enterprise Car Rental Woodstock -  1350 Londonderry Rd.
Canton Enterprise Rental Car
 180 Riverstone Pkwy. Ste. 100

Kennesaw Enterprise Car Rental -  500 Roberts Ct. NW.

Local Restaurants in Woodstock

    Magnolia Thomas Restaurant
    Entrees with choice of house, sweet baby spinach or Caesar's salad; Magnolia's buttermilk fried chicken is chicken breast, southern kettle fried, stone cheddar grits w/ fried green tomatoes, topped w/ house black-eyed pea salsa; fiery shrimp & chicken linguine is blackened chicken & Cajun grilled shrimp, poblano peppers, tomatoes, grilled corn, red & yellow bell peppers, over red pepper linguine with cilantro chili cream; Cherokee county chicken poblano is marinated chicken breast, grilled & finished w/ snappy poblano & sweet bell pepper cilantro cream, texacan sweet fried onions, fried green tomato & stone cheddar grits; artichoke stuffed tortellini w/ asparagus, portobello, shaved prosciutto, toasted almonds, with red pepper basil alfredo; Georgia peach BBQ chicken is BBQ grilled chicken breast topped w/ sweet Georgia peach compote, roasted potatoes & French green beans; sundried ravioli is sundried tomato & cheese filled spinach ravioli, white vino tomato diablo sauce, w/ grilled squash & zucchini; RT's chicken wellington is chicken breast, portobello mushrooms, spinach, sweet bell peppers & sage infused bel paese cheese baked in puff pastry; eggplant pancakes is stack of crispy rounds w/ four cheese topping of ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese & tomato asiago syrup served w/ orzo pasta; chicken gourmand is parmesan crusted, kettle fried chicken breast, served w/ garlic mashed potatoes & topped w/ artichokes, shiitakes mushrooms, finished w/ caper lime sauce; cabernet portabella beef tips is sautéed beef tenderloin, cabernet glazed portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions, oven roasted potatoes & steamed French green beans; whiskey grilled pork tenderloin is dry rubbed marinated tenderloin, sweet potato soufflé, grilled broccoli, finished w/ caramelized apple & whiskey sauce.

    LaParilla Mexican Restaurant
    Entrees; steak la parilla is 12oz. grilled marbled ribeye topped w/ sautéed mushrooms, served w/ grilled tomatoes, Mexican rice & house salad; tampiquena steak is 8oz. skirt steak marinated in house recipe, grilled & served w/ cheese enchilada, Mexican rice, mexi-bean & guacamole; carne asada is 8oz. grilled steak on bed of sizzling onions & bell peppers, served w/ rice, beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole & sour cream; steak ranchero is 8oz. grilled ribeye topped with salsa ranchero, w/rice, beans, guacamole & sour cream; Veracruz steak is surf & turf, Mexican style, 8oz. grilled ribeye topped w/ grilled shrimp, melted cheese, & house salsa ranchero, w/ rice, lettuce, tomatoes & avocado; pollo a la plancha is marinated chicken breast, on bed of sizzling onions & bell peppers, rice, beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream & lettuce; Milanesa de pollo is 8oz. chicken breast lightly breaded & drizzled with house chipotle mayo with charro beans, mex rice & cole slaw; pollo chipotle is 8oz. grilled chicken breast topped w/ house salsa chipotle, w/ mex rice, lettuce, sour cream & slice of tomato; chiliquiles is bed of corn tortilla chips topped w/ seasoned shredded chicken & smothered w/ house salsa ranchera & melted cheese, mex rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream & tomato slice.


Shrimp & Chicken Linguine Magnolia Thomas Restaurant Woodstock, Georgia


Georgia Peach BBQ Chicken Magnolia Thomas Restaurant Woodstock, Georgia



 Steak La Parilla La Parilla Mexican Restaurant Woodstock, Georgia


Milanesa de Pollo La Parilla Woodstock, Georgia



Hertz Car Rental Woodstock

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Hertz Rental Cars Woodstock- 5064 Canton Rd.
Kennesaw Hertz Car Rental - 2143 Cobb Pkwy.
Hertz Rental Car Roswell Alpharetta- 11030 Alpharetta Hwy.
Marietta Hertz Car Rental - 1551 Cobb Pkwy. S.

    Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Georgia
    The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is situated between Marietta and Kennesaw, Georgia, saving the Civil War battleground of the Atlanta campaign, as well as Kennesaw Mountain. The name Kennesaw comes from the Cherokee "gah-nee-sah" word that means cemetery or more particularly burial ground since we are dealing with Native Americans and cemetery means nothing to them. The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain would be fought here in 1864, between Generals William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union army and Joseph E. Johnston of the Confederate Army in July. Sherman had 100,000 men, 35,000 horses and 254 cannons; while Johnston had half the men and 187 cannons. The battle would occur on the Little Kennesaw and the area south, but not the mountain, with over 5300 men killed; with the outcome a decisive victory for the south, since they began with only half the troops and little more than that in cannons. The site would be made a national battlefield site in 1935, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The area encompasses almost three million acres, but the Kennesaw Mountain battlefield is situated on just 2,923 acres, while the rest belongs to the National Battlefield that includes the entire campaign sites. The battlefield would be authorized by Congress in 1917, so that it could be preserved and saved from any scavengers or others that would arrive in the area and take as many souvenirs as they could grab. The Kennesaw Mountain battlefield includes sites where some of the bloodiest fighting of the war took place. Today, as the urban sprawl of Atlanta spreads across the fields, mountains and valleys, some of the preserved areas are in dire straits of becoming overused or misused. In 2005, there would be more than a million people coming here to visit, remember, reflect and walk the grounds where so many men and relatives would pass on.

Alamo Car Rentals Woodstock

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Atlanta Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 2200 Rental Car Center Pkwy.

    The Great Locomotive ChaseThe Great Locomotive Chase Georgia
    The Great Locomotive Chase or Andrews' Raid occurred on April 12, 1862 in northern Georgia during the Civil War, when volunteers from the Union Army would commandeer a train and take it north towards Chattanooga, Tennessee, doing as much damage to the Western and Atlantic Railroad as they could; all the while chased after by other locomotives filled with Confederate soldiers. The group had cut telegraph lines so that no messages could be sent ahead of them warning the Confederate posts along the way what was happening. The raiders would be captured, and some executed as spies, while some would be the first recipients of the Medal of Honor. Maj. General Ormsby M. Mitchel was the commanding officer of the Union troops in middle Tennessee and wanted to move south with his army and take Huntsville, Alabama by surprise, before he would turn east and capture Chattanooga, Tennessee. He saw the value of the railroads and water transportation center in Chattanooga, but to prevent any reinforcements from coming to their aid he would have to completely surround it. That would be almost impossible since there were numerous mountains and water barriers already surrounding parts of it and more than difficult to capture. James J. Andrews, a civilian scout and occasional spy, suggested a daring raid that was aimed at disrupting or destroying the Western and Atlantic Railroad link to Chattanooga, thus isolating the city from Atlanta. He would recruit a civilian named William Hunter Campbell and 22 volunteers from the Union ranks and told them to arrive in Marietta, Georgia by midnight of April 10, 1862. Their plans would be delayed because of a heavy rainstorm for a whole day, as the men traveled in small groups so that they wouldn't gain any suspicions, traveling in civilian clothing as well. The trains of that day didn't have any dining cars, so when they stopped for water, they would also get meals and some rest; with the engines needing fuel and water to run. On the morning of the 12th, a passenger train pulled by the locomotive General, would stop at the Big Shanty, Georgia, which is now Kennesaw, so the crew and passengers could get their breakfast. It was here that Andrews and his raiders would take over the train and a few rail cars. He planned on going to Chattanooga, destroying as many bridges, rails, switches and burn the covered bridges, as well as sending false messages through the telegraph. The train would leave the stop with many bewildered passengers, crew, onlookers and some Confederate soldiers that were bivouacked at a trackside camp. The train's conductor, William Allen Fuller and two other men would chase the train, on foot at first, and then on a handcar. Locomotives during the period would normally average about 15 miles an hours, with short speeds of up to twenty.  It is a great story and should be very interesting to finish.

Thrifty Car Rental Woodstock

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Atlanta Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 2300 Rental Car Center Pkwy.

Thrifty Car Rental Atlanta College Park
 4100 Global Gateway Connector

    Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive HistorySouthern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History Kennesaw, Georgia  the General
    The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History is situated in Kennesaw, Georgia housing a magnificent collection of relics and other antiquities from the war, along with relics from the railroads of the state and surrounding areas. The feature is called the General, a steam engine that had been used in the Great Locomotive Chase in April of 1862. Their archives contain a substantial collection of blueprints, company records, glass plate negatives, engineering drawings, correspondence and photographs from numerous American businesses that had represented the railroads in the south after the Civil War. These archives also have an excellent collection of growing Civil War letters, official records and diaries. The museum that had been called the Big Shanty Museum, had been located in a barn that had stored a cotton gin, opened in 1972, about the date that the chase would happen some one hundred and ten years before, with the General as the centerpiece. As time passed, the exhibit would include other Civil War pieces as well. During the 1990s, the former Glover Machine Works factory was scheduled to be demolished, with the structures having sat here for almost half a century, still had old records, machinery for locomotive construction, locomotive parts and one complete locomotive that had seen only a few months of service before being repossessed. The descendants of the Glover family, that had kept ownership of the grounds and their contents, would later donate the entire collection to the museum in 2001. After acquiring all the marvelous collectibles, the museum closed that year so they could start a huge expansion to preserve them, with a huge box made out of plywood constructed over the top of the General so that it could be well protected. The museum reopened in 2003, as the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, with another expansion planned in 2007 to house the French Merci boxcar. The Jolley Education Center has numerous hands-on and interactive displays that are fun and educational for the entire family, as well as the Cobb Energy Gallery that showcases traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, along with other resources.

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Atlanta Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 2300 Rental Car Center Pkwy.

Dollar Rental Car Atlanta College Park 
 4100 Global Gateway Connector
Dollar Rental Car Atlanta-Snellville 
 3334 Stone Mountain Hwy. Ste. 23

    Seven Arrows Art GallerySeven Arrows Art Gallery Woodstock, Georgia
    The Seven Arrows Art Gallery in downtown Woodstock, Georgia in Cherokee County showcases purses, pottery, blankets, jewelry, dreamcatchers and more that has been handcrafted from Native American tribes. Cheryl West would start the unique boutique that highlights excellent treasures from the Northern Cheyenne, Zuni, Comanche, Ojibway, Salish, Hopi, Lakota, Onieda, Acoma, Creek, Mohawk and Cherokee tribes. This outstanding gallery offers many one-of-a-kind bone-crafted sewing needles from Comanche Jerry Ward, as well as shadowboxes and fishing hooks. From Cherokee flutes to Pueblo pottery, these hand made crafts are so beautiful that you'll plan on coming back often to visit the gallery and learn more about the unique talents of these Native Americans. The gallery features authentic First American jewelry and art from many different tribes, in the United States and First Nations in Canada. Other items for sale include turquoise jewelry, artifacts, squash blossom necklaces, silverwork, Navajo weavings, beadwork, Hopi Kachinas and pottery, along with many one-of-a-kind gift objects.

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Atlanta Apt. National Car Rental 

 2200 Rental Car Center Pkwy.