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Cleveland Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 19601 Cleveland Parkway

Things to do in Euclid

    Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland Institute of Art Euclid, Ohio
    The Cleveland Institute of Art is now a private college of art and design, situated in the University Circle, of Cleveland, Ohio, that had begun in 1882 as the Western Reserve School of Design for Women, until 1891, when it would become the Cleveland School of Art, continuing until 1948. In the depression, the school would become part of the WPA Federal Art Project, and during WWII, it would add medical drawing and mapmaking to its curriculum in sculpture, drawing and painting. Besides being a historical art school and valuable asset to the community, it would have under its umbrella, the main exposition center of the Cleveland Cinematheque, with such famous graduates as Robert Mangold, Eric Stoddard, Dana Schutz, Viktor Schreckengost, Julian Stanczak, Richard Anuszkiewicz and Winifred Lutz. The institute offers events, lectures and free changing art exhibits, and is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The school had originally relied on practical rather than academic skills, attempting to train craftspeople and designers, but would begin offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1947, just before it changed its name. It would slowly matriculate more lecture based subjects into the curriculum, like art history and literature, expanding to five years in 1969. Beginning in 2006, it would return to the usual four year curriculum for bachelor's degrees instead of the five; and start to concentrate on new structures, although the current economic conditions have changed that and the main changes have been the increases to the school's tuitions. Today, it provides majors in sculpture, biomedical art, printmaking, ceramics, painting, communication design, jewelry and metals, drawing, industrial design, enameling, interior design, fiber and material studies, illustration, film, video and photographic arts and glass.

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Cleveland Hopkins Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 19601 Maplewood Ave.
Budget Car Rental Mentor - 7875 Johnnycake Ridge Rd.
Beachwood Budget Rental Cars
- 26300 Chagrin Blvd.
Cleveland Budget Car Rentals  - 1460 E. 9th St. 

    Euclid Art AssociationEuclid Art Association Euclid, Ohio
    While the Euclid Art Association's website in not indicative of their main talents, they definitely do stimulate a better interest in the visual arts, by providing exhibits, classes and demonstrations of art related matters, as well as developing a larger appreciation of the arts through a marvelous exchange of ideas. The site and association continues to establish a fine arts center in the community, to improve and enhance their classes, workshops and exhibitions. The association continues to develop many outstanding workshops and classes that will entice the public to visit as much as possible, expanding their entire curriculum and offerings that have been a boom to the community and the people that live in it. They have a fine art show going on until September 1, 2011 and include an excellent ceremony and artists reception that allow and offers the community a wonderful opportunity to meet and speak with these excellent artists. There are many meetings that continue to happen that bring artists from around the region into the center to speak about their passion and art, giving the community a better chance to meet and greet them, learning more about art from those that create it than just walking around and viewing the many pieces.

Enterprise rent- a- car Euclid

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Euclid Enterprise Rental Car - 20950 Lakeland Blvd.
Enterprise Car Rental Wickliffe - 29820 Euclid Ave.

Local Restaurants in Euclid

    Beach Club Bistro
    Entrees; horseradish potato encrusted salmon is 8oz. salmon steak crusted with layer of horseradish infused mashed potatoes & roasted until golden, topped with sautéed shrimp & served with side of fresh green beans & lemon crème fraiche; sweet & sour pork tenderloin is glazed pork tenderloin pan roasted with bok choy, bamboo shoots, peppers, onions, mushrooms & served over sobe noodles; breaded eggplant roulettes are hand-rolled roulettes of eggplant stuffed with ricotta cheese & baked with house marinara sauce & topped smoked mozzarella until piping hot & golden brown; 10oz, house prime sirloin steak char grilled smothered in mushrooms, onions & port wine jus partnered with mom's au gratin potatoes & garden fresh broccoli; Grandma Vaccario's lasagna is pasta layered with beef & pork, baby spinach, asiago & provolone cheese & marinara sauce; Mama's housemade pot roast is 10oz. of classic slow braised beef pot roast, served with turnips, parsnips, carrots, onions & Yukon potatoes served in generous amount of housemade gravy.

    Paradise Restaurant & Pub
    Entrees; burger sliders are 4 of the smallest tallest little burgers served on chabatta roll; chicken strips are 5 breaded & deep fried served with choice of sauce; calamari is fried & tossed in spinach & confetti pepper, served with Cajun aioli; chili prawns are battered prawns sautéed in tangy sweet sauce with onions & peppers; pan fried tilapia is served over tomato, onions & herbs; fettuccini alfredo with parmesan cream sauce with fettuccini pasta; Wild caught Alaskan cod is 2 6oz. of cod done you way; shrimp basket is handful of battered shrimp served over fries with Cajun aioli; Kadai veggie curry is veggies with sautéed onions, green pepper, cooked in onion sauce & tomato gravy; chicken tikki masala is chicken pieces braised in creamy tomato sauce; fried chicken served with mashed potatoes & mac & cheese; pork chop grill is 3 grilled 6oz. pork chops coated in house spices & cooked to perfection; steak dinner is marinated, grilled flank steak served with Spanish dirty rice & finished with fresh herb chimi curry; fried rice is stir fried rice with veggies, tossed with house special sauce.


Horseradish Potato Encrusted Salmon Beach Club Bistro Euclid, Ohio



 Grilled Pork Chops Paradise Restaurant & Pub Euclid, Ohio





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Hertz Rental Cars Euclid- 24800 Lakeland Ave.
Cleveland Hertz Car Rental - 4253 Mayfield Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Cleveland- 3663 Park East Dr.
Chesterland Hertz Car Rental - 8549 Mayfield Rd.

    Euclid Historical Society  Euclid Historical Society Euclid, Ohio
    The historical society is located in the old 1894 township high school, beginning with the outstanding survey of Euclid township from 1796 to 1802, with vineyard equipment and Victorian rooms that represent the town's wine period that would run from 1870 until 1920. There are many industrial relics and village memorabilia that pertain to the 20th century, with numerous transportation exhibits that span rail, automobile, sail and rail periods. Other fascinating relics include an intubation set, an ophalmoscope, a railroad lantern, a Boss washing machine, a Western Electric wall telephone, a butter churn made in the 19th century, a carbon arc lamp street light, an addressograph-multigraph graphotytpe from the late 1930s that was made in this city, the Euclid First Baptist Church communion tankard and plate and a four way traffic light from 1952.

avis discount rental car Euclid

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Cleveland Hopkins Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 19601 Maplewood Ave.

Avis Car Rental Wickliffe
- 28502 Euclid Ave.
Mentor Avis Rental Cars
- 7875 Johnnycake Ridge Rd.
Avis Car Rental Beachwood - 27900 Chagrin Blvd.

    A Christmas Story House & MuseumChristmas Story House Euclid, Ohio
    The Christmas Story House that was used for the 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, is situated in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, and become the Parker's house, which has been rejuvenated to reflect its conditions during the filming. Brian Jones, a San Diego entrepreneur and avid fan of the movie purchased the house on eBay, using the money from his business, the Red Ryder Leg Lamp Company, that continues to manufacture the "main award" that Ralphie's father won in the movie, for a down payment and had much to do to bring it back to its former 1983 condition; especially after replacing the windows and adding blue vinyl siding. Jones watched the film, frame by frame so that he could restore the house to its movie-set condition, as well as changing the interior to showcase its appearance in the movie. He would also buy the house across the street to convert it into a museum, that now houses some of the props from the movie, that includes Randy's snow suit, hundreds of behind the scenes photos and the Higbee's window toys. It is considered to be quite the event in town, with the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel offering a package deal for two that has an overnight stay and then tickets to go and see the house, with the movie being shown 24 hours a day, and Patty La Fountaine-Johnson, one of the actresses that played a Higbee Santa elf, that lives in the city, now hand crafts and autographs the red and green felt hats that are approximately the same as the costume she wore in the movie, and then sells them at the gift shop. Although the story is supposed to happen in Hohman, Indiana, the story is based on Jean Shepard's stories that he wrote in his hometown of Hammond, Indiana, and would take scouts visiting twenty cities around the country to find the right one to use in the film. It is a marvelous story and will add more to your visit when you go.

Thrifty Car Rental Euclid

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Cleveland-Mentor Thrifty Rental Cars
 7272 Mentor Ave. Ste. 3

    The Cozad-Bates House/Anti-Slavery & AbolitionThe Cozad-Bates House Cleveland, Ohio
    The Cozad-Bates House in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the oldest surviving houses that still remains in the city, with the original section, that had been constructed in 1853, is the only pre-Civil War residential house left in the area, constructed by Samuel and Jane Cozad's son, Andrew, with the first section using locally made bricks to build the two story one room deep vernacular English I house, since the family had owned a large parcel of land occupied by University Circle. Justus Cozad, Andrew's son, would come back from the west where he had worked as a civil engineer and railroad superintendent, would then construct a later section for his big family in 1872, on Mayfield Street that is now a rare surviving Italianate influenced resident with paired eave brackets, prominent belvedere, hipped roof and curved bay windows. It would become a National Register of Historic Places in 1974, and in 2006, be added to the list of Cleveland landmarks. With many of the city's citizens being abolitionist and anti-slavery, once the Erie and Ohio canal was opened, the city would become a favorite destination for the many fugitive slaves and bondsmen that tracked them. Sometime before the Civil War, there would be many slaves going through the state's underground railroad system that ran two hundred and fifty miles from Ripley to Cleveland. The city would become known as the secret code name of Hope, and the city would become a popular destination for freedom seekers that were trying to escape north in Canada.

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Cleveland Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 19601 Maplewood Ave.
Dollar Rental Car Cleveland-Mentor - 7272 Mentor Ave.

     Sarah Benedict HouseSarah Benedict House Cleveland, Ohio
    The Sarah Benedict House in Cleveland, Ohio is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a rare local example of a brick Queen Anne style dwelling, with irregular slate roofing and tiled frieze between the first and second floors that had been constructed in 1883. It would be constructed for Sarah Rathbone Benedict, the widow of the Cleveland Herald publisher, George A. Benedict, that showcases the affluent in the old city during the 19th century. During the years from 1860 to 1915, the Upper Prospect Avenue area would be second to Millionaires Row on Euclid Avenue, that is located just a block north and had been considered one of the most beautiful streets in the nation. Sarah was widowed in 1876, and would continue to live there until just before her passing in 1902, at the age of 87. When she passed on, the house would be used for many years as a single residence, as the neighborhood began changing to an automobile sales area that had many other commercial uses there as well. It would eventually be used as a boarding house, then an office building and finally, light manufacturing, only to become the library, which was a favorite bar of the local students that went to Cleveland State University, and then it would become vacant until it was purchased by the Cleveland Restoration Society and restored.  The house has four formal rooms, and a magnificent grand staircase that sits on the mansion's first floor, with outstanding private meeting spaces for people of over a hundred, with the interior rooms keeping their historical flavor. The 1880s garden contains many beautiful plants and flowers from that period, along with outstanding elements of contemporary art, with the garden being recognized by the Cleveland Botanical Gardens a winner of the 2006 Green Around Town beautiful urban garden contest.

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Cleveland Apt. National Car Rental 

 19601 Cleveland Parkway