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Hills Aerospace Museum Not far from Layton is the Hills Aerospace Museum, it is an amazing place that is filled with many cool aircrafts to look at. The museum is located at the north west corner of Hill Airforce Base in Utah. It was opened in 1982 and every since has been growing they now annually serve about 160,000 guests. On the museum today there is more then 90 military aircrafts, missiles, and other type of airborne vehicles. The museum is broken down into 8 different exhibits each has an interesting focus that highlights a part of history. One of the first exhibit that most encounter is “The Beginnings” this exhibit goes though a selection of older planes that are rear today and can’t be found outside of museums. It also shows how the air force was formed and even has some extremely old planes. The planes in this museum are really the center of attention. Outside the main building is covered with massive bombers and transport planes. There is one that it’s tailfin is taller then the museum building the inside of that plain is larger then most homes. It is really cool getting a chance to see these planes up close and personally. One of my favorites is the flying fortress which is covered with gunner nests that would have been manned during WWII. The Black Hawk inside is also a very fun plane to see. One interesting fact is that the plane had to be fueled in the air because the landing gear would be crushed by the weight of the fuel and it would never be able to take off. The Museum is a great place to the family and the best part is its free.

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What to eat in Layton

Crown Burgers There is something about a burger that American’s love. There are fast food places all over the world that server hamburgers it is just amazing how many are sold every day. It isn’t hard to get a burger but it is hard to get a “Good” burger. Fast food places server burgers but they are often covered in grease and was cooked days before they were served to you. There are some places that you can walk into like Five Guy and get a good burger but they are few and far between. The residents of Layton Utah are lucky to have Crown Burgers in their town. The original Crown Burger was open in 1978 with a simple motto of serving superior quality food, having a clean restaurant, and having a friendly atmosphere. The menu at Crown Burger is as impressive as their heritage with about 50 different items to choose from on the main menu then a selection of kids items, salads, dinner, entrees, and desserts. There is something for everyone on this menu. I wouldn’t dare to eat anything besides a burger but that is simply because their name is Crown Burger and after eating one of their delicious burgers I wouldn’t want to eat anything else it was so good.