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Willow Park Zoo South Jordan is a beautiful town full of life and lots of entertainment. The last time my family visited South Jordan we ended up spending an evening at The District Megaplax Theaters. I have to honestly say that The Megaplex Distrcict is the best movie theaters I have been to in a long time. We wend and say the new Hobbit movie in IMAX 3D. I was astounded by how large the screen was and how crisp the picture it. I’ve see IMAX movies in the past but never a 3D movie. It really brought the film alive and made my family feel as if we were right in the movie standing next to Frodo. The term everything in bigger in Texas really needs to be adopted for these IMAX Theaters in Utah. The South Jordan screen isnt’ the largest in Utah but the largest is at another Megaplex theater in sandy Utah it totals at more then 6,000 square feet. The South Jordan complex however is one of the only Imax theaters to offer 3D movies. The sound system to go along with the huge screen is also stunning there are 5 600 lb speakers mounted behind each IMAX screen. There are also many other speakers that surround the entire theater. The massive amount of power and clarity that really draws the view in and makes for an immersive experience.

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Tandoori Oven I love restaurants that are built upon a brewing company. There is a love that goes into making brewing beer and when that love for brewing is shared with a love for food something special happens. The food which is created is truly a delight. While travling in Ogden Utah a local pointed us to Rooster Brewing Co. They are a local Brewer who has a passion for great flavorful beer. There are lots of beers like Niner Bock, Argo ESB, Peloton Pale Ale, and the Polygamy Pale Ale. There is lots more and they are always changing as the Brewers come up with new beer. The food at Roosters Brewing Co is also quite exceptionally, they have hired an amazing chef that creates dishes to complement the many great flavor profiles of the Beers from the Brewery. The restaurant is open for Lunch, Dinner, and even a brunch. The brunch is exceptional with classics like Eggs bandito or the Roosters special breakfast which is veggies, bacon crumbles, eggs, and roasted potatoes covered with a jalapeno hollandaise sauce. For dinner there are some great pizzas like steak fajita and Sicilian pizza. My personally favorite thing on the menu however is the Angus Ribeye. There is something about pairing a great steak with freshly brewed beer that just makes everything just that much better. The steak was cooked and aged perfectly and served up with a delicious cheddar mashed potatoes.