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Seven Peaks Fun Center There is lots of things you can do with your family for fun. But often times someone is compromising and not having a good time. That is no good when it is easy to go to Seven Peaks Fun Center and enjoy fun the whole family will enjoy. If it’s a nice day then be sure to enjoy the 4 out door attractions. On Saturday there is a lot of fun things to choose from if you like to swing a bat then be sure to hit a few balls at the batting cages. With 3 different speeds for both baseballs and softballs a perfect speed for anyone. If you want to get behind a speeding Go-Kart you can do that as well on Saturday. The classic slick track is lots of fun, get behind the wheel and let the younger kids ride a long. If you want something a little more challenging then enjoy the two outdoor mini golf courses. One course is center around a lighthouse and the other a wind mill. Each is challenging and unique. Its lot of fun that the whole family will enjoy, just be carful for those traps they will grab your ball and make the whole a challenge. There is a third mini golf course inside that is covered in black lights its fun to play and a fun thing to do with friends. The black light make your teeth glow making it perfect for making memories.

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What to eat in Orem

Pizzeria 712 There is something special that happens when the restaurant is built around the ingredients. To often a restaurant try to make elegant dishes with horrible frozen ingredients and that just can’t be done. That is why at Pizzeria 712 the ingredients are the most important part of the restaurant besides the customers obliviously. Pizzeria 712 is a local restaurant and the location in Orem was the first of its kind. They get as much of their ingredients locally as they can and if the ingredient isn’t good they don’t serve it. The motto is we don’t try to push strawberries in December. The list of farmers that they buy from is larger then their menu and that is good as they support Utah natives. Because they have good ingredients the food is going to be amazing and that is true. The name Pizzeria 712 comes from the temperature of the stone wood fire oven which they cook their pizzas in. It is kept at a steady temperature of seven hundred and twelve degrees. The menu is mostly pizzas however there is going to be flavors that you have never seen before. If there is something special that you are longing for or have had in the past but don’t see it on the menu don’t worry just ask your server and I’m sure they will be willing to help you out. The kitchen is also open and you can see the chefs are work and even ask them which pizza is yours.