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The LIving Planet Aquarium I am a sucker for Aquariums there is something about the life in them that just mesmerizes me. Its different then mammals or other air breathing animals. Taking a trip to the zoo can sometimes be disappointing because all the animals are sleeping or just lounging around. A trip to the Aquarium is usually never a dull time. This is because most fish keep moving while they sleep so they move water across their gills and can breath. Sharks are a perfect example of this. The amount of life that can be in a small area also makes aquariums always fun because there is bound to be something going on. While in Utah a friend of mine brought me to the Living Planet Aquarium and I was not disappointed it was a great time and the amount of animals and exhibits that they had was amazing. They had fish from all over the world, electric Eels, piranha, Rainforest frogs, and a few Amazon rive giants. These massive fish could easily sallow my arm but are found in the shallow waters of the Amazon Rain Forest. Its crazy to see them up close and one of a kind exhibit. There was a shark tank, a live coral reef tank, octopus, jelly fish, and even a life filled River Otter habitat. Perhaps the most memorable tank is the touch pool that has rays, and sharks that you can reach in and touch.

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Iggy's Sport Bar & Grill Working my way through college I worked in an array of different restaurants, serving, cooking, and even doing the dishes. One of my favorite places was Lee Roy Salmon’s American Grill. They where a small chain in south Florida and had the best food and atmosphere for miles around. They even smoked their own meats in hour. I loved their food and working there because I could take it home. While in Sandy Utah my family and I stopped to watch a football game and eat at Iggy’s Sports Grill. I have been to plenty of sports grills and nothing compared to Lee Roy’s until Iggy’s. The atmosphere was just great there were TV’s and projects set up all around and if you couldn’t see the game the servers would change the channels on a TV you could see. It was perfect and the service was just amazing as well. Having worked in the service industry I can be critical at times about level of service but I was very pleased with the staff. The menu was large and had a lot of options from burgers to seafood and even offered Pizzas. The Babyback ribs really shine they are made from scratch in house and are tinder and have the special Iggy’s BBQ sauce on them. Order in a half or the full rack depending on hor hungry you are.