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 St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm There is a lot of history surrounding Dinosaurs. They lived so long ago and there are only so much that still remains of them its is uncertain if the answers of where they went will every be answered with 100 percent certainty. There are many places that have dinosaur bones or fossils that give light on when they walked the earth and what different species there were. One of these amazing facilities are in St. George Utah. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnsons Farm it’s an astounding place that has lots of things to see and learn about. It is great for the whole family as kids young and old will love to learn. At the Johnsons Farm there are exceptionally well preserved dinosaur fossils, fossilized plants, and an array of other rear dinosaur remains. Its rear for a place to have so many of these amazing things. Dinosaur Discovery is even described by many prestigious paleontologists as being “one of the ten best dinosaur track sites in the world.” This location isn’t just a museum where kids can dig for fake bones but a place where Dr’s preform research and seek out new discoveries. It is great place to take the family for a day of learning about some of the largest animals that walked our earth.

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What to eat in St. George

The Painted Pony Restaurant There is a restaurant like no other in St. George Utah. Its name it the Painted Pony. When I asked a local where to eat they said the Painted Pony and I had to laugh at first by the name but after speaking with the man it was clear that had high regard for the restaurant. The Pink Pony isn’t a place that you would go to every night its more of a special occasion type of place unless you are on a high budget. The entrees are great and there is a large selection for dinner. Some of the more exotic dinners are the Rack of New Zealand Labm, Ratatouille Raviolis, and the Bacon Wrapped Duck. These entrees are delicious and you should try them at some time in your life. The new Zealand duck is a great cut of meat and the duck has apple stuffing and a celery root puree. These are culinary masterpiece that can only be found at the Pink Pony. One of the more classic dishes and my personal favorite is the grilled rib eye. I’m not hard to please and I love a good steak. The Pink Pony steps up a notch and services it with fingerlings, green beans, ruby port sauce, and stiton fritters.