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    SeaWorld San Diego

    SeaWorld in San Diego, CaliforniaSea World is definitely a great place to bring the children or just friends and family when in the San Diego area. There is so much to see and do at Sea World including amazing exhibits and exciting shows featuring some of the most inspiring sea mammals and fish in the world. Some shows featured at Sea World San Diego include Shamu: Believe, Sea Lions LIVE, Pets Rule!, Blue Horizons, and many more. These shows feature amazing water and land mammals performing to the commands of their trainers. There is also a behind the scenes tour that allows guests to take a look at where the stars of the show sleep, eat, and play as well as what goes into taking care of all the sea creatures at Sea World. The behind the scenes tour is pretty extensive, but it’s not the most hands on program available at Sea World San Diego. Guest can actually partake in special interactions with the Beluga whales and dolphins. There is an astonishing amount of exhibits for everyone to see at Sea World San Diego. Some of the most popular exhibits at Sea World include the Shark Encounter, Wild Arctic, Shamu: Close Up, the sesame Street Bay of Play, the Penguin Encounter, the Freshwater Aquarium, and many more. Aside from the shows and exhibits available for guest’s entertainment there are also some extremely great rides that have aquatic themes. There are rides for the children including Elmo’s Flying Fish, Oscar’s Rocking Eel, and Abby’s Sea Star Spin. The more adventurous rides on the property include Journey to Atlantis, Shipwreck Rapids, and Wild Arctic Ride. There are a couple rides on property that give amazing views of the property. The Bayside Skyride and the Skytower take guests either across the park or straight up for an amazing view of everything in the general area.

    San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego ZooThe San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are a great way to spend the day when in San Diego. Animal lovers can experience animals from all over the world at the San Diego Zoo. The zoo is broken up into nine different areas which include Discovery Outpost, Lost Forest, Polar Rim, Panda Canyon, Asian Passage, Urban Jungle, Outback, Elephant Odyssey, and Africa Rocks. Many of the different areas of the zoo feature several exhibits. These exhibits include detailed information and simulated habitats for animals like large cats (panthers, lions, tigers, and more), elephants, pandas, giraffes, hippos, monkeys, flamingos, many different birds including a birds of prey exhibit, and more. Discovery Outpost has a Children’s Zoo which is not just for children by any means. Although the Children’s Zoo is for everyone in the family, they also have over 30 specialty exhibits and activities which are catered towards the younger family members. These awesome activities and exhibits feature interactive experiences for the children which make the education of the vast amount of animals that much more exciting for them. The key at the San Diego Zoo is to entertain while educating and the best way to do that is through interaction. That’s one thing that makes the San Diego Zoo so exciting. The staff at the zoo are highly trained in their fields and absolutely love working with the animals. They are also free to answer questions about the animals so do not refrain from doing so. Depending on when one visits the zoo, there are a number of different events like art camps, special holiday tours, and other great interactive programs that are available for guest to partake in. Whether a guest is into birds, fish, sea mammals, bears, large cats, or other amazing mammals and animals, there is something for everyone at the San Diego Zoo.

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    A Taste of San Diego

    A Taste of San Diego food tourGot a passion for food? If so, A Taste of San Diego is the right tour for you! People visiting San Diego are welcome to partake in an amazing dining and food tasting experience which tours many of San Diego’s finest restaurants for an eclectic food tasting. The cuisines featured on A Taste of San Diego include Authentic Mexican, American, different types of seafood, Italian, Polynesian, Korean and Chinese, and Vietnamese. There are entrees, desserts, cheeses, and many other types of food available for everyone to try. This tour is a great way to become familiar with the local dining scene. There are no chains here baby, only local eateries which include the oldest, most notable dining establishments as well as walk in dives and hole-in-the-wall joints which provide the people of San Diego with plenty of great traditional and authentic flavors from all over the world. It is true, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this tour is no exception. Fall in love with some amazing cuisine in San Diego. People from all over the world come and enjoy the flavors of their favorite cuisines. This tour not only allows one to try these different local eateries but also introduces new comers to the fine city of San Diego. Kill two birds with one stone, fill your bellies, and make new friends at this amazing culmination of dining experiences. There is only one way to satisfy a diverse hunger in San Diego and it is specifically done on this tour through the city. Wake up the taste buds with traditional and contemporary cuisine from all over the world in this exciting event. Experience old and new establishments as the staff fires up the stoves and ovens for an enlightening event filled with excellent food. Keep track of what you eat because you may need to remember to tell your friends!

     Balboa Park

    The beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, CABalboa Park is one of San Diego’s most beautiful locations. This park is home to some amazing architecture, lush gardens, and just truly amazing scenery. Fall in love with the 1,200 acres of historical land and attractions including 15 major museums, performing arts venues, and the San Diego Zoo! Everything is right there for guests to enjoy and there is plenty to see at Balboa Park. It is literally impossible to do everything at Balboa Park in one day so plan on coming back again and again. There is a vast number of photo opportunities at Balboa Park and it is said to be one of the most photographed locations in the world. Guest can frequent the park as often as they like for free although the museums and the zoo do cost money to visit. Even if the goal is not to spend a dime, there is still plenty to do at Balboa Park. There are some attractions including the Botanical building which are free as well as the gardens and some other attractions. Prices vary on the rest of the attractions and museums but are fair for what they offer. There are specials in the form of passes which include entry to multiple attractions and museums and are a great way to save money. The Passport to Balboa Park offers guests entry to 14 museums on property and the Zoo/Passport combo gives guests the ultimate Balboa Park experience. The museums include exhibits on automotive, natural history, railroad, different types of arts, air and space, music, veteran memorial and information, international exhibits, and Japanese gardens. There is so much to do at Balboa Park; the options there are absolutely mind blowing!

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January 11, 2011