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    Fei Lai FengFei Lai Feng Hangzhou, China
    Fei Lai Feng is also called Ling Jiu Feng and is located next to the Ling Yin Temple in Hangzhou, China, considered one of the best attractions in the region, with numerous legends still being thrown about. One better known story has it that an Indian monk came here over 1600 years ago and was stricken by the large difference between this peak and the others that were located in the area. He believed that the mountain had flown over from India, since it resembled the type of peaks and mountain tops that his country had, which were seen as being very unique to this region. He would never understand or discover the secret behind this mystery, but that is how it would get its name. It is about 700 feet high, and a pure limestone mountain that is very distinct in the mountain range that surrounds it and is made of sandstone, with many big boulders strewn about its peak that look more like animals like a crouching tiger, flying dragon, running monkey or fleeing elephant. The opposite side of the peak has a wonderful pavilion named Cui Wei to immortalize the national hero, Yue Fei. He had been heroic in his efforts to defeat the Jin Tribe during that war, in the Southern Song Dynasty that ran from 1127 to 1279 AD. It has been destroyed many times, but always rebuilt, the last time being in 1942, and is updated with fresh paint regularly. What is the most fascinating thing about this particular mountain is that is has caves in its sides where 330 stone statues have been installed, that date from the 10th to the 14th centuries, and are arranged in numerous poses like sitting, standing and sleeping. There is much more to the stories and legends that hang on to the cliffs as well as the statues, and it is going to be most interesting and exciting for you to learn more about them.

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    Lingyin TempleLingyin Temple Hangzhou, China
    this temple is the Buddhist temple of the Chan sect that can be found northwest of Hangzhou, China, and is translated as the Temple of the Soul's Retreat, and believed to be the biggest and richest Buddhist temple in China, with many Buddhist grottoes and pagodas surrounding it. The monastery is the biggest that houses numerous temples that are located in the Wulin Mountains that itself contains many grottoes and religious rock carvings and statues with Fei Lai Feng, which was mentioned above, being the most famous and translated means the "peak that flew hither". It was founded in 328 AD in the Eastern Jin Dynasty by the monk, Huili, that had come here from India, and grew into a very famous and wealthy monastery. A majority of the statues, grottos and carvings would be created during this era, and during the later Southern Song Dynasty it would become one of the ten most significant temples of the Chan sect in the Jiangnan area.

January 11, 2014