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    Roman Catholic CathedralRoman Catholic Cathedral Timisoara, Romania
    St. Georges Cathedral, Timisoara or the Dome is located in the midst of Timisoara, Romania, with the foundation stone laid in 1736, and the dome constructed in the Austrian baroque style, dedicated to Saint George, the diocese's patron saint. The image that sits at the high altar was painted by Michel Angelo Unterberger, the director of the fine arts academy of Vienna, that illustrates the saint, with side altars painted by Johann Nepomuk Schopf in 1772. The beautiful oil lamps were created by Josef Moser, and the organ created by Leopold Wegenstein, and the bells made in Germany in 1998.

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    Baroque PalaceBaroque Palace Timisoara, Romania
    The Baroque palace that sits in the city's square is now home to the Art Museum where the artistic and cultural exhibits are shown, and it was built before 1733, hosting numerous institutions during its years, until it would house the art museum, with works by Flemish, Italian and German artists.

January 14, 2014