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    Georgia AquariumGeorgia Aquarium Atlanta, Georgia
    Perhaps one of my favorite places in all of Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. It’s a place like no other and one of the most respected aquariums in the US and known around the world. It’s a great place to bring the family and kids of all ages will love the rich verity of sea life that calls the Georgia Aquarium home. One really awesome attraction at the aquarium is Journey with Gentle Giants Immersion Program. It is an awesome opportunity and one that I want to take up during my lifetime. It’s a chance to swim or dive with the largest fish on the planet. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the only places in the world to keep whale sharks. There are two different packages Swim or Dive. To swim its about 225 bucks an to dive with scuba gear its about $325. That might seem like a lot but it includes all admission to the Aquarium and admission to all the little extras, and think about it where else in the world and when will you get another chance to swim with whale sharks? The tank you dive in isn’t small either its it is a huge 6.3 million gallons and holds all sorts of sea life like 4 giant manta rays. This is just one thing that that Georgia aquarium has to offer. It is a place full of adventure be sure to check out the albino Alligator if you go!

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    Stone MountainStone Mountain, Georgia
    Atlanta is filled with lots of things to do it’s the largest city in Georgia and filled with people. If you are a fan of sports there is almost always a brave game going on at the stadium or in over of the other arenas in the city you can find basket ball games, indoor soccer, and even indoor football. If you want to get out and enjoy the beautiful Georgia weather then stone mountain might be a place to visit. This one quite state park has turned into a rather large attraction that everyone will surly enjoy. The mountain I just outside Atlanta and has a beautiful view. Its not really a mountain as a single huge stone. There is a gondola that transports guests to and from the welcome center and the top of Stone Mountain. If your family is feeling adventurous there is a nice trail that runs around and down the mountain. Its really fun to take the gondola up the mountain and then enjoy the nice weather with a leisurely walk back down the trail. Its takes several hours to fully enjoy the park so be sure to plan accordingly. My favorite time to go is in the evening because as soon as its dark enough there is a laser show on the mountain. Its an amazing show that involves hundreds of lasers projectors and fireworks that will be sure to wow your entire party.

March 16, 2013