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    Boston Museum of Fine ArtNew Mexico Museum of Natural Science & History Albuquerque, New Mexico
    There is no place in Boston quite like the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s a collection of some of most well respected art in the world. It is simply the best place to go when looking to completely immerse yourself in beauty it is the place to go. There is always rotating exhibits that are consisting of masterpieces from around the world. It keeps the museum fresh so you can come time and time again and not get bored. To give you an idea of what types of art they have ill tell you about their current exhibits. My favorite and one of the newest exhibits to at the Museum of Fine Arts is New Blue and White. The art in the exhibit is modeled after a long tradition of blue and white porcelain but just with a new flair. There are creative and out of this world techniques that really make for some incredible pottery. Another really cool exhibit is “The Postcard Age” it’s a collection of well… postcards from the decades closest to 1900. It’s a collection of hundreds of beautiful postcards that were created by wonderful artists to help people communicate around the world. A more recent exhibit is Mario Testino’s British Royal Portraits. Which is a collection of exactly what it sounds like, a collection of British Royal Portraits. It’s filled with beautiful photos of some of the most important people in Brittan.

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    Boston Public GardenBoston Public Garden, Massachusetts
    Boston is a city that isn’t often visited for its outdoor beauty. Its often cold and rainy but on a day when the sun is shinning there is a Public Garden that you should really visit. The Boston Public Garden is the oldest Public Garden in the States it was he first opened nearly 200 years ago with the birth of the city. There is over 200 different types of trees in the garden that make for a very beautiful garden. The swan boats are perhaps the most popular attraction at the garden. The boats were put in many many years ago and travel through the waterways of the garden. Its an awesome way to view the entire garden without much walking. If it’s a hot day there is usually a cool breeze over the water making it a great way to cool off. Keep your else open while walking around the park for the duck family. There are some very cute statues of a bronze duck with ducklings following behind their mother. The mother duck is big enough that small children can sit on her back for a picture perfect moment. It is something as a parent that you will never forget and most kids seem to love it. I would recommend the Boston Public Garden to anyone who wants to get outside on a nice day.

March 16, 2013