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    Zero Gravity, Dallas Texas Zero Gravity You know that saying everything is bigger in Texas? Well its true. Dallas Texas is home to one of the worlds most extreme amusement parks. Zero Gravity is a high flying extreme amusment park for family and friends. Have you ever wanted to go bungee jumping but didn’t want to trust diving off a bridge? Well Zero Gravity is your place. With state of the art equipment that is kept up year round and inspected daily it couldn’t be safer. The Bungee Jump off the seven story tower is one of the most popular attractions and it couldn’t be safer. The bungee cord you use is super high quality, there isn’t anything better they could find. On top of that high quality cords are Nylon Safety straps just in case the unfortunate happens. If for some strange reason both safety’s fail below is a huge professionally stunt airbag that is rated for jumps much higher than 7 stories. Bungee Jumping isn’t the only attraction at Zero Gravity there are 4 other equally thrilling rides. There is the Skycoaster, nothing but net, skyscraper, and Blastoff. Skycoaster sends you soaring in the air at 60 MPH’s with up to two of your closes friends. Nothin’ but Net which is for the real thrill seekers, think bungee jumping…. Without the bungee. You get lifted 16 stores into the air and then dropped no cord, no bungee, harness just two stunt quality safety nets. It is the only place you can get this trill without falling to your death. Finnaly there is Blastoff. Blastoff takes you and one other from 0 to 70 in just 1.2 seconds. Throws you up into the air and then lets 4 bungee cords catch and bring you back down to the group. Its crazy and fun.

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    Dallas Zoo Dallas Zoo If extreme base jumping isn’t for you don’t worry. It’s not for most but the Dallas Zoo is. The Dallas Zoo is a remarkable place that hundreds if not a few thousand animals call home. The 100 acre park is the largest zoo in all of Texas which is a big place. That is something to be proud of. The zoo focuses on education and entertainment so it’s a great place to take your kids to both learn and have fun. If you want to take them out of school for a day you don’t have to feel bad because they will most likely learn more while at the zoo then at school. The staff are extremely friendly and very smart. They know their animals and help to keep them healthy and happy. Don’t be afraid to talk with them and ask questions about the animals they love to talk and teach. You might even learn something yourself. The zoo has a wide range of animal that come from as far north as the frozen tundra and all the way down into the outback of Australia. Watch a regal lion with a giant maim sit and look out over his kingdom as he knows he is in charge. Go into the caves and see reptiles and snakes as they sleep. The Zoo is a great place and I would recommend it to all. There is plenty to do and could easily fill up 3 to 4 hours of your day.

March 19, 2011