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    Colorado State CapitolColorado State Capitol Denver, Colorado
    designed by Elijah E. Myers, this majestic structure is much like the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. which was intentionally done, built during the 1890s using white granite, and opened in 1894. The magnificent dome is covered in real gold plate, installed in 1908 and commemorating the Colorado gold rush. The interior was created using large amounts of Colorado rose onyx, which is quite rare, that was quarried by Beulah, Colorado, with every bit of the rose marble known in the world, being used to construct this huge capitol. White Yule marble that would be brought here from the quarries near Marble, Colorado, was used for the floors, with many unique images seen in the beautiful marble patterns, with two seemingly distinct images that many believe is that of George Washington and Molly Brown. There are marvelous stained glass windows that showcase events or people pertaining to the history of the state, with the halls decorated with portraits of every president of the nation.

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    Denver ZooDenver Zoo Denver, Colorado
    occupying some 80 acres in the City Park of Denver, Colorado, the zoo was started in 1896 and became the most popular attraction in the city for the year 2005. The zoo would have be started when a large black bear that had been offered was donated to it. Other areas and animals would soon arrive to become parts of its own displays, with more naturalistic enclosures used, rather than cages and bars, that allowed three more areas to open that would be rotated to allow for environmental enrichment and many other exciting areas. Today, the zoo houses over 3500 animals that represent 650 different species that are housed in bear mountain, predator ridge, primate panorama, birds, hoofed animals, pachyderm habitat, northern shores, Asian tropics, wolf pack woods and tropical discovery.

February 21, 2013