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    Wyler Aerial Tramway, El Paso Wyler Aerial Tramway Its not often that I come across an experience that I would say is a must do. Most towns and cities have many things that people tend to enjoy. While visiting El Paso Texas however I came across the Wyler Aerial Tramway. The Tramway is a part of Franklin Mountain State Park and is really something special. Franklin Mountain sits high above the city of El Paso and it takes drive to get to the state park. The paved roads wind up nearly 4600 feet in elevation just to the first parking area. The parking area is where the park begins there are miles and miles of trails that lead up to the top of the mountain and there is also the start of the Tramway system. What was once a crude tram is today a beautiful Swiss made Gondola that takes a 4 minute trip up to the top of the mountain. When the old system was replaced they didn’t just get rid of it but kept pieces and made a little museum out of the pieces so you can see the history of the park. Be sure while you are waiting on the gondola that you take a peak at the machinery that drives the gondola it is rather amazing to see. The amazing part is the ride and the view from the top of the mountain. the gondola takes your group and an operator to the top of the mount and along the way you can see all the mountain has to offer. The operator was nice and knew a lot about the land and the different type of plants that called it home. The view from the top was breathtaking and is an experience that I won’t ever forget.

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    U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Museum U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Museum If there is one thing that will forever get little boys and men excited it will be tanks and artillery. Little kids love the toy army trucks and adults love to see real life size tanks. El Paso Texas is home to the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Museum. This one of a kind museum focuses on the long range fire weapons that the U.S. used during our many wars. It is very much a past vs feature museum. There are very old artillery pieces and there are new pieces that were used but a few years ago. It is really a cool museum and you can get up and personal with the arsenal of tanks and cannons. Some of the older pieces are from the civil war where artillery was more like a cannon then a tank. It took several men to move and operate the cannon. It had one shot and then hand to be reloaded by hand. The military has come a lot way and today artillery can be completely automated. There doesn’t even need to be a driver in the seat. The range has also increased some 100 to 1000x that’s of the original cannon. Some new age artillery can shot shells miles away and hit a spot the size of a base ball. The museum takes you from the original cannon to the modern larger tank like artillery.

March 19, 2013