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Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city in Florida, and one that you have to visit while you are there. Before settlers made their way down to the Florida area, the land was inhabited by the Seminole Indian tribe. The name Fort Lauderdale comes from the second war that the Union had with the Seminole tribes. The city is named after Major William Lauderdale. There were a string of forts built up around the area to house troops for the wars and it eventually gained the name Fort Lauderdale during that time. Today, you can still see and learn about the Seminole Indian tribes and the early settlers of the region. Also, you can see what Fort Lauderdale has become, a buslting and beautiful city in Florida.

    Bonnet House Museum and GardensBonnet House Museum and Gardens Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    the house is also known as the Bartlett House, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, originally acquired by Hugh Taylor Birch in 1895, and then given to his daughter, Helen and her husband, artist Frederic Clay Bartlett to be a wedding gift for them in 1919. Frederic would have a plantation style home constructed on the property, wintering there with his wife and child, Frederic, Jr. from a former marriage. Helen would pass away in 1925, and Bartlett would marry Evelyn Fortune Lily, the ex-wife of Eli Lilly. The couple would use the home for a winter retreat until Frederic passed away in 1953, and then, Evelyn in 1997. She deeded the beautiful estate to the state of Florida in 1983, so that it would be used as a historic house museum. While living here, Frederic would continue his artistic endeavors, while Helen would compose music and poetry.

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    Bahia Mar Beach MarinaBahia Mar Beach Marina Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    This marina is located close to the Atlantic Ocean, along the white sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a forty acre facility that specializes in mega-yachts of up to 250 feet in length with some four miles of docking spaces . Amenities here include an onsite hotel with three dining options, maintenance services, 24 hour security, concierge services and a high speed fueling station with Valvtect treated gas and diesel. There is also a convenience store, marine supply store and dockside amenities that include cable television, individual sanitary pump-out, showers, laundry facilities, private telephone lines and much more within walking distance.

November 17, 2014