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    Edison & Ford Winter EstatesEdison & Ford Winter Estates Fort Myers, Florida
    This is the ninth most visited historical site in the United States, and it is no wonder, since two of the country's best inventors would vacation here in the winter time. There is a historical museum and a beautiful seventeen acre botanical garden that sits between the winter homes of Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford, alongside the Caloosahatchee River. Edison's house is a historical model of what a house should have been constructed like, with wraparound porch and floor to ceiling windows that allowed the optimum flow of air to breeze through the house and cool it down in the heat. Edison installed some of his first light bulbs in the house, over a century ago, and these bulbs are still burning, albeit that they do cost more to run today. The pool is hooked up with the river, making it one of the most modern circulating pools in the nation, with the botanical garden filled with magnificent trees that Edison brought back from his travels around the world to find just the right filament for his bulbs. Ford's house is right next door and can be seen at the same time, with both houses filled with the memorabilia of yesterday, and the relics that the most affluent could afford.

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    Fort Myers Historical MuseumFort Myers Historical Museum Fort Myers, Florida
    The museum has evolved into the Southwest Florida Museum of History in historic downtown Fort Myers, Florida in the old Atlantic Coastline Railroad depot and contains the history of the southwestern areas of the state, that includes Paleo Indians, Calusa, Seminoles, Spanish explorers and early settlers. There is an authentic pioneer cracker house, a 1929 Pullman car and 1926 La France fire pumper located on the grounds, along with a large relic collection that depicts the early civilizations that lived here, the area's first European settlers, the cattlemen, the turn of the century, military and agriculture, as well as the outstanding boating and fishing industries that have grown up around Fort Myers. There exhibits and programs will encourage you to become more familiar with the museum and its outstanding venues.

February 21, 2013