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    Mill City Museum
    Mill City Museum Minneapolis is really an amazing place there is lots of places to go and things to see. One of my favorite places to visit in the city is the Mill City Museum. Minneapolis was the center of the industrial revolution. It was home to the largest flour mill in the world, but that mill wasn’t built without its fare share of problems. The original mill was built in 1874 and was thriving until a huge flour dust explosion, 18 died in the explosion but Minneapolis as a city got back up and in 1880 another mill was made and this mill was the largest in the world. it was operational till 1965 where it was shut down. A fire in 91 almost destroyed the mill for a second time. The ruins of that mill is what the Mill City Museum is built on today. The museum is devoted to preserving the history of milling at of Minneapolis. The museum itself is a testimony to what used to be here, but what is inside is really special. It usually take about an hour to two hours to see everything. The mill as it was in its heyday has been recreated for all to see you can start in the backing lab and move up 8 stores all the way to the top of the mill. The observatory deck is quite a wonderful view. Admission is just $11 bucks for adults so it is an affordable trip for the whole family.

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    Minneapolis Sculpture GardenMinneapolis Sculpture Garden
    If art is your passion Minneapolis has a lot to offer. One of the largest collections by size not volume is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The park is right in the city and is a wonderful place to visit. The grass is green, the trees are tall, and most of all the Sculpture are large and beautiful. The sculpture garden is one of the most popular places to get outdoors in the city. My family loved visiting the park it was a great day and they thought the sculptures were really creative. One of the largest and most popular works of art is a giant spoon bent with a giant red cheery sitting on the top of the spoon. The top of the cherry is little fountain that rains water down the cherry and onto the spoon. Another of my favorites is a hare or rabbit that is leaping over a giant metal bell. I’m not too sure of the symbolism but it is really neat and a great piece of art. The garden is filled with art like this there is a small labyrinth made of hedges its really cool because some of the hedges are giant mirrors that reflect the hedges and in the right light it can make it look like your invisible.

April 14, 2013