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    Newark Museum
    Newark Museum Newark is a wonderful city with lots of history and culture. There are many places to go and one place that is great to visit while in Newark is the Newark museum. It’s a beautiful place with art from around the world there is lots to see and lots to do. The exhibits are always changing and always new you can come twice in one week and see new art. One my favorite and most popular pieces of art is a giant soldier. Its right in the middle of the hallway, you can’t miss it and if you go you are bound to see it. Its not just a place of art but as place of learning as well. The Newark Museum is one of the only Planetarium’s in New Jersey. It was built in 1953 and nearly 2 million people have viewed the amazing images which are shown. The museum is open daily and admission is just $10 for adults, $6 for students, and kids. The Planetarium is a little extra at 5 bucks for adults and 3 for kids and seniors. It’s a great place to visit while traveling through Newark.

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    Cathedral Basilica of the Scared Heart Cathedral Basilica of the Scared Heart
    There are many great Cathedrals across the world. I thought all the truly beautiful ones were in Europe so I was surprised when I came across the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred heart. The first stone was laid way back in 1899. It took years to build and once you set your eyes upon it you will see why. The stone structure is something of beauty and it was all built to bring glory to God. it is just magnificent to this day it is still an acting cathedral as well. There are mass’s two times a day during the week and two on Sunday as well. On weekday you can visit the Cathedral at 7:30 am or 5:30 and enjoy a great service. One of my favorite things about this Cathedral is the stained glass. It is really remarkable and like nothing I have ever seen. When I visited I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. the colors were brighter than any other stained glass I have seen and the designs are so detained its amazing that they could have been made over a hundred years ago. The Cathedral basilica of the Scared Heart is a must see in Newark. There are few other Cathedrals in North America that can compare to it’s beauty

April 12, 2013