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    Museum of Osteology
    Museum of Osteology Can you tell me what Osteology is? I couldn’t when I first saw the sign for the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City. I could tell it was a science from the ology at the end of it and I managed to piece together that it was the science of bones from picture on the sign. I was hooked however and had to bring back my family the next day. The Museum of Osteology is American’s Only Skeleton Museum making Oklahoma City the only place you can see an entire museum dedicated to Skeletons. You might be thinking that skeletons are gross and that you really don’t’ want to go to a museum like this. Don’t be the Osteology Museum is one of a kind yes but is great for all ages. There are over 400 exhibits on display some very small and other very big. The skeletons range in age as well the museum is a great place to see how the human skeleton has changed over the years to adapt to the changing environments on earth. One of my favorite skeletons a giant hanging whale. It spans a giant room and is really remarkable, words can’t do it justice. Admission is just $6 so it’s cheap for the whole family to enjoy.

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    Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
    If there is one place that you have to visit while in Oklahoma City it’s the National Memorial & Museum. It might seem like a grim idea to go to memorial site that honors so who have fallen but sometimes we need to be reminded of the past. The memorial and Museum focus on teaching and remind its guests about the terrible bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building on April 19, 1995. The first time I visited Oklahoma City with my family I took them here and let my children learn about the events that took place. The museum takes you through a chronological look at what happened on April 19 and how a normal day in the office turned out to be nothing but normal. Admission to the museum is just 12 bucks for adults and 10 for seniors, kids, and students. Once you have see the museum you have to see the outdoor memorial the symbolism in the memorial is quite clear. There are a number of chairs sitting in the field each representing a life that was lost. On each side of the memorial is a giant wall with a door above that door it either says 9:01 or 9:03 the time of the tragic event.

April 16, 2013