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    Flight Deck
    Flight Deck As I’ve traveled with my family I’ve came across places over the years that have really stood out from out from the pack. Places and attractions that that leave you with memories for a life time. One of my favorite places I’ve visited is I Orange County California. Flight Deck is a flight simulation center that really focuses on making your experience as real as it can. You can choose from a few different simulators at Fight Deck. My favorite was the F-16 fighter Jet simulator. You got to take to the sky in a fighter jet the experience couldn’t get more real. You are sitting in a cockpit that is identical to the real deal, there is even a big glass dome that closes over you. The staff is really quite amazing, as you can enjoying your experience they are on the radio talking to you through a headset, giving you missions and objectives like in a real combat mission. There is a second combat simulator which is for 2 people the F-111 which is a bomber, bigger then the F-16 but still great fun. If you want to fly something bigger than the F-11 there is still one step up to the Boeing 737 Simulator. This simulator is close to the real thing as you can get. There is a 180 degree wraparound screen so it feels like you’re really in the air. Make flights from airport to airport in this one of a kind simulator.


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    1,000 Steps Beach
    1,000 Steps Beach Finding hidden gems while on vacation is what really keeps me going. I love to explore and find things that are off the beaten trial. While in Cali I overhead a few locals talking about 1,000 Steps Beach. They were saying its their favorite place to go and relax. It is out of the way and so not as crowded as the other tourist beaches. That stuck my interest because I had just came from the normal beach and it was packed. There was people all over the place. I had to look around a bit for the beach but I finally found it. You have to take a narrow stair case down to the beach and from the name I was rather worried about the trek. As it turns out there is only 280ish stairs no were close to 1000 the beach is named after. I did find out why the beach is named 1000 steps and its because the beach is only about 1000 paces long from one side to the other. This wasn’t a big deal because the stairs really detour most people from the beach. You really don’t want to forget anything in the car through because the walk back up the stairs is far worse than the walk down. You will most defiantly get your workout in when visiting 1000 steps beach.

April 20, 2013