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    Natural Science Musuem North Carolina
    Natural Science Musuem North Carolina Natural Science museums always spark my interests because they focus on well nature and the animals. Art and history museums are alright but they bore me because they are all about what has happened and are often bland and leave you leaving bored and over the museum. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is not boring by any means and really keeps your attention while visiting the museum. There are four floors of world class exhibits that consist of diorama, life size replica, artifacts, and bones from species that no longer walk our earth. Admission to the Natural Science is free which is great. The whole family can come and it won’t cost you a penny. Donations like at most museums are not turned away. It only took about two hours to go through the museum and we quickly found we needed something else to fill the day. That wasn’t much of a problem however because there was two other great places to visit. The first is the Prairie Ridge Ecostation and the second is the North Carolina Museum of Forestry. Where ever you go in North Carolina there is forests so this great little museum tells you a lot about the forests.

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    BentonVille Battlefield Site BentonVille Battlefield Site
    A lot went on in North Carolina during the Civil War there was many battles waged and some of those batter field today are historic sites. In Raleigh there is the Bentonville battlefield site which has nearly remained the same since the days of the civil war. The battle was waged March 19-21 in 1865 it was the last offensive of the confederate army and the largest battle fought in North Carolina. There are several buildings on the sight that are just as they were during civil war time A visitors center has been built and is open to the public daily. One really awesome thing about the visitors center is you can see the reenactment of the battle yearlong on a fiber optic display. The display is the battlefield as it was on the first day of the battle. The lights red and blue representing the two different army scurry across the terrain on the table showing the exact maneuvers that each army took during the first day of battle. During the display voice provides a description of what is going on during the battle. Its really neat to see the battle happen on a board of lights. It’s a great place to visit and get a glimpse into history.

April 20, 2013