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    Great Salt LakeGreat Salt Lake Salt Lake City, Utah
    sitting in the hot sun of northern Utah is the biggest salt lake in the entire western hemisphere, and the fourth biggest terminal lake in the world; and the 37th biggest lake on this earth. During an average year, the salt lake covers an area of about 1700 square miles, although it does fluctuate because of the shallowness and the amount of rain that might come. In 1963, the lake went to its lowest recorded level at 950 square miles, while in 1987, it would grow to its biggest in history and recordings to cover more than 3300 square miles. This monstrous and very unique lake has been referred to as America's Dead Sea, although it provides a natural habitat for millions of native birds, shorebirds, brine shrimp and waterfowl, that includes the biggest staging population of Wilson's phalarope in the entire world. It occupies five counties and contains numerous islands, although the term used for islands is still unanswered in terms of uniformity. According to the Utah Geological Survey, there are eleven islands that are recognized, which again, will depend on the level of the water that sits in the lake. Because of the warm waters of the lake, there is a unique lake-effect that creates some hefty snow storms and drops quite a bit of snow at times. But these usually occur during the late fall, early winter or in the spring because of the higher temperatures that exist between the lake and the air above it.

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    Utah Museum of Natural HistoryUtah Museum of Natural History Salt Lake City, Utah
    situated on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, this museum showcases natural history subjects and more specifically about the state's natural history. The museum houses more than 1.2 million objects in its huge collection that is used for education and research, emphasizing the natural history of the state and making it accessible for the researchers of the world. The vast majority of this outstanding collection is from public lands that exist within the inter-mountain region of the nation and are used in the studies of biological, geological and cultural diversity, as well as living systems and human cultures in the Utah region. In their anthropology collection there three-quarters of a million objects in the archaeological collections, with the associated records coming from over 3800 sites and over 2000 objects from their ethnographic collections. In their spectacular biology collection there are 30,000 specimens of animals, 180,000 insects, 20,000 birds, 22,000 mollusks, 18,000 lower vertebrates and 123,000 plant specimens in the Garrett Herbarium, that include many with viable seeds and spores. The geology collection contains 3600 minerals, 4000 plant and 2500 invertebrate fossils, 250 rocks and 20,000 vertebrate fossils that includes the famous Cleveland-Lloyd Jurassic dinosaur collections, significant lower Cretaceous dinosaurs from the museum's Long Walk quarry, late Cretaceous vertebrates from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and other Cedar Mountain Formation localities.

February 22, 2013