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    Alcatraz Island Museum
    Alcatraz Island Museum We have all hear about Alcatraz. It was taught briefly during our long days at school. It’s an Island, it’s a jail, its an islands that’s a jail. Prison is a better word because the people sent to Alcatraz were not people you wanted to be hanging around with. Right off the coast of San Francisco is the island of Alcatraz which today is just a museum that teaches tourists about the no longer used prison. There is lots of history on this island because every individual who set forth on the island had it cataloged to be recorded. There is a myth that is associated about Alcatraz. It was said to be the best prison ever built because even if you got out of the cells you still had the raging waters outside to deal with before you got out. Well the myth is that a few people actually did get out making a raft out of rain coats. No one really knows if it happened for sure but there is a portion of the museum that has details on the escape attempt. The island is filled with rich history and historic building visit the island and take a walk through the cell blocks and the visitors center which has lots of great info on the island. It’s a step back in time and really worth a trip to the island.

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    The Walt Disney Family Museum The Walt Disney Family Museum
    If there is one name that says vacation in the world today it has to be Walt Disney. As the created and inventor of both Disney Land and Disney World he has had a large impact on our world and culture today. Disney has also been a large impact in the movie, toy, and entertain industries as well. But what was the man behind the name really like? It was said that right before he died he was frozen to be preserved so one day he could be thawed out when technology has progressed enough. But is that true? What was the man like? While you may not be able to get all the answers the best place to get answers and to learn about Walt Disney is at The Walt Disney Family Museum. This one of a kind museum really takes a close look at the man behind what changed our world. It looks at how the many Disney characters were created and what had to happen for the pieces to fall as they did. Admission to the museum is just 20 bucks for adults, 15 for seniors, 15 for students, 12 for kids ages 6-17 and under 6 get in for free. The Walt Disney Museum is a great place to visit and really is lots of fun.

April 21, 2013