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    Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Garden
    Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Garden One of my favorite places to visit is the Zoo. Every time you go its going to be different, one time the animals may be sleeping but the next time you go at a different time and the animals are full of life. While traveling to Sanford Florida with my family we took a trip over to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Garden. Its was early in the spring time and the weather outside was beautiful. The sun was out and it was a nice 73 degrees out side. This was one of those days that the animals were just buzzing with life. It seemed like every exhibit we went to the animals were up at the glass or fence. It was as if they just wanted to interact with each and every guest. This was really great because I’ve visited too many zoo’s with my family where the animals are just being lazy. The number of animals at the zoo was really impressive it ranged from small insects and snakes to animals as large as rhinos. There are over 400 animals at the zoo so finding something that you like is just bound to happen. Admission is decent price as well. Adults get in for $15 bucks while seniors are $13 and kids under 12 $11. The zoo was a great place to visit and my family really enjoyed the day out.

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    Katie's Wekiva River Landing Katie's Wekiva River Landing
    Florida has an abundance of water. If you dig a hole in about 10 to 11 feet is will start filling up with water from the ground. That not the only water source there is rivers everywhere and not to mention the fact that the state has water on 3 of its 4 sides. Water however is the source of life so its makes Florida that is a state filled with wildlife and a great outdoors. There are many places in Florida that are man made and great for vacationing. Not far from Sanford is Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World each of these parks has more then enough entertainment for any size party. There is something special however about getting outdoors and enjoying entertain that mother nature has left for us. Sanford is home to Katie’s Cove that is on the Wekiva River. Katie’s Cover is a beautiful little part that is a great place to go enjoy the outdoors. There is a small admissions fee to use the park but its well maintained and well worth the fee. The river is the real highlight of the cove and is the best place in the area to go Canoeing, Kayaking, tubing or fishing. The river is just full of life. Just be sure that you have your fishing license and only catch what is in season.

April 21, 2013