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  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & LibraryJohn F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library Boston, Massachusetts
    The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is the presidential museum and library of the 35th President of the United States, located on the grounds of Columbia Point, Dorchester neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. The marvelously designed structure was designed by noted architect I. M. Pei and sits next to the University of Massachusetts, Boston and the state's archives. It is the official repository for any original papers and correspondence that occurred during the Kennedy Administration, plus those unique volumes of published or unpublished works that pertain to Kennedy. The library and museum were dedicated in 1973 by President Jimmy Carter and various members of the Kennedy clan. Ironically, but sadly, John took a weekend in October, 1963 and visited Boston with John Carl Warnecke, the same architect that would design his tomb in Arlington, to visit numerous locations that had been offered by Harvard for his library and museum. At that time, there were only four other Presidential Libraries; the Hoover Presidential Library, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Truman Library and Dwight D. Eisenhower Library. These libraries were scattered throughout the country in small towns from New York to Iowa; but he wanted his to be close to scholarly resources, although he hadn't decided on any particular design as of then. John picked a site by the Graduate School of Business Administration, where the building would face Charles River, just feet away, and on the opposite side were the dormitories that held Winthrop House where John had spent his upper classman days. 34 days later, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot by one of the most infamous cowards in the history of this nation. During John's presidency, he had encouraged his staff and administration to save everything both personal and official so that his library and museum would be more than just a collection of Presidential papers, but the record of a Presidential era; thus the library was appended with the word museum.  John F. Kennedy was a real American hero, the type of man who was destined to lift this country up and bring it into a new age. Some of his dreams have been realized, but many were not. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have won a second term, as he was a man of the people, for the people and of the people. We will never have another one like him, although I pray that we do and will every 4 years. John will always be remembered by those that were there and heard his remarkable speeches and loved as well. We miss him.

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  • Old Town Trolley Tours of BostonOld Town Trolley Tours of Boston, Massachusetts
    Part of the family of Historic Tours of America, the trolley tours company started in the 1970s when the partners shared a marvelous passion for historic buildings and decided to create a partnership that would renovate and restore historic building in Key West, Florida. Wishing to bring retail customers to the restorated area by the city's main street, they purchased a company called Old Town Trolley Tours, that had two cut down bread trucks pulling a boat trailer with metal awning roof and plywood floor with garden bench seats attached. That was their initial venture into what they called the transportainment business. Their threefold mission is to make safety the first priority, be courteous and help their guests relive history. Presently, they have become the nation's storytellers, entertaining over two million guests each year enjoy their tours, attractions and historical ships. There are many other millions that have enjoyed their historical tours of American festival marketplaces and themed gift shops and they are very thankful to the great American cities where they are located; Key West, San Diego, Savannah, St. Augustine, Washington, DC and Boston. Their Cradle of Liberty tour in Boston has been going on for over 25 years and invite you to learn about the history of this fabulous city that is overflowing with history, historical architecture and monuments. On the trolley tour in Boston, you will soon flow back in time to the 1770s, with numerous opportunities to get on and off as often as you choose, with trolleys running all the time. This is the best way to see the most historical city in the nation, with ancient burial grounds and national historic landmarks like the Old North Church, old State house, Bunker Hill, the Freedom Trail, the pub where Cheers was copied after, the Boston tea party, the USS Constitution, the first public park called the Boston Common begun in 1634, the first subway in 1897 and the first public library in 1653. If you enjoy history, the smell of salt air and the fantastic sights and sounds of one of America's first cities, then come to Boston and take the trolley.

January 11, 2011