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  • GatorlandGatorland Orlando, Florida
    Gatorland sits on a 110 acre theme park and wildlife preserve in Orlando, Florida, started by Owen Godwin in 1949, and still owned by his family today. It has become the alligator capital of the world, with thousands of alligators and crocodiles, observation tower, breeding marsh with boardwalks, petting zoo, aviary, swamp walk, reptile shows and numerous educational programs. There is a wonderful road show that takes the gators wrestling, lizards, pythons and various other animals to private parties and benefits, telling about the creatures, their habits and habitations, and any quirks or stories involving them. It also manages an alligator display at the Kissimmee Gaylord Palms resort. The park is well known for its leucistic gators, which are those that have skin pigmentation discolorations, and many are white, not albino. There was a terrible fire in 2006, completing burning down the gift shop, which had been at the entrance, and many walkways. A four foot alligator and two, six foot pythons, were burned, but all the other animals were saved. The place has since been rebuilt and refurbished, with all the displays in tip top shape. A great place to bring the family and see how these alligators, many of which are huge, live, breed and eat. There are many great shows with the alligators, like wrestling, also reptile shows with rattlesnakes and such, plus a finding show that has the gators jumping out of the water to engulf whole chickens.

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  • Holy Land ExperienceHoly Land Experience Orlando, Florida
    The Holy Land Experience is a themed park and Biblical museum that can be found sitting on 15 acres of exotic landscaped vistas in Orlando, Florida, right next to Interstate 4 and exit 78. This wonderful attraction cost $15 million to build and showcases many exciting exhibits and marvelous displays that highlight various parts of the Bible. Baptist minister and born Jew, Marvin Rosenthal started the Holy Land Experience and Zion's Hope, that funded the construction. It was protested by the Jewish Defense League on opening day, claiming that the purpose of the site was to convert Jews to Christianity, although Rosenthal denied the claim; and it is an absurd one, since there are many venues world wide that could do this, but why? Really, in this wild and crazy world, why would any religion want to change another, since many of the writings are the same, by the same people and same prophets? You must go there for yourself to find out why and how this strange claim was made, and if you do find anything that remotely is fact of this, please let us know. In 2007, the Holy Land Experience was bought by Trinity Broadcasting Network, for $37 million, with slow sales and an estimated $8 million in back debt. Two months after the purchase, former president and board member Tom Powell, resigned to seek new challenges, while four members stayed; Paul Crouch Sr., Jan Crouch, Matthew Crouch and Paul Crouch Jr, who became the park's president. Between 50 and 100 employees lost their jobs in 2007. TBN has made plans to add to the park by creating a movie studio that would produce Christian films and a television studio for the recent buyout of WHLV-TV in Orlando. Some highlights include the main entrance or city gate, that was modeled after the stone arch in the Damascus and Jaffa Gates of Jerusalem; the Jesus boat which is a replica of a boat that was found in the Sea of Galilee that dates back to the time of Jesus; the Jerusalem Street Market which is a copy of the middle eastern markets in the city, the city's well, and a chance to interact with the street merchants; the Crystal Living Seas is a dancing show; the old Scroll shop with examples of first century shopping and items; the Living Word Prayer Garden which is more than one garden where you can pray, meditate or just rest, praying for God's healing and intercession in your problems; the Wilderness tabernacle, with a mock priest taking you on a timeless trip through the process of Israel's priesthood, that ends with the glory of God seen above the Ark of the Covenant; the Shofar Auditorium that contains musicals, presentations and dioramas; the scriptorium presents one history of the Bible that includes exciting authentic artifacts from around the world; Church of All Nations Prayer Garden; Dead Sea Qumran Caves, a marvelous copy of the desert caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found; the Judean village for use in theatricals and dramas about the life of Judeans during Jesus' time; Oasis Palms Cafe which is a middle eastern cafe; Calvary's Garden tomb, Temple Plaza which is a six story white and gold temple, and the center of Jerusalem's religious life; the Last Supper Communion; and Jerusalem Model 66 AD.; which is the world's biggest copy of an indoor model of this glorious and spectacular city.

January 11, 2011