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Renting a hybrid car from Avis

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For as long as Avis has been open, they’ve always been trying harder. In this day and age they are trying even harder to preserve our environment. Avis has a long list of ways that they’ve been helping the environment and they’re not ashamed to show them to the world. They display great corporate initiative, and their effort to save is countless here are some ways Avis plans on helping the environment.

Avis Fuel-Efficient Green Fleet

Save money by filling up less often! As easy as that sounds it’s the truth, the less time you spend driving to the gas pump and filling up the more money you save. You will save more money going to places you want instead of the gas station every day. These eco-friendly cars a well maintained and ready to go.

Smart Car Washes
Everyone wants a shiny new car when they sign the rental agreement, in order to have one someone needs to clean it! Instead of constantly wasting water Avis makes it their top priority to reuse about 80% of the water towards washing the car. This way your car will be spotless and so will the environment.

Clean Diesel
Avis is keeping the environment clean before and after you rent your car; sometimes you probably won’t even notice them. For example if you use a shuttle to get to and from your car rental location you are in a shuttle that is using the cleanest diesel first. Not only is it the cleanest diesel you’ll use, its most of the time recycled as well!

Green Rental Car Coupons

Carbon Offsets
Like most of the other car rental companies Avis strives to get customers to opt in for the extra $1.25 per rental so they can use the money toward removing their carbon footprint from the atmosphere. This entire process neutralizes the emissions of your rental car so you don’t have to feel the slightest bit of guilt!

Avis has made a great name for itself in the car rental industry for their customer service, its also on the verge for making an even greater name for themselves as one of the top rental car companies to protect the environment.